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4: Adsense

This is a test

This is a test of the journal thingy. Perhaps I will post content here when I have time tomorrow..

Twice in one day?!

Ok, I know the title sounds a bit dicey, but don't get your hopes up, this aint gonna be no story of me scoring two times in a day. [wink] Yeh what actually happened is for one, I finally got my first damned raycasting engine up and running! woo! only took me about 2 bloody weeks *read: 2 weeks of painful torture and death*. But its done now! now....

Here we go


Carmack at QCon and Shadow Buffers

Leave it to carmack to come up with an incredibly simple but powerfull techique for making shadow buffers more usable. To fix precision problems that sometimes arrise when having only front or back faces cast shadows into a shadow buffer, he thought up the idea to create a shadow depth buffer for the front facing polys as well as one for the....

Up And Running


new member

First post!! Im now offically on my journey in the gamedev.net world. w00t..

Shadow Warrior Sequel idea

I have been doing some thinking on creating a sequel to the 3D Realm's game Shadow Warrior. I think a remake of the original game (more of a sequel) with the character of Lo Wang being resurrected in the future would work. The game should try to merge the humor of the original with the future shock element expressed by Lo Wang... and yeah Lo Wang....

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