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Candy Mysteries 3 04

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Hi everyone,

The new v9.75 of these cosmic
dogs adventures next arrival
in this series will soon on
cnet soon:

Candy's Space Mysteries:
Mission on the
Blue Planet.

The development of this game are near completion, here is the Logo, many more screenshots of high-resolution.

New infos will be added soon to the new waves of developments.

Some days ago, published
a new screenshot for
the gallery

It is now possible to make inter-stellars and inter-galactics travels.

Now it is possible to plant trees
and collect helicopter seeds
to plant spiral flowers & plenty of leaves trees.

I've unlocked added ennemies and, also, there are new Golden Bones.

New trial versions, images &
videos being posted soon!


Xilvan Design.

Official Candy's Space Mysteries Website:

Official Candy's Space Mysteries Helping Website:

Official Xilvan Design's Website:
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