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A hut

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CAVEMAN (C) 2000-2013 Rockland Software Productions

A hut

A hut, with a snare trap in the foreground.


Huts are basically caves you build yourself.


With respect to huts, the simulation models construction, takeover, abandonment, weathering, and repairs. Like caves and rock shelters, it also models the effects of shelter from precipitation, both for cavemen and fires, and resource depletion from nearby NPC caves, rock shelters, and huts.


The small tree leaning over in the foreground is a trap. Note the snare line leading to the snare at the ground under the coverage. the game models traps and trapping, including animals escaping. it also models domestication of animals. In the original version you could try to domesticate and ride any type of animal, even imaginary dinosaurs. With version 3.0's emphasis on realism, imaginary animals have been replaced with actual extinct paleolithic megafauna, and the domestication rules have been tightened up to only include domesticatable species (IE pack animals). As a result the Dire Wolf is currently the only domesticatable animal in the new version. However, during design discussions online here, it came to light that one could also domesticate trapped animals. So i may add the ability to domesticate trapped animals such as Hippidion (an early species of proto-horse). Without a trap, it wasn't an issue, because you could never get close enough to a Hippidion to catch it, they're too fast, and use the "maintain distance" AI (one of about 14 types of AI in the game).

    Jul 07 2013 09:18 PM

    Thinking out the box like this is cool.