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Oily Man

Oily Man
Asylum House
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Asylum House
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Oily Man is built around a simple yet unique mechanic which has proved to be both funny and challenging. Oily Man slips and slides across the platform, and is like the ultimate drifting machine, except it’s humanoid. The levels are based on four seasons - Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. The type of obstacles combined with the color scheme help to convey this feeling to our players.

Download Free on Apple App Store https://goo.gl/tBCckW

Download Free on Google Play Store https://goo.gl/Q9PJ2F

World's hardest game? Do you dare to challenge it?

Oily Man is raised by the Devil to do naughty things and he needs your help to escape this accursed fate.

Can he successfully navigate these perilous paths with your help?


→ Hours of fun for the entire family and friends

→ Suitable for all ages. No blood, violence or obscene language

→ Simple controls

→ Increasing difficulty that creates action-packed fun for both casual and veteran players

→ Attractive and engaging visuals

→ Extremely Fun and Addictive!


How to Play:

1. Swipe in the direction you want to run. Oily Man will gain momentum when you continue to move in the same direction.

2. Don't fall off the path

3. Beware of traps and obstacles along the way! Be sure to get your friends to play to see who can get the furthest in the fastest time.

The idea of Oily Man derives from a Malay ghost myth, Orang Minyak, which is very similar to the Grease devil in Ceylon (Sri Lanka). The creature is covered in black oil, which makes it hard to be seen in the dark and practically impossible to grab as it slips away easily.


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  • Image Comments

    • I do read the one pixel under the cursor directly but I'm using that back buffer twice per frame. Once to render the gizmo with a much thicker line width (6.0) pick from that. Clear and render the scene and thin lines (1.0) and present that.. yeah, requires a flush...didn't see a reliable way around it. 
      I thought about ray casting or similar but for me the better path is to keep my head on the shader side. My goal is to see how far I can push it in that space...I have some post process (or I guess it's called deferred) hopes and dreams for the point lights  
      humble attempt in the current source branch.
    • @MarkK. The picking video looks nice.
      Are you directly reading color in buffer under given pixels for gizmo? Or using a different trick?
      I'm quite curious as I remember using the same, but other people who worked with engine were complaining that hitting specific pixel is too hard (I've switched to analytical model where I calculate distance against line/circle and select the correct one - and it tends to feel a bit better).
    • One of the things I seemed to have ignored in my hobby career (besides shadow) were the rest of the off screen buffer glory. Learned a bit of magic this week. We're still approaching my comfort zone,  but uncharted territory is on the horizon.
    • Wow! Looks amazing.  
    • Half way there. The when works fairly well, still need to wire on the what. 
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