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The observation car


AIRSHIPS! (C) 2013 Rockland Software Productions

The observation car

The observation car station

The observation car was typically a two man gondola which could be lowered from the belly of the airship by winch and cable. Its was connected to the airship via shipboard telephone or telegraph. Approaching a target, an airship would fly in or above clouds, and lower its observation car down to hang below the clouds. This way the airship was relatively safe from detection. Manned with an observer and a telegrapher, the observation car would relay commands back to the bridge for speed and course adjustment, and when to drop the bombs.

Bombing is hard. The ships handle like an oil tanker, and the Norton bomb sight won't be invented for another 30-40 years. The first time i blew up anything with bombs (my own hangar by accident! <g>) its was SOOO COOL! i knew i had a hit on my hands. well, at least something that will probably sell a few copies... <g>.