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Rockland Software Productions' AIRSHIPS!


AIRSHIPS! (C) 2013 Rockland Software Productions

Rockland Software Productions'    AIRSHIPS!

Rockland Software Productions' AIRSHIPS!

An airship flight sim. WW1 setting. Alternate history - everyone has helium and airships at the outbreak of the war. In the spirit of Red Baron 3D. Choose one of six different countries to fly for. A world map that extends from the Mississippi to the Urals. A wide variety of land, sea, and air targets (including submarines). Vehicle design / upgrades. Airships can carry bombs, machine guns, commandos, aircraft, even a naval gun! A wide variety of mission types, including anti-ship, anti-submarine, and commando raids (as in the movie Zeppelin! w/ Micheal York - they tried to kidnap Churchill while he was on vacation in a remote castle in Scotland, using commandos and an airship - drop troops, kidnap him, take off again. too bad Michael York was a double agent <g>).