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BLTing to multiple forms in VB with DX7

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Can this be done?? I need to blt to three different forms in a vb program using directx 7 (windowed mode). I have a main game screen form, an inventory form, and a statistics form. I currently have the clipper set to the main game form. Can I switch the clipper between the different forms and blt to each in my game loop?? Or is there a better solution? Please help, I am getting very frustrated. I really don''t want to cut my game down to a single form unless it''s absolutely necessary. Thanks.

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The DX7 SDK says this:

"Because applications can use DirectDraw with multiple windows, IDirectDraw7::SetCooperativeLevel and DirectDraw7.SetCooperativeLevel does not require a window handle to be specified if the application is requesting the DDSCL_NORMAL mode. By passing a NULL in C++ or Nothing in Visual Basic to the window handle, all of the windows can be used simultaneously in normal Windows mode."

You should probably use Surface.BlitToDC

But I think your idea is the best, though, to put it all in one window. Most games shift between different screens since there aren't enough space to put it all in. You could also create your inventory with the good old Windows look.

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