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  2. I really appreciate your effort to test it man, not pretty sure even some decent graphic cards not supporting up to maximum of 4 in multisampling and anisotropy in my antialiasing filtering settings, I just set it to 2 then BAM!!!! work's on my other laptop that previously not working.
  3. Thank you! Sadly I don't have access to my Windows system until Friday/Saturday. Will report if it works then. I actually have a pretty decent computer so not really sure why this happens on my system.
  4. Hello Snippey, I've added a new download option on my project page it;s compiled using low end reach profile and not hidef setting I should have put this in the option menu maybe on the beta release, the reach profile release was tested even on some of my old laptop. hope it will now work on your end ^_^y Thank you very much for spotting this bugs...
  5. Then I ran into a bug. It would keep putting me on the last level, then when I go to the end TOAD would pop-up with the same message every-time. After three runs I just assumed it was a trick and considered it a GG.
  6. Thaks a lot, Znippy!!! I'm glad you liked it! It' awase isn't it? I think I should use it ingame. Thanks for the comments!! No Rutin, what place... I mean the game was not properly tested but after the second level you have to find the princess... just walki right straight. No tricks that I am aware of.
  7. kseh

    Frogger Challenge Entry

    If anyone cares to fight with my messy in-game editor, press F12. There's a level text file in the Resources\1-Level folder where you should be able to re-order the entries to choose the level order. Just don't change level 0 which is for the menu screen. If there's interest, I'll post some info about how to use the editor. @Znippy, Sorry about the crash. I started finding more of them in the last week and figured there'd be something that comes up. I'm thankful that there aren't more. I ran low on time Friday and kinda skipped out on writing much for the entry itself and last blog entry. I'll be writing a postmortem sometime in the next week, I think. Congratulations again to everyone on their entries.
  8. I tried three times, but assumed there wasn't one. I kept getting placed in the same spot. Is it a trick?
  9. h8CplusplusGuru

    frogger entry- hypnohack the toad

    Thanks guys!
  10. Rutin

    Frogger Submission

    Sorry! I made the mistake of not putting the controls in the game startup screen... I only listed it under the project page... I was rushing to upload the entry and totally forgot! 😮 You can tell from my horrid menu screens how rushed I was... haha ! ASWD for movement, SPACEBAR for leap. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it. Yes! I lucked out on finding that music and really thought it matched well with the theme. Thanks for all the comments everyone!
  11. Thank's Sir Coleman! glad that your kids like it too ^_^y much appreciated...
  12. DexterZ101

    Frogger Challenge Entry

    Cool bru! smooth controll let's drink to that [_]> Cheers ^_^y
  13. supermikhail

    Frogger Entry (Monster Frogger)

    Phew! Thanks! Well, something not being kid-friendly doesn't mean it's not for kids, right? Thanks!
  14. JWColeman

    Frogger GameDev Challenge Entry

    Those farmers are mean! great job!
  15. JWColeman

    Entry for Frogger Challenge

    Great job! Threw me off that it was top to bottom, but i guess that's that crazy chicken! Cool music. Boat difficulty made it harder than expected!
  16. JWColeman

    Frogger Challenge Entry

    Pretty cool! Really feels like the arcade version! Nice job on the different enemy types!
  17. Really great! Good amount of difficulty, intro song is gold!
  18. Here is my entry. Project page has a better more link to the download. I'll have to fix up the blog entry and write more when I can. (edit) Maybe a link to the project page is better.
  19. No idea how, but I managed to finish up something for this challenge. CONTROLS: ASWD for movement SPACEBAR for leap - Sorry for not listing the controls as I usually do in these projects on a "how to play screen". I still need to add in checkpoints, but for now this meets all the requirements. I have some stuff to do today, and almost on my way out the door, so if there are any bugs let me know as I have ZERO time to game test ! I'll post my post-mortem later tonight. Thanks! POST-MORTEM: EDIT: Bugs fixed: - Flies can now kill the player (Build 3 fix)
  20. Here's my submission: Didn't think I'd put it off until the last day, considering that I had a week to fix some issues since the last update, and haven't. My excuse is I got burnt out. (Or something like that.) ...Oh, yeah, the Linux and Mac builds are untested. 😕 I'm especially suspicious about Mac. It's kind of weird, but I don't know what a Mac game is supposed to look like.
  21. This is my submission for the challenge. I wish I had more time to finish the project the way I wanted. Here you go: Hope you enjoy it.
  22. My entry submission pages : PROJECT PAGE : BLOG POST PAGE :
  23. possibly going to do more work on it, blog is up
  24. Hello everyone! This is my submission for the Frogger challenge. The final build for the project can be found here! I hope I have fulfilled all requirements for this challenge. Sadly, I do not have time to create a gameplay video. I am not sure if this is a must. I have added a couple of screenshots from my blog series. My post-mortem post will be done next week. As I already mentioned on the project page, I also could offer a Linux build if somebody needs one! I hope you like it and I am excited to see your high scores! Please tell me if there is anything missing!
  25. Howdy! I made an attempt at joining in with the challenge. Project is here.. I feel it meets the requirements so there's like a baseline but If I can make adjustments I will! It's been fun to do :D. It's rather basic in that you dodge some cars, there's a couple of 'safe' paths with upto 2 trees on that'll block your path (their position changes each reset), water will kill you, and there's a 20 second timer that will also kill you if it runs out. You have 5 lives or you fail. I hope you like it!
  26. Here goes my entry, probably the final form; unless I manage to polish a bit more. It's plain old Frogger. Every time you fill all slots the game speeds up. How many points can you make? Link is here: http://www.georg-rottensteiner.de/files/GDFrogger.zip Have fun!
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