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HUD turned on
© AIRSHIPS! (C) 2013 Rockland Software Productions
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HUD turned on

Norman Barrows
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This shot shows the HUD turned on. The HUD is used for testing, and displays some of the variables used by the flight model.

I've always been into airships. I used to read books about them when I was a kid. I've even designed a one man ultra-light airship, after extensive research, including talking to the U.S. Navy and having them send me everything they had on airship design. Despite only costing something like $2000 - $5000 to build, and being able to operate it for a whole season on about $400 worth of helium, I never got around to building it. I didn't have access to a large field. So I already knew a thing or two about how airships worked. It took a couple of weeks of online research to figure out all the physics formulas behind it. The I spent maybe a week or so (part time) coding it up. But it was worth the effort. The flight model is a highly detailed accurate modeling of the physics of lighter than air flight. 10 constants and 27 variables are used for the flight model. The code just to move and turn the ship consists of 5 routines totaling about 170 lines of code. The result is it flies like a REAL airship! (it's REALLY cool! <g>).


© AIRSHIPS! (C) 2013 Rockland Software Productions
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>>   The result is it flies like a REAL airship! (it's REALLY cool! <g>).


It also definitely gives you respect for the guys who used to do this for real.  You can do great things in an airship, but you can also screw up and crash and burn REALLY easy!

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