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Flick Ninjas

I'm very excited to announce that my first game, Flick Ninjas for iPhone and iPod Touch, is nearing release. I've spent over a year on this and I just sent out my final Release Candidate to my testers. If all goes well, I'll send it to Apple for approval next week.

I wanted to post these images to GameDev because I have been using the site for a few years, and the information has been invaluable to allowing me to actually finish my first game. In fact, it gave me the guts to write my own engine from scratch for this project, and I couldn't have achieved these results if I hadn't.

Flick Ninjas uses per-pixel collision detection, that allows for hand drawn level designs. Simply draw the level, export it using my proprietary tools, and it's ready to be used in game.

The game runs at a buttery smooth 60fps on 3rd and 4th gen hardware, and only dips to around 50fps on older hardware (do to fill rate issues with blending. I did my best, but I could only optimize out blending in so many cases before things broke.)

You can check out my website, and view the official trailer at:

Thanks again to the GameDev community!
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