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What is GameDev.net?

GameDev.net is a resource for developers of all fields and expertise. Over the years we have collected resources from around the Internet and accrued an ever-growing and ever-maturing community of developers from around the world. Many of our members have begun their game development careers posting here on our forums and have since gone on to work for their own companies or large AAA studios. Many still return to GameDev.net to share and pass on their knowledge and experience to their peers.

Sharing Knowledge

One of our goals with GameDev.net is to make it easy for developers to share information with one another. The most popular method for doing this is in our forums, which cover 18 distinct subject areas, grouping together as many common aspects of game development as possible to promote a variety of conversation. This direct exchange of information is one of the fastest ways to pass knowledge and advice between members and makes the resulting exchange visible and potentially useful to others in the community. In addition to our busy forums we have developer journals, hundreds of article resources and listings of books that can help provide further insight into various fields of game development.

Building Developers

We provide a variety of tools and resources to help developers get started making games beyond just learning how to do so. Developer journals can provide an identity for members working on game projects. Our image gallery can host the latest work from you or your team. Our Marketplace can showcase your products for sale. Our Classifieds section can help you build the team you need to complete your project. GDNet+, our Premium Membership package, gives you even more ways to leverage GameDev.net’s tools and resources.

Relevant News

The games industry moves fast and there are a lot of things happening each and every day. While we provide a news stream that contains stories from a variety of web sources covering topics like business, finance, and related industries, we also have our own stream of news related to game development that is moderated by a group of industry members. These news items related to new tools, software updates, middleware advances, and more that directly impacts game developers.
What's new at GameDev.net?
Get Involved - Participate in the Forums

The forums here on GameDev.net offer you access to thousands of other developers from around the world with a range of knowledge and experience who can help you with problems and also engage with you in discussion on various game development topics. The collected knowledge that already exists within the forums from the past 10+ years of community activity is also one of our most valuable and unique resources.

Forum Posting Guidelines

To get the most from our community we highly suggest you review our posting guidelines, which are strictly enforced by our site staff and moderators. Failure to follow these guidelines can result in losing your privilege to access this community.

Searching for Information

There are, quite literally, miilions of posts in our forums. The chances that your question or problem has been answered or discussed already is a good bet so we recommend that searching for past discussion be your first step when coming here to post. You can learn how to use the search capabilities of the forum in this help guide. Even if you find inconclusive results, using them in your initial post will help others approach your problem and see you did some research first.

Finding Your Community

If you’re unsure where you should be posting on GameDev.net, check out this help guide to get a better idea of what forum would cater best to the topics you like to talk about. Posting “off topic” in the wrong forum is generally seen as bad etiquette and will also not yield the quality of response you may be hoping for as people who frequent that forum may not have any familiarity with the topic you are discussing.

For each forum you will find a Getting Started sidebox that will introduce you to any unique rules the forum moderator has instituted as well as any links to common topics that will help introduce you to the community of that forum.

Get Involved - Create a Developer Journal

Developer Journals are your way to keep a running blog to record your own thoughts on game development, on progress you are making on your own projects, or to share tutorials you have written with fellow site members. Journals can be customized and provide a place to create an identity for yourself here on GameDev.net. All members have the option to create a developer journal for themselves, you can find out how to set yours up with this help guide.

If you already have your own blog hosted elsewhere we invite you to cross-post your relevant entries here on GameDev.net for some additional viewership. To automate this process you can sign up for a GDNet+ account, which will allow you to pull directly from your blog’s RSS feed and import it here to your GameDev.net journal.

We regularly monitor the entire Developer Journals section for entries with high-quality content such as how-to lessons, project postmortems, opinion/commentary and project updates featuring insight in the form of images, videos or development stories. These are the type of entries we like to “Feature”, which will pin them to the top of the journal listings and also include them in Our News stream on the front page.

Each week staff member Drew “Gaiiden” Sikora also provides a round up of the past week’s worth of journal updates in his Weekend Reading post, which goes up every Sunday afternoon Eastern Standard Time.

