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CScript code generator

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CScript code genrator (C) 1996-2013 Rockland Software Productions

CScript code generator

CScript code generator

CScript is a code generator. Technically, its a stand alone macro processor. The purpose of CScript is to reduce the amount of typing reqired to create code. It implements a "scripting language" which is designed to reduce the number of keystrokes to enter code.

An example:

in CScript:

4 a 10

is 6 keystrokes, and translates to:

for (a=0; a<10; a++)

which is 23 keystrokes.

CScript consists of the CScript scripting langauge, and the macro processor program that converts CScript code to C++ code.

A CScript source code file can freely mix C, C++, and CScript code. CScript expands CScript code into C++, while simply passing other types of code through unaltered.

CScript was originally developed in the mid 90's. The original implementation provided short hand syntax for all C and C++ keywords, and could freely mix CScript, C++, C, inline assembly, and inline machine code. The current implementation - rebuilt from the ground up, complete with new syntax (i couldn't find source code or even a list of the original CScript keywords) - implements the C/C++ keywords and functionality most commonly used in game coding.