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Rigid body Modeler / Animator

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Album created by
Norman Barrows
Rockland Software's rigid body Modeler / Animator module for use with the Z3d library's rigid body modeling and animation system.

The modeler / animator was originally built into CAVEMAN, but was later turned into a stand alone module that can be linked into any game.

Its currently built into CAVEMAN and Airships!, and will be added to Armies of Steel II and City States when its time for final graphics. It will also be used in the new version of Rockland's first big hit: SIMTrek / SIMSpace.

New versions of other Rockland titles such as Gamma Wing space figher sim, CyberTank gravank sim, and Combat Racer arrmored gravcar racing sim will also probably use it (if i ever get to them!).

So many games to make! So little time!
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