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TheTankers is arcade game developed by Team. It's been under development since about September 2010.

What's Your Mission?

It's Simple! Destroy thousands of hostile units using mines, TNTs or homing missiles. During this great fun, listen to outstanding music introducing a unique atmosphere.

Main features:
• more than 10 game modes guarantees hours of play with Your friends for up to six gamepads
• almost 100 maps, which will be held unprecedented battle
• exactly 10 achievements to collect
• 16 available bonuses, which may be necessary to cope with the arrival of hordes of enemy units
• the game stands out by eye-catching graphics and impressive sound binding
• complementing the whole is great music, creating a unique atmosphere
• and finally, the online rankings of the top ten players.

We ( Team) started TheTankers after playing old good Tank 1990 for NES. We came up with the idea to do a remake of this game in new, expanded form where co-operative play with friends will be easier. And so began our adventure as a Independet Video Games Developer Team.
This is our first title at which we gained much valuable experience.

More about project:
Official WebSite:
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    • I get what you mean. Most rooms don't use the same rocky textures in the foreground and background, like I did here. This room is a little offshoot, tucked away semi-secretly, so I wanted it to feel more like a much more enclosed space.
      I've been adjusting the brightness of the background and dimmed it just a bit more. Whether it's enough of a difference for anybody to notice except me is anyone's guess, though. 
    • I'm not a designer at all, but as a player I honestly don't think that it blends in too much - Instead, it adds to the kind of "gloomy" feel of the room (Dark colors + not a 100% easy to discern some elements = Acts a bit like a dark room)
      Not sure if I managed to say what I wanted to say, but you get me
    • Thanks! I've been worrying that the backgrounds might be too busy or blend too much with the more foreground tiles... been staring at these maps so long that I've become used to it, I think. I've tried dimming the backdrop even more, but I'm not sure that's really how I should be going about it. This might be a question I should ask in the forums.
    • Looks great!  Though, it’s hard to tell the foreground from the noisy background.