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Car test

I'm deciding on a workflow for vehicles etc for frogger. Am attempting to bake normal maps from a higher poly version, this is 196 polys, not including wheels which will be handled separately for animation. Not being an artist I've spent hours trying to figure ways around artefacts in the normal maps, still undecided as to whether game will feature normal maps, it may depend on performance.

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Good job! :) How many levels are you going to work on?

I find it funny when you refer to yourself as not being an artist, but you'll find people who can barely box model and texture. :D You're doing fine!

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2 minutes ago, Rutin said:

How many levels are you going to work on?

No idea yet, am just trying to make some basic assets to start with. :) I'm guessing it is going to take me longer than tower defence, as I mostly used 3rd party assets that time, and artwork is SLOOWWW.

I spent a bit of time this morning debating whether to have a mobile optimal workflow with shared texture atlases, but decided it was probably overkill for this challenge, especially as there might be in the realm of 10 or so car / log types so texture swapping might not be a bottleneck. This also allows me to bake textures per asset, especially ambient occlusion even if I don't have normal maps.

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