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concept art

concept art
Julia Zhurko
Album created by
Julia Zhurko
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    • So you keep control instead of physics deciding "you will land over there, facing that direction now doing a triple 360 swan dive through the lake." type of thing  
      I get it! I barely have done any 3D stuff but I recognize the use of 'rigidbody' from Unity back in the day :P.  I like the compass too!
    • In games where you use physics forces, there is a component called a rigidbody, this component is what the physics forces ACT on.  Like if you apply a force to the object to make it move, instead of changing it's position manually.  That force is applied to the rigidbody component.  If that rigidbody component is set to Kinematic, it will ignore all applied physics and it will stay exactly where it's put.  It just allows you to explicitly set it's location without worrying about gravity or etc moving it.  This is useful because the net avatar needs to stay where the actual character is, not where gravity might want to put it on the other end.   I could use an object that has no rigidbody for this too, but then if I decide that a certain scenario needs physics to work I wouldn't be able to just toggle Kinematic off.
      You got the order right.
    • This looks like a fun stress relief thought!
    • "A weird emotional game about hair plucking" are you sure?
    • So this 'kinematic' object thing, Is that quite beneficial in these type of games? So the physics part of the engine doesn't need to keep pulling things around just the 'main' thing and another part handles the rest?
      So just checking I'm understanding, if I was in this world with you, I'd see myself act as the front one and you'd see me act as the back one? Or is it the other way round? 
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