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[java] High quality java game programming

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just wondering... I''m learning java... but I feel like I''m wasting my time. I''m going to major in computer science and my teacher said they were switching over to teaching java... so I''m learning it over the summer... yeah.

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Well Java is a big language and you certainly won''t take it all in one summer and whether you stick with it depends on what you want to do with it.

Being OOP based you can architec code in a much more maintainable and reasonable fashion.

UML is also worth a look as it can get you out of the trenchs so you can actually see the battle field as such.

I used to code Asm / C but Java does have kid gloves and treats you nicely and there''s no way I''m going back! And pointers! ick! You''ll wonder why you ever needed them! :-)

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Totally agree with Cheoslab, being a java certified programmer & developer (and also having some experience with C/C++ and ASM) I assure you that java is a whole lot easier and faster to develop and learn (and it''s getting fast at run-time also)...

Not having to deal with pointers is really a time saver, but you have to be careful with keeping unwanted references to objects also, because the garbage collector can''t help you with them...

You can see how much I dislike the language by looking at my username

Also, take a look at this link:

I was on the javaone on march this year and there where talks about a J2ME (Java 2 Micro Edition) Profile for gaming consoles... very cool... it''ll based on Java3D and will include APIs for physics, device input, etc...

Also, Sony and Sun made a deal about having a JVM (Java Virtual Machine) in a Playstation 2... but I haven''t heard about that for a while...

And some guys at the javaone had a very cool demo using a wrapper for OpenGL in java... I was very impressed that it ran very fast...


Jose Manuel Guerra

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Yeah, I''ve worked with Java3D, and it was quite nice for a scene graph API. And a simple wrapper like GL4Java is never going to be much slower.

For games, I don''t see any reason Java would be a lot slower apart from garbage collection and memory usage. But that''s going alright.

And theres a whole lot more Java jobs around if you are prepared to move away from games. I got into server side web development and J2EE myself.

I miss making games ;(

Brett Porter
PortaLib3D : A portable 3D game/demo libary for OpenGL
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