Get Involved - Share Helpful Links

Did you know you can easily share links with fellow Gamedev.net members? We're following in the footsteps of Delicious and making it easy to share bookmarks with fellow GameDev.net members. Using a bookmarklet you can navigate to any page on the net, highlight some descriptive text on the page, and click a button on your browser's toolbar that will quickly allow you to save links to GameDev.net. To learn how to set up and use the bookmarklet, see this help guide.

When you share a link to GameDev.net it will automatically be put in a queue to be moderated for inclusion to our resources. Once approved, the page you linked to will be available to the entire GameDev.net community. They can search for it, find it in the relevant Resource tabs based on the category and tags assigned to it, and it may also be included in Our News stream. All submitted links will include the user name of the member who submitted the link as well.

We thank you for contributing resources to the GameDev.net community!

Share On GameDev.net!

Installing the bookmarklet is easy:

First, make sure your browser's bookmark toolbar is visible.
Then, just drag the button to your Bookmarks Toolbar.

That's it!

Using the GameDev.net bookmarklet on an iPad / iPhone

If you're willing to take a few extra steps, you can install the GameDev.net bookmarklet into the browser on an iPhone or iPad so you can save links directly to GameDev.net. Here's how:

Open this page from your iPad or iPhone.
Click the action button (Square with Arrow on it) on your iPad / iPhone and choose "Add Bookmark".
Edit the Title of the bookmark to say "Save to GameDev.net" (or whatever you like).
Save the bookmark
Copy the code below. (Hold your finger down on it until the copy paste handles pop up, then select it all and copy it).

<a class="bookmarklet" title="save on gamedev.net" href="javascript:(function(){f='http://www.gamedev.net/page/share.php?do=add&type=url&url='+encodeURIComponent(window.location.href)+'&title='+encodeURIComponent(document.title)+'&notes='+encodeURIComponent(''+(window.getSelection?window.getSelection():document.getSelection?document.getSelection():document.selection.createRange().text))+'&v=6&';a=function(){if(!window.open(f+'noui=1&jump=doclose','gdv7','location=1,links=0,scrollbars=1,toolbar=0,width=700,height=730'))location.href=f+'jump=yes'};if(/Firefox/.test(navigator.userAgent)){setTimeout(a,0)}else{a()}})()">Share On GameDev.net!</a>

Open your bookmarks (tap the book symbol).
Edit your bookmarks (tap the edit button).
Choose the "Save to GameDev.net" bookmark you just created.
Click on the URL and delete it.
Paste the code you copied in the earlier step (tap and hold your finger in the empty field until the Paste option appears).
Return to the bookmarks, tap "Done" and you're finished.
To use it, when you're on a web page you'd like to save, open the Bookmarks folder (tap the book symbol) and tap the "Save to GameDev.net" bookmark. You'll be able to edit any notes and save the link straight into GameDev.net.

The instructions above are adapted from a tutorial originally posted on Delicious.com.

Get Involved - Write an Article

In the past, writing an article for GameDev.net was the way people got published on the Internet since it was easier than setting up your own website and blog and trying to attract attention to yourself on your own. Things have changed since GameDev.net came around in 1999, and now self-publishing is all the rage on the Internet, with platforms like Wordpress providing an easy and intuitive way to get yourself recognized. Here on GameDev.net, our Developer Journals section provides a similar avenue targeted towards game development. Your postings here are not moderated, although they are of course subject to the community’s review.

If you are not interested in creating a journal or don’t have your own website and still want to write something helpful and informative to share with the community, then we still accept individual papers from authors to be published here on GameDev.net. These articles are all subject to review by our board of industry editors prior to being published and will be included in our resources to be indexed by the search engine and tagged/categorized to appear in the Resources tab of relevant communities on our forums. We will also feature the article in Our News stream on the front page.

To learn more about publishing an article here on GameDev.net, see this help guide.