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GAR 01

Galactic Arms Race

Galactic Arms Race (GAR), is a 32-player space-shooter with RPG elements and a research experiment in procedural content generation (PCG) driven by player preferences. In GAR, spaceship weapon systems automatically evolve based on player behavior through a specialized evolutionary algorithm called cgNEAT (content-generating NeuroEvolution of Augmenting Topologies). New variants of weapons that players like are continually created by the game itself. The goal of weapon evolution within the game is not for players to find the "best gun ever". The goal is for players to continually find new and interesting guns, since players get bored of even the best guns eventually. For an idea of what the game is like, think "Space Diablo", with real-time combat, cool particle system weapons, RPG-style leveling and ship configuration, and 32-player Coop and PVP. The game is currently beta testing on Steam.
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