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  2. Hi everyone, I hope it is not too late for a submission: Project: Thank you!
  3. A (very simple and short) DOOM shooter like experience (Named GROOM), that isn't using ray casting, but real time path tracing. Post mortem and gameplay video will be added shortly. I hope that anyone playing it will be able to run it (very good GPU is required!), and hopefully it will be at least a bit fun for him. And yes, programmer's art included! EDIT: I'm not sure if post mortem should be posted here or not, anyways here it is -
  4. At most, a basic map explorer. pixel art is hard...
  5. MarkK.

    Custom GC_sideScroll_promo_01

    I like this challenge and the tech I stumbled upon. Nice focus on game math instead of dealing with vert buffers and a complex operation on the pixel. I just say here, you're this. Make it so. Almost didn't get that sound header wired in. It had a scoping issue the way I tried to use it and was crashing when execution left the local function. All better now. I'm trying out that "give a sine wave at time t" to the sound card old school synth thing. I forgot to mention: after this there is some pixel water flow sim thing new on the todo list. I'm going to hold on that until I'm a little more a presentable entry state.
  6. Rutin

    Custom GC_sideScroll_promo_01

    Nice work!
  7. MarkK.

    Custom GC_sideScroll_promo_01

    Friends let friends go home alone with the pseudophysics triplets and a two trick pony particle system, in the gradient of a random moonlight sonata. Sound. That's what's missing. Straight to the front of the line, dear subsystem. Get in there, don't be shy. Where's my shoe horn?
  8. week 3 progress.Trying to polish the original concept. Baby stepping into a sound implementation with another provided mini access header/wrapper. Takes time to learn to use which hurts today. We're doing it!

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