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A Woolly Mammoth kill

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A Woolly Mammoth kill

A woolly mammoth kill.


so far there are about 50 species of extinct mega-fauna in the game. that covers one of each basic type of critter, except the giant Australian constrictor snake, which i still have to do. adding wild hares gave me enough animal types for all the different terrain types. i still have yet to add modern animals that were around back then, and i also have yet to add sea creatures for encounters at sea while on a raft. a "bring on the dinos!" option is planned as well, which will allow the player to choose mega-fauna, dinosaurs, or both, for the encounter tables used in the game. this way you can play in a realistic 40,000 BC mode, a 65+ million BC mode (as many people tend to picture "cavemen"), or a mix of both.