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4: Adsense

Upgrade Update: Reputation Feedback

Reputation. This is a tricky subject. The site upgrade - by nature of the upgrade - is going to introduce changes to our reputation system. There is no stopping the change. The current reputation system is custom-made and is not portable to the upgrade. This doesn't mean we couldn't port it, but it's a question of ROI. Some may perceive this to be a negat....

Work on engine

Well I started work on my own GUI last week, and things are progressing well. I'll post screenshots and descriptions as it gets closer to being finished.

Fixing major bugs.

Today was an excellent day. You see, I've had this bug in my code which caused several errors while trying to build a database for the game. Basically, it was related to linked lists, and me not paying careful attention to what the heck I was doing. Well, today I finally squashed that bug. And, as a bonus, killing that bug also killed three related....


Well, I'm at my parents for the weekend, as they're having a few parties, and, well, free beer. This is the second time in about a month and a half that I've been here... Weird. It does mean however that I can't work on my engine, which I've been getting back into alot recently. It's great, I find myself nearly not going to the pub to do some coding.....


I'm still a moderator, and I wonder what this journal button does....

Hero Bashing

I've been working quite alot on my web-based game, Hero Bash latly. I have discovered that PHP is a great language for web-based programming. Much better than my previous language of choice, ASP. At school we are currently involved in writing our very own software renderer. I guess it's good to know how that stuff really works. We are currently....

Back to school

I moved back to school yesterday, which was a lengthy process. I think I moved every piece of furniture in my dorm about 5 times. The coming weeks will be busy ones, but maybe after that I can find motivation for myself to continue working on my game..

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