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2004 Terrain Air Space and Moon Video

I guess I’m playing a little bit of catch-up here, but I wanted to add another video that demonstrates some additional capabilities in the engine. This is actually my 2004 terrain engine, and although this version was inferior to the current terrain system, the engine had good collision detection, lens flares, and the added ability to enter a ship, fly....

First post for my new game!

Hey! I have completely forgotten that I get a developer's journal with my GDNet account! Well to start off my name is Austin, I'm 19 years old and I am currently a sophomore at the University of New Hampshire. I started programming when I was in highschool, but my school was really ghetto and didn't have any good computer classes at all. My first game....

All Hail Gord!

Gord runs a videogame shop. Gord is to retail sales as the BOFH is to the IT field. Gord is Canadian, so it carries the surreal (to an American) not-american-but-close feel like BOFH. The Book of Gord! My favorite entry: The Book of Wrath Chapter 3 Don't Touch! Its Dangerous! Once upon a time Gord had a friend named Mike. And this friend named....


Shortly after I posted the thread concerning my shortness of memory a friend of mine who regularly emails me funny or painful videos sent me this So that pretty much put a damper on my night since I was in a similar accident, but worse, like 12 years ago while off roading with my father (he used to race sprint cars and baja before he went into the....


wow the site looks all new and modern! cool. Eh well didnt do too great at uni, theres this huge (and i mean HUGE) party comin up this weekend and i can't think about anything other than how awesome its gonna be, last year's was the best night of my life, no doubt. Anyway I'll keep posting here randomly even though im not devving any game..

Origins and more

I was going answer this question directly under the comments of my last entry, but I thought I would add it as an entry. It's not an entirely interesting story..well maybe it is. Well...it would be if I tossed in some crazy story about dragons...especially those wingaling dragons. Anyway...the question: How and why did you come up with the name "Nitrous....

What does relaxation mean? I've never heard of it

Wow this has been a busy semester. I've finally starting to come to a point where I am able to chill out a little bit. I've been taking 6 classes this semester, and I have a list *THIS BIG* of stuff to get done. Only 3 more weeks, and the semester is over. In a way to motivate myself, I've decided that once all this work is done I'm going to....

Here I Am...

Hey guys, I'm still around. I recently started a myspace account here, so feel free to drop by. --> I got the job. I am now a paid-on-call firefighter for Holtville, California. I also passed the written exam for full-time firefighter, though I don't expect to have that position for some time. I took the exam for reserve firefighter on Saturday,....


Just Testing I suppose..

Back from vacation

So I took the wife to Boston for a week. It was fun, but not like I need to go back any time soon. The weather was a little too cold and rainy for us southerners!! Of course we had a bunch of parties to hit over the weekend. Oh, and the NIN concert tonite. Mmmm.. can't wait to see all the goth girls! ;-) So project update: We've pretty much got all....


I was sitting here and looking at some code, when a little voice inside my head told me to take a break, i thought what the hell, i went to the crutch, sat down, and before i knew it i had sleep t for 10 hours, and it was now 2pm Saturday morning CRAP. i wish i could have a talk with who ever invented sleep, well not just talk, just get him to deinvent....

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