Realms of Magic

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After spending countless amount of time playing different games, me and my best friend decided to create our very own one. About two years ago things got more serious when we started gathering people for our project and commenced full-time development. Currently we are a 6 people team of hardcore and passionate video-game players working together on the game of our dreams. I would love to share it with you.

So, what's our game? It’s Realms of Magic, a single and multiplayer 2D sandbox roleplaying game set in a classic western fantasy universe.

Realms of Magic combines the best aspects from a multitude of genres, boasting the lively setting and character development of an RPG alongside the creative freedom of a sandbox game, twitch based movement and combat from an action platformer, also city building and management from strategy games.

The main idea behind this game is give to the player free rein over the creation of the world and character. The only boundary in this game is your imagination. The inspiration behind it comes from a mixture of Skyrim and Dwarf Fortress, presented in a Terraria-like sandbox.

You can check out the video and find more information on our Kickstarter page:

What do you think about it? We would love to hear you opinion :)
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    • This is gorgeous. Is this just a giant mesh, or is there some sort of level-of-detail algorithm at work?
    • I get what you mean. Most rooms don't use the same rocky textures in the foreground and background, like I did here. This room is a little offshoot, tucked away semi-secretly, so I wanted it to feel more like a much more enclosed space.
      I've been adjusting the brightness of the background and dimmed it just a bit more. Whether it's enough of a difference for anybody to notice except me is anyone's guess, though. 
    • I'm not a designer at all, but as a player I honestly don't think that it blends in too much - Instead, it adds to the kind of "gloomy" feel of the room (Dark colors + not a 100% easy to discern some elements = Acts a bit like a dark room)
      Not sure if I managed to say what I wanted to say, but you get me
    • Thanks! I've been worrying that the backgrounds might be too busy or blend too much with the more foreground tiles... been staring at these maps so long that I've become used to it, I think. I've tried dimming the backdrop even more, but I'm not sure that's really how I should be going about it. This might be a question I should ask in the forums.