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Cave interior

  • Uploaded: Jun 30 2013 09:26 AM
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CAVEMAN (C) 2000-2013 Rockland Software Productions

Cave interior

A cave interior.


Same mesh as the cave exterior, with back face culling turned off.


Kind of boring right now, just an exit. I still have to put the whammy on it as far as interior details goes.


The inset at the upper left is a thumbnail of a screen shot of a cave interior scene from the original version of the game back in 2000. It shows a cave interior with cavemen, rocks, a fire, bedding, and a storage pit. one of the cavemen is making an object (probably arrows). Cave paintings created with the "paint" action can be seen on the walls.The final graphics for this version will be similar. already you can make a fire, bedding, and storage pit. but no rocks yet, no animations for band member actions yet, and it doesn't draw cave paintings yet.


I found the thumbnail on the web. The only thing I still have from the original version is one copy of the 3 ring bound printed docs (a 1" thick printout). I no longer have the source code, textures, meshes, wav files, or even a copy of the game or demo. So this new version is built "from scratch".