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And last, but definitely not least - Savanna
© Caveman v3.0 (C) 2000-2014 Rockland Software Productions
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And last, but definitely not least - Savanna

Norman Barrows
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And last, but definitely not least - Savanna


Savanna was the last of the terrain types to implement.


A playtest character is seen here, with silvatherium, and imperial mammoth (i think - there are 6 kinds of elephants in the game - looks like an imperial to me).


I had to make the acacia trees from scratch. so first i has to look them up, to find out what species they were (tortilis - FYI there are ~1300 acacia species). then i had to find photos of the trees, bark, leaves, and the environment they grew in (for proper spacing in the scene). then it was quality time with truespace 7.61 to make an acacia tree trunk mesh. then time in the game's built-in modeler making an acacia tree model using the new acacia trunk mesh and the branches mesh from the existing trees. Then it was time to make the branch textures. i was able to reuse an existing bark texture. got that all done, only to discover that terrain chunks didn't support multi-mesh models - just single meshes! so then i had to add support for models to terrain chunks. no biggie. take a copy of the code to draw a model to the render queue, and replace the call to add a mesh to the queue with a call to add a mesh to a terrain chunk. however, i discovered it helps if you set the mesh's x,z for trivial clipping. the game uses a clipping routine which performs some trivial rejection tests using the x,z of the mesh's center, and a bounding box/sphere radius. this is then followed by a frustum cull. i set the world transform, and told it to use the matrix provided instead of calculating it from x,y,z, etc. so i couldn't figure out why it didn't draw the trees! i figured i was drawing them off camera or something. took a day and a half to figure out i had to set x,z for clipping, as well as setting clip_radius, clip_range, and the world transform matrix. shows how long its been since i was coding graphics for the game on a daily basis. i didn't even remember all the parameters required for clipping to work!


but that's all behind me. graphics are basically done. better rain, better snow, alpha blended flames, animated campfire flames, that's about it.


© Caveman v3.0 (C) 2000-2014 Rockland Software Productions
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