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  2. im looking for something fast, a loop that will match the game, its an infinite runner game
  3. Everyone is different and you should pick the ones you want. Not usually, but with translation to other languages they might be. The typical programmer degree program is Computer Science. Various "informatics" degrees tend to be less appropriate for games and technical work. You've got a good mix of options. Ultimately each field uses different elements. There are people who work in generic database processing or web pages that never use the science side of their degrees. * Advanced Algorithmics -- Good, but you need your fundamentals covered first. * Machine Learning -- Useful outside of games. Machine learning is often a bad fit for games because they are difficult to manipulate. * Searching and Analysis of Massive Information -- Useful outside of games. While games have high volumes of textures and similar data, simple data structures and algorithms are sufficient. * Compilers -- Very useful concepts both inside and outside games. * Numerical Computation -- Very useful inside games. Generally useful outside. * Operations research -- Somewhat useful inside and outside games. * Distributed Intelligent Systems -- Less useful generally, except places that use it specifically. Still interesting topic.
  4. Hello! I am curious about the kind of game you are making and what kind of music you are looking for. Here is my website with some of my compositions. Cheers! ~Emanuele
  5. Update v0.4.2 alpha: Added: [Linux] Started linux implementation Added: [Linux] Memory allocations Added: [Linux] Atomic operations Added: Check for C++/11 compiler and fail if not supported Added: Nasty vstudio 2015+ workaround to detect C++/11 Added: &= operator overloading for enums Changed: AtomicCompareAndExchange argument "comparand" and "exchange" flipped. Changed: constexpr is now fpl_constant to make clear what is a constant Removed: [Win32] CreateDIBSection is not needed for a software backbuffer Fixed: [Win32] Software rendering was not working properly. Fixed: Some AtomicCompareAndExchange signatures was still AtomicAndCompareExchange State/Planned: [Linux] Implement all non-window based functions [Win32] Use dynamic library for all the things, so you simple just link to kernel32.lib and thats it [Win32] DirectSound/XAudio2 audio output + api Still unsure: I dont like callers requiring C++/11 just for constexpr and enums, should i go back to C++ 1997/11? I still dont like the nested namespaces, its just a couple of functions and types, one namespace is enough and this i could make optional if i want to. But i dont know...
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  7. IMGA Global Open for Entries

    The 14th IMGA Global is open for entries until 31 December 2017. Mobile and VR game developers, studios and publishers are invited to submit their games for free in a few clicks. Enter your game now! View full story
  8. IMGA Global Open for Entries

    The 14th IMGA Global is open for entries until 31 December 2017. Mobile and VR game developers, studios and publishers are invited to submit their games for free in a few clicks. Enter your game now!
  9. Video Game Writing Preferences?

    Kavik has nailed a salient point right here. I've always called it the stewpot. Let it simmer for a period. If it's not good, nothing will come out of it. But only after a few weeks at the minimum, and sometimes months, you'll see something else that will make it great.
  10. Learning to create Art - by Riuthamus

    You should probably leave a link here to your twitch channel for people who don't know about it.
  11. DX12 Android Online Game Bot !?!Help!?!

    Possibly. It's possible you could inject a DLL into the emulator, but my gut feeling is that it would be even harder to find what you're interested in. If you have an emulator you could possibly automate what you want at the UI level (i.e. make a program that simulates clicking on the emulator's screen at the right places). It sounds like Kevin is talking about a similar tool that will run on the Android device itself, but I can't read Chinese so I'm not sure what any of those youtube tutorials say.
  12. Learning to create Art - by Riuthamus

    Joke? This was 2015...I have since moved my "tutorials" to my livestream, but this does remind me I need to do some cleaning here! <3
  13. Dylan B's music: feedback please

