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GAR 01


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GAR 01

This shot shows a player named "Meep Eep" in Galactic Arms Race, a 3rd person multiplayer shooter with RPG elements and a system of evolving weapons.

Presently, Meep-Eep (center screen) and his faithful Attack Drone (left of center) are firing toward the mouse-reticle to the right. Meep-Eep's current target is Sgt. Tolus who is a friendly NPC guard, as designated by the blue name tag. Apparently either Meep or one of the NPC guards just blew up and incoming enemy on the left side of the screen. The radar on the far-right HUD shows objects in the local system, such as enemies (red blips), friendly stations (yellow blips), and jump-gates to different star systems (white blips).

More information on the game can be found at http://gar.eecs.ucf.edu.