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Jim Adams


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In case some posters haven''t been around for a while, we had a problem with people flaming everybody else and ruining the quality of this board not too long ago. I won''t name any names at this point, but this is starting to become a problem again and everybody needs to cut that crap out. A lot of the visiters to this site come here for help, not to be flamed by somebody. If you can''t contribute to the topic on hand, than don''t reply. I''m getting tired of having to clean up threads because somebody can''t agree on how to spell, can''t excuse beginners for asking something, or something as silly. Remember, this site has visiters from all around the world, a lot that can''t read or write proficient English. Also, a lot of people come here to learn, not get blasted on for not knowing how to activate the debugger or debug mode for the DX SDK. This site has become what it is now because of the resources, messages, and great people that frequent here. Don''t run it into the ground. Thanks! Jim Adams Author, Programming Role-Playing Games with DirectX

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This topic is now closed to further replies.