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  2. Sir, I don't understand what you are trying to say?
  3. Bouncy Smash - A Roguelike iOS Platformer

    Hi there! We all know that developing a game takes a lot of heart, energy and time. With the launch of Bouncy Smash earlier this week on iOS and Apple TV, we also wanted to take a moment to reflect on all the steps that got us to this point. From changing Bouncy Smash’s game engine two times in a single year to accidentally launching a few months early on the App store, the devs discuss some of the changes, panic attacks and triumphs associated with creating a game and seeing it through to completion. “There would be high points and low points, there would be planned launches and subsequently delayed launches. There would be more obstacles that we can number. However, through all the hardship that releasing a game would bring, we now knew Bouncy Smash was no longer a side project — we were going to ship a game.” You can read the rest of the “The Story of Bouncy Smash” on Medium: https://medium.com/@samuelcowden/the-story-of-bouncy-smash-8a21c5170de6 We’d love to know if you faced similar (or different!) challenges in creating your game, and we’re happy to offer advice if you have any questions. We wish you the best of luck in your game development journey!
  4. Why A.I is impossible

    Somebody put a worm's mind inside of a lego robot. I'm not kidding. http://openworm.org/ It means that AI is probable, we just need to improve our technology. Later we might be able to emulate bees, then mice, then cats, and humans. I can't wait to see what the future holds!
  5. Today
  6. Community College or Online School?

    Community college is usually better than an online school. If you want to be the one calling the shots, then yes, you need to found your own company (with or without partners). You also need to be good at something to garner the respect for people to follow you. Almost any field in game design will do, (except audio). I like to say, in order for a project to be successful you need solid leadership in art, code, and administration. Pick one and stick with it.
  7. Upvoting and Downvoting

    Yep that did it. I see it now. Thanks
  8. It's usually porn sites that do that. I hate them.
  9. The fun of the last part of playing RTS

    In a (theoretically) ideal game, you want both comeback mechanics in the early/mid game, and an unstable equilibrium in the end game. Why? Because without the comeback mechanics you'll have frustrated players who made one or two mistakes in the early game, and have no chance of catching back up. And without the unstable equilibrium, a player who is clearly losing by a small margin may prolong the game almost indefinitely. Sometimes you apply these via direct rubber-banding (i.e. a MOBA that gives bonus XP when a team which is losing manages to achieve a kill). Or by encouraging high risk/reward tactics for players who have an advantage. Or build it into the tech tree, by making early units have distinct tactical tradeoffs, and late units somewhat overpowered...
  10. The fun of the last part of playing RTS

    How about a mechanic that accelerates the "spiral of death"? For example, in the game Z: Steel Soldiers, the map is divided into territories. The more territories a player controls, the faster they're able to build and deploy new units. In this way, an advantage rapidly becomes overwhelming. Once you control more territory than the opponent your increased production rate makes it increasingly easier to defend your existing territories and capture more, which in turn gives you even more of an advantage. Of course, this exact mechanic may not suit every game, but an accelerating spiral of death is something worth considering if your end game is feeling too drawn out. The board game Monopoly employes a similar mechanic with property ownership and rent.
  11. Is there a doctor in the house?

    You need a fidget cube https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fidget_Cube (to make your compulsion worse)
  12. 4K+ verified game industry salaries

    Unfortunately only base salaries are disclosed. Signing, performance bonuses, equity programs, etc. aren’t made public.
  13. I'd focus on the portfolio. Your portfolio kinda says what your willing and somewhat able to do VS. A degree that just gets you through the door in some situations. The question everyone in the job market is asking is "what are you doing with your time", Here in the bay, it's almost a requirement to have a side hustle. People want to know what your passionate about. What kind of work keeps you up at night. What kind of work you would be doing if you could do anything you wanted to. What kind of work that you'd sacrifice for. Your likely a better judge of your situation than anyone else, but how sure are you that it's your degree? Usually employers have a list of the top schools, not the bottom. Do any of your former classmates have the same issue? Does your school have a known bad reputation? or is the school not accredited? A degree gets you on the radar, experience shows how much your willing to do to get close to the job. The job market is tough, always is, and likely always will be. A portfolio is the way to get experience on your own, you don't need to wait for someone to give you a shot, you just go out and do something. It can be big or small, usually the bigger the better obviously. Also, I'd echo the fact that games is much more competitive than the general tech field.
  14. 4K+ verified game industry salaries

