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Photorealistc scrub

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CAVEMAN (C) 2000-2013 Rockland Software Productions

Photorealistc scrub

using reference photos to get the plant density correct in scrub terrain.


above left and right images: actual photo of real live scrub terrain (Utah).


below left: before using reference photo.


below right: after adding plants to match reference photo.


CAVEMAN uses "pattern maps" to determine where plants, rocks, bushes and trees are.


a pattern map is a sparse matrix of structs with fields like type (deternines mesh and tex IDs for drawing), scale, location, and orientation. pattern maps are typically 800x800 in size. visual range is about 300. the pattern maps are tiled across a map square. a map square is 5x5miles in size. the world is 500x500 map squares in size. with a size of 800x800, pattern maps are big enough that no repetition can be seen within visual range. the only exception is scrub plants, which
quadruple the density by drawing 4 pattern maps at 1/4 scale in the usual 800x800 area.