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Square Drop Color 1.2 Game

Square Drop Color 1.2 Game
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This is a simple game I have released on Google Play.
Here is a new version, version 1.2:



Principle: Colored Squares randomly dropped and you have to match the same colors.

New in 1.2 version:
1. Auto-Save of score and game's evolution.
2. More colors.
3. Difficulty levels changeable on run-time.
4. Touch Input enhancement.
5. Charming musics.
6. Best graphics.

It's free. Totally coded in Unity.

No Intrusive Ads,
Only rewarded Ads appear when requested by the player. I use unity Ads for this.

If you have the time to test it, I will be glad to hear about your suggestions to improve the game.



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    • @Rutin What a wild month. I knew I had an unattended comment in the queue.  I've been at it pretty hard, Finally settled on some realistic moves, which are still a bit ambitious for one guy. I'm torn between Unity and home brew which is winning over here. 'Lov the Unity, fantastic tool. For me, home brew scratches that spot just right, so it's hard to resist.  With that said, I'm fairly happy with a new raw ogl3 framework I'm putting together. The focus is on getting up and running quickly with the common elements (menu, game state, timing, display management, input, shader management, logging....) so I can get serious with the Challenge Group. I was leaning toward an upcoming code review and/or community source share. (deciding if it's worth it. been wanting to put something in that git thing for quite a few years now.)
    • Looks freaking awesome 
    • Yes its only the layout of the level, it lacks all the details that you mention i hope to polish it soon and show the level final version. Stay tune for  future updates!
    • If you mean the small triangle near the monter right hand, its beacause of the upper right ledge of the wall, but indeed there are many geometry problems, all the level ita made of blocks and not are well aligned, but due lack of time its the best i can do for now  😨🙃
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