    Hey Dylan! Nice to hear more of your music. While listening to your piece, it's clear you have some good ideas but I think your rhythm is getting in the way. Both hands of the piano part have lots of the same rhythms and this gets compound as you add in more instruments. For example, the quarter note ostinato that you have going on. Why not have some of the parts play off each other. Another idea could be instead of it be repeated quarter notes - alternate with a measure that includes some dotted rhythms. Or you could have a more nuanced part in some high, staccato strings doing a descant part. The rhythmic pacing of your piece doesn't feel as exciting as it could be. I liked the chorale section! Keep it up! Thanks, Nate
  14. How to Detect if I have touched the correct alphabet

    @Scouting Ninja Hey, Thanks for taking your time out to explain me this thing.
  15. Hello, I have a full experienced team that looking for a composer and another 3d designer, im expecting as much from you there are other people in this server that can help you we have a determined team, we have done many things in our game there is more information in the discord about everyone and there skills there region and about the game, if you join the discord pm asap
  16. Question about add mesh to level

    finaly find the problem
  17. This is personal opinion, as every game programmer will have a different set of experiences and ambitions. My opinion is that they are, from "very useful, almost mandatory" at the top to "almost irrelevant" at the bottom: Numerical Computation Advanced Algorithmics Compilers Distributed intelligent systems Machine Learning Searching And Analysis Operations research If I had to pick 2, I'd pick Numerical Computation and Machine Learning. The first is going to be very useful for game dev, the second is hardly used in gamedev but is a MASSIVE growth area and will help you if you want to work in other fields.
  18. New Game Announcement

    I have a new game I am working on now called MineSeeker. The game play is similar to Minesweeper if you have ever played that game before. I will be having a single player experience with 9 worlds and 10 levels in each world for a total of 90 levels. There will also be a quick play option which will load a completely random level for you to play. In addition to that, I'm also planning on a multiplayer experience where you'll be able to play with your friends on Facebook to complete random levels together. This will be a fairly large undertaking for one developer so this will take me a little time to complete. However its already starting to come together pretty well. I started by putting the UI together. So far I have a loading screen, main menu, level select screen and a game play screen. So far you can click on single player and it will load the level select screen. I have one working level so far. I ha still working out kinks on it and as soon as I do I will be using that to create the other 9 levels in the first world. Its coming along quite nicely so far. I have already learned something new on this project, the flood fill algorithm. I put it into the game to search for adjacent tiles that meet specific requirements. Its a recursive algorithm so getting it to work without entering an endless loop was a bit of a chore. Overall its a perfect fit for what I needed to do and it works nicely. Here are a few screenshots of the game. I'm also updating the font in the UI so some the screens have a different font.
  19. A good way to avoid extermination in RTS?

