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Testing avian attack AI

  • Uploaded: Sep 18 2013 03:48 PM
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Caveman (C) 2000-2013 Rockland Software Productions

Testing avian attack AI

Testing avian attack AI


impact point: the 3d point in space where an attack blow falls.
killbox: the bounding box of a target for checking if an attack hit them.
attack resolution: there is a delay of ~1/3 second between the time of the start of an attack, and the time when its results are resolved. the impact point of the attack is calculated at the time of attack resolution, NOT at the start of the attack.


To score a hit, an avian must have its impact point in the killbox of its target when the results of the attack are resolved.
this requires manipulating direction, speed, altitude, range, and timing of the attack to all converge on one point in time and space at once.


Altogether, the game has about a dozen different types of AI. The Pterrasaurs in this shot use the "Avian predator AI".