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making a game

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Greetings all. Now I know there are alot of tutorials on programming needed for games and syntax, but I haven''t found any on HOW to make a game. I know C++, DirectDraw,Imput,andSound and I know how to use them, but now I need some help with game structure. Like one that assumes sufficient knowledge of a language, and just goes over making a game with examples and stuff. Thanks for your help. Hibiki Konzaki Wheres the any key?

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Original post by Sickilla


You better be refering to the joke in hibiki_konzaki''s sig.

I doubt that you''ll find a tutorial/book on "writing insert game in ten easy steps, with source code", and frankly I wouldn''t suggest using it if you found it, you''ll learn nothing. Pick a simple game (Pong[very simple], Tetris, Snakes, Breakout) and just dive in. You''ve stated you already know the syntax end of it (including knowledge of the correct APIs) so at this point you need to learn problem solving (I''m not being sarcastic, this is the single most important skill for any programmer. I can teach 70-85% of the population how to put code in C++, but only a small number will be able to actually do something other than copy code examples). Just dive in and try. There is no correct data structure. You''ll learn what works best for you. When you get to a point where you can think of no algorithmic solution for a particular problem then post here and I (along with ~30000 other people) will be happy to give some help.

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I have EXACTLY what you''re looking for. OldGames is a new site I''ve created that is running a series of tutorials on how to make complete games. We''re starting with old games, ie pong, super breakout, etc... and working our way to newer games.

Each game is broken up into two tutorials, the first is on analysis and design of the game. The second part is on implementation and afterthoughts(postmortem). We take a strong software engineering approach to each title in order to demonstrate proper planning and forethought.

Part 1 of GDPong was already released and can be found on our website. Part 2 of GDPong should be out shortly.

For more information, see our old thread in the beginners forum under "Need help getting started on your first game?!?", or come to our website at:

Best Regards,
Jeromy "Maverick" Walsh
"The question isn''t how far, the question is do you possess the constitution, the depth of faith, to go as far as is needed?" -Boondock Saints

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