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Better graphics begets better graphics

Norman Barrows
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Better graphics begets better graphics.


You know how it goes:


"these graphics here are kind of weak, they need improving!"


so you improve them.


"now they make those other ones look bad! we'll have to fix them too!"


and so it begins..... before you know it, you've taken everything to a whole other level.


and then, you're all happy with yourself, but wait.....


"these graphics here are kind of weak, maybe we could do them a little better..."


and so it begins again!


thus, "Better graphics begets better graphics".


This screenshot shows what is probably the third female body mesh set and the third female head mesh set created for the game.


The original female model meshes were created from the female avatar built-in to TrueSpace 7.61. later, it was decided that the head mesh needed improving this led to an online search for a better looking free female head model. Eventually one was found, and is the head seen in many of the screenshots here from early in the game's development. It was then decided that the new female head made the male head look bad. so a new male head was found. then that made the male body look bad. so a new male body was found. then that made the female body look bad, so a new female body was found. unfortunately, the only suitable ones found were posed, requiring the torso to be cut in half, mirrored, then patch welded together to create a body limb mesh. Then that made the female head look bad (the one that started it all!), so another new female head was found. The result is the model seen in the screen shot. as you can see, the seams where limbs meet still need some cleanup work. with proper cleanup of limb ends, its usually possible to get a seam down to just a line or nothing at all, depending on the lighting. seams appear because the normals of the triangles of the two limbs are not pointing close enough to the same way. when the triangles of the two limb ends are relatively co-planar, the seams disappear.


© Caveman (C) 2000-2013 Rockland Software Productions
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