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Galleries of Candy's Space Mysteries

Galleries of Candy's Space Mysteries
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Hi everyone,

The new v9.75 of these cosmic
dogs adventures next arrival
in this series will soon on
cnet soon:

Candy's Space Mysteries:
Mission on the
Blue Planet.

The development of this game are near completion, here is the Logo, many more screenshots of high-resolution.

New infos will be added soon to the new waves of developments.

Some days ago, published
a new screenshot for
the gallery

It is now possible to make inter-stellars and inter-galactics travels.

Now it is possible to plant trees
and collect helicopter seeds
to plant spiral flowers & plenty of leaves trees.

I've unlocked added ennemies and, also, there are new Golden Bones.

New trial versions, images &
videos being posted soon!


Xilvan Design.

Official Candy's Space Mysteries Website:

Official Candy's Space Mysteries Helping Website:

Official Xilvan Design's Website:


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  • Image Comments

    • Looks freaking awesome 
    • Yes its only the layout of the level, it lacks all the details that you mention i hope to polish it soon and show the level final version. Stay tune for  future updates!
    • If you mean the small triangle near the monter right hand, its beacause of the upper right ledge of the wall, but indeed there are many geometry problems, all the level ita made of blocks and not are well aligned, but due lack of time its the best i can do for now  😨🙃
    • The overall geometry is a good start, but could need more details using pre-designed instances. Different materials between floor and walls would give a sense of direction. Lights in different colors can create the sense of being a closed or open space using blue and yellow tints.
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