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My best bow shot ever in the game!

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My best bow shot ever in the game!

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My best bow shot ever in the game!


I've been play testing "Shana - Queen of the Jungle", a high level playtest game. This shot happened during actual game play. The shot was made by her new band member, who serves as a sort of bodyguard. He got an encounter with what I believe are Aiolornis - Giant vultures, while butchering a Silvatherium kill near their camp. The Silvatherium carcass can be seen in stream the background. Predator AI goes for carcasses before live prey, so the Aiolornis tried to steal his kill. So he grabbed his bow and opened fire. Three fled, and as this last one fled, he made a miracle "Hail Mary" shot from the far side of the Sivatherium, and hit the Aiolornis, right where you see it next to him in the stream. This was without any type of aids or bots - pure realistic physics - windage and elevation. I still can't believe i did it. But the really cool thing is that the shot was perfect, and the missile movement modeling worked perfectly, resulting in a hit and a kill. I'd rate the experience as being similar to getting a hole in one in golf.


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