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Making it draw weapons in a model's hand

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Making it draw weapons in a model's hand

Making it draw weapons in a model's hand


Each piece of equipment drawn on on model requires a "fixup" transform relative to the limb its attached to, to place it in the proper position relative to the model.


Here the fixup for the boiling tone tool / weapon is being done. The mesh / model manipulator built-in to the game is show on the left side of the screen. It can be hooked up to the drawing of any mesh or model with a single line of code. It has 10 transform matrices built into it that can be hooked up to 10 different meshes or models at once. "X" toggles which transform matrix is being edited. "Z" toggles which variable is being edited (x,y,z scale, rotation, or translation). "-" and "+" change the variable by the delta amount. "<" and ">" change the delta amount by an order of magnitude. changes are seen in real time.


I later discovered that i could use the modeler to do the same thing, without having to chase NPC's all over, or having to kill them to make them stay still so i could see what i was doing.


To use the modeler, i just add a new limb with the mesh and scale of the object, or a mesh and scale that represents the part of a objects model that attaches to an NPC model (such as a mesh to represent the handle of a weapon model). then i adjust the object to the model, write down the transforms, and add them to the game code.

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