    It is an historical game. Though the goal is far from making a simulation (2d with arcade art style), I want to make the context of the game as realistic as possible even if some core components aren't.
  20. I wasn't sure about this being the most appropiate place to ask this question but hopefully somone can help me out! I'm at the middle of my Computer Science/Informatics Engineering degree (is it the same? ) and I'd like to work in the videogame industry, I'm open about working in other fields as well but I'd like to work there. Considering this, I'd like to know which of these subjects should I take/would be more appropiate. I'm not talking about writing in my CV "hey I did this subject instead of this other one, please hire me!", I'm just wondering which one will be more "useful". If one of these was "Robotics", for example, then I guess it wouldn't be of much use when working on videogames, at least compared with something like "Physics of Realistic Modelling and Animation", which is another subject I'm going to take the next year. The next semester I must choose two of the following subjects, which do you think are more suitable for someone pursuing a career in the game industry? Their respective pages are linked if you want to read a little introduction about them, I've done so myself but I still don't see which ones could be "useful". Advanced Algorithmics Machine Learning Searching and Analysis of Massive Information Compilers Numerical Computation Operations research Distributed Intelligent Systems Thx for your time and have a nice day! And btw sorry if I did any english mistakes, feel free to correct any of them! Please!
  21. I am trying to rotate my car sprite just slightly to the left or right depending on input up to a small maximum. When I use this code, the rotation doesn't stop at the maximum i give it. When i try to reset the rotation back to its original state when not pressing any input, the car also jitters between a z axis rotation of 0 and 2.5. I don't understand why the rotation doesn't stop at the given maximums, nor do I understand why its jittering. Can anybody provide me some insight? float movementHorizontal = 0f; float movementVertical = 0f; if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A) && Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D)) { } else if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A)) { movementHorizontal = -1; if (transform.rotation.z < 10f) { transform.Rotate(zAxis, 2.5f); } } else if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D)) { movementHorizontal = 1; if (transform.rotation.z > -10f) { transform.Rotate(zAxis, -2.5f); } } else { if(transform.rotation.z > 0) { transform.Rotate(zAxis, -2.5f); //transform.rotation.Set(0, 0, 0, 0); } else if (transform.rotation.z < 0) { transform.Rotate(zAxis, 2.5f); //transform.rotation.Set(0, 0, 0, 0); } }
  22. In this daily blog (and video)-series I take a first impressions look at the best mobile games that I come by. Be sure to share your favorite mobile game with the rest of us in the comments below! Clone Evolution is a Borderlands-looking idle gacha RPG, and it's close to perfect in my opinion! You get an insane amount of premium currency for free, the VIP system is useless, and there's a crazy amount of funny characters who references real life figures, equipment, and chips to unlock and level up, which makes for some awesome micro-management and a lot of depth. My thoughts on Clone Evolution: Google Play: iOS: Subscribe on YouTube for more commentaries: Or join me on Facebook: Or Instagram: Or Twitter:
  23. Featured Game: COLOR FENCE

    The crack team at McPeppergames UG (haftungsbeschraenkt) & Co. KG has scored big with their game COLOR FENCE. It got featured by Apple on the front page of the App Store in the “New Games We Love!” category. McPeppergames was founded in 2013 by educator Daniela Mach and mobile game veteran Chris Noeth with a focus on high quality kids apps, but they also produce games for everyone. COLOR FENCE is a game where your job is to wall off blocks of a set of colors while excluding other colored blocks. The game starts simple and ramps up in complexity and challenge quickly. The game includes multiple themes and has surprise modes as you move through the game. COLOR FENCE is available from the Apple App Store for free with in-app purchases. View the full article
  24. One of the NPC models has 3,339 vertices. The other NPC models will have a similar amount of vertices. I am running my tests on a Laptop with a GeForce GTX 1050 Ti and Intel(R) HD Graphics 630. At the moment, I do not use any type of post-processing. My engine can handle topics like Soft Shadowing, but they are all disabled at the moment (because of performance problems on older computers).
  25. Question about add mesh to level

    Same as the others. If you want you can just drag and drop it. If you mean spawn as in, create a Character blueprint at real time. You do it the same as the actor blueprint, but chance "Actor" to "Character". Instead of using the fire you use your character.
  26. Debate: Proper Time For Microtransactions?

    I think the whole problem is that the way the industry is at the moment is how it works. Players complain but it's there actions that has lead to this. Players say the want a game that doesn't force them to spend, one that they can pay for when they decide. Then if you make a game that players can play with out spending it, no one spends on it. It's like the unlimited trial thing. Give users a trial that they can keep using without paying, then the users won't pay. Maybe EA will make a huge profit. It is possible, as players who pay for both the game and micro transactions is worth 4-5 players who only pay for the game; some whales spend thousands. Then maybe that would move all AAA games in that direction, leaving the indie developers to fill the gap. At the moment EA is the canary in the AAA market.
  27. How many triangles and vertices are the models? Also what hardware (GPU) are you running on? Finally since you don't mention post processing I'm assuming you're not doing any. Combine that with the fact that you don't mention a g-buffer so you're likely foward rendering (lighting and potentially shadowing done in the forward pass), I would expect most of your time to be in the draw calls since you're not doing much else.
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