    Do you have total compensation numbers? Base salaries are a little misleading in this industry. For example, Twitch is almost certainly subject to Amazon's company-wide salary cap of $160k, so salaries are adjusted to be below that level, and they'll make up the difference in stock and signing bonus. I'd be surprised if those $130k Twitch salaries in the Bay area weren't part of a $200k+ comp package...
  15. Hey Guys - New to the group but sharing a free resource to help provide guidance on salary expectations for various game industry jobs. Specifically these are actual base salaries from over 100 game companies for H1-B visa hires (companies are required to disclose these by law)- neatly packaged by company and job title: https://www.loveforgames.com/salary/ I’m happy to pull custom reports. If anyone has specific questions, don’t be shy Enjoy!
  16. DX11 LensDirt Effect

    I've updated the VBexEditor-Interface. Cubemap-data can be arranged to use it as Skybox. The SkyCubeShader is updated to generate nice LensDirt. Have fun...
  17. Upvoting and Downvoting

    @Tape_Worm it was a permission thing with your group. You should see it now, and I'll double check the rest of the settings to make sure nothing else is missing.
  18. Upvoting and Downvoting

    How odd, perhaps some sort of permissions glitch. Any ideas @khawk ?
  19. Upvoting and Downvoting

    Yeah, don't see it. At first I thought it might be uBlock filtering it out, but I disabled it and still didn't see anything. Tried Edge, and still nothing. I mean it's not the end of the world, but I just figured you guys had finally done away with that system or something.
  20. Is there a doctor in the house?

    Taking a wild guess, I might think it could be: - A desire to be in control of something. - An effort to get attention by being a nuisance. - An attempt to solve a mystery (all buttons do something, what does this one do?) I'm figuring, rather than looking for a name for a specific behavior, maybe it'd be more useful to understand the purpose of the behavior.
  21. Upvoting and Downvoting

    Bottom right of each post, you should see an up arrow. Click or tap and it will expand to give a couple of different options: - Up upvote is what it sounds like, and increases the member's reputation score by 1. - Downvote is what it sounds like, and decreases the member's reputation by 1. - 'Like' is there to express that you like the post without necessarily endorsing it as correct/helpful, and increases the member's reputation by 1. - 'Thanks' (the trophy) is there to express appreciation for the post, but does not effect the member's reputation score. Good if you want to recognise that someone has joined the discussion but you don't think they were really helpful, or maybe to show appreciation of something that's off topic. It's by design that there are three positive choices and only one negative.
  22. Yesterday
  23. Upvoting and Downvoting

    See the little up-arrow in the lower-right corner of each post?
  24. Upvoting and Downvoting

    You do? I can't see anything related to up or down voting. Which is too bad, because I wanted to give someone an upvote for giving me some good help there the other week. Or is this some new fangled method only the young folks understand like swiping SSE or NW or some such?
  25. This may be less specific than you're after, but I'm going to suggest that you should start off with the smallest number of people that can get the job done, rather than a larger team that will require more management, have more communication overhead, etc. Only add additional people if they're really required, and if they're only needed for a smaller task consider contracting out/outsourcing the work rather than making someone a full employee. As has been said above, running a business is different than simply making games. Fortunately, it's also something there are plenty of resources on, and at a basic level a gamedev business isn't really different than any other business. If you're planning to go into business, do some research on what that entails. Learn about the business types (LLC, Corporation, etc.), tax laws, employment regulations, etc. If that stuff isn't the sort of thing you want to deal with, others can be employed or consulted to help you. Most state governments provide online resources on local regulations.
  26. The Poor Man's Netcode

    Really good entry as always, I love the amount of detail you share when you post!
  27. A new hud

    Very nice, that does stand out from the game more.
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