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train game tycoon DirectX9 Mashinky

  • Uploaded: Feb 15 2012 04:20 AM
  • Views: 951
  • Album: Mashinky


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The engine is written in C++ & DirectX9.0c. Whole map is generated.

    Feb 22 2012 02:15 AM
    Looking really good, is grass billboards or meshes? I am asking this because of really dense grass coverage.
    btw something wrong is with your site avast reports this: URL: http://www.monade.cz/blog/ Process: file://C:\Documents and Settings\optimus... Infection: html:Iframe-inf
    Feb 22 2012 03:11 AM
    Hi Mytre, thanks a lot. Grass is made of two meshes per map tile (~ 10*10m). Every mesh has around 50 intersected textured quads (for lower num of vertices than a face per single grass blade) with alpha testing.
    Thanks for report, maybe it is because of facebook app (like buttons), I will get rid of this:)
    Apr 08 2012 04:31 PM
    Top notch.