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The Creepy Substitute Teacher DEMO

The Creepy Substitute Teacher DEMO
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I've been a 3d artist in the game industry for several years now. I've always wanted to push my 3d work to the next level. Unity 3.4 has made this possible and over the last 10 months I've been learning the ropes. I really look forward to Unity 3.5..

The Creepy Substitute Teacher demo will be available to play soon and I hope some of you enjoy it. Although simple in it's game play and mechanics, the design still had it's challenges. Having an art background allowed me to quickly iterate 3d assets for reasonable poly count and draw calls. The way Unity makes that easy allowed me to focus on coding. To my surprise the engine made scripting easier then I thought to and much more rewarding compared to engines I've tried out in the past.

Since this is one of my first completed CST demo's I don't have any plans to expand or iterate this build any further. Having learned so much with this last project I'm already roughly planing out other game designs.



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    • Looks better every time I see it!
    • Turret loks like it has been found at garbage store where it has been stored at least 50 years.  Just make a tini experiment. Get a steel pin (like a short piece of  wire) warm it up on gas using a usual kitchen stove, then cool it into usual sunflow oil. You will  find that it become to black color. It simpliest way to make a voron steel. Now try to remove voron layer up to white glowing steel. It wery wery hard to do. And it home-made voron steel. Now mean what needed to remove a factory-made voron layer. Really i has seen a submachine gun that has been produced at 1943, used by army during WWII and then sent to school where has been used for assembly and disassembly tranings until 2010. It has NO ANY voron layer damages.  Also not protected parts of metal becomes to rust wery fast so turret can not have a " glowing methal on sharp edges". It just have no sharpen edges. Any edge have a fillet or chamfer on it to prevent personel damages, so it just have a some glows on  edges. Also commander of any unit where turrets/whechies have similar painting damage not repaired, will be wery soon fired or even inprisoned.
    • Thanks, guys!
      Yeah, the normal map is not so pronounced in the game engine, so it looks quite different (In a good way, I guess)

    • Pretty colors, I like the design and the lighting especially.
      Many of the objects lack borders so some of what I am looking at near the top is a bit confusing
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