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  2. Tom Sloper

    Is references to other products allowed?

    There is a LOT of work that it's hard to imagine in making a mainstream game. Believe it.
  3. By posting in the Hobby Project Classifieds. This post now resides in Hobby Project Classifieds (it was moved there for you).
  4. Great morning read. I like the honest share. Maybe, but I don't know. In a perfect world, facebook has got to go. One day facebook decided on their own that there should be a facebook page for my personal company. Their position was that the 'public' wanted an empty 'face palm' page for that entity. Really? So, I jumped straight into the 30 day account deletion queue, made sure not to touch it and waited for it to die eventually. That was the day I realized that facebook skews their user page numbers. No thanks. So, I'm perhaps on the other side, where if I actually see your game on facebook, I'm turning my back to it immediately.
  5. Hello everybody, thanks for the answer _Flame_! It pointed me to the right direction, you were right, the d3d initialization code was a mess, i had to rewrite it from scratch. I think i've made a big improvement, now all the triangles show up correctly! Still something that bugs me though, the guy's face is totally black, but it gets brighter when i move closer to it... I attached an updated version of the source. md5-viewer-git.zip
  6. Today
  7. Gnollrunner

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    Well, desired I don't know. However if you've opted for that kind of mesh then yeah, That's what it will look like.
  8. wurstbrot

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    Maybe not like the *desired* output (only Josheir can tell this), but definitely exactly like the rendering in his first post. Where do you see a difference?
  9. fleabay

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    This is what the original mesh looks like when center vert is pulled up. It doesn't look like the desired output IMO.
  10. Lactose

    hex grid

    Obviously this isn't something you've written yourself. In case someone searches and stumbles onto this thread, the solution source (copied wholesale in the above post), alongside explanations for the logic, can be found here: http://csharphelper.com/blog/2015/10/draw-a-hexagonal-grid-in-c/.
  11. Player levels are not pointless, even with scaling. They also allow for spell unlocks and possibly equipment gating. And also psychological things, such as progression and short term goals. It's not like the only point of leveling is to increase your stats, so that increasing enemy stats would negate it completely.
  12. MattiLipponen

    Any tips for Better Writing?

    My job is relating to writing. And I always read a lot of information which are correlating to my theme before writing. My English isn't so good for a particular moment, but I'm trying to improve it with forumes 😁 The more you write, the more improvements you get. It' my motto😉
  13. MattiLipponen

    Better name for "Battle Group"

    Maybe a combat team?
  14. bergice


    lurkers.io is a multiplayer HTML5 game about surviving the zombie apocalypse, and much more. There are a bunch of different gamemodes in the creation such as roleplay, deathmatch, sandbox, stranded and more. In addition you can start your own server and script your very own gamemodes. Unleash the nerdiness within you! Website http://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/lurkers.io/index.html Or why not play it right now: http://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/lurkers.io/client/latest/index.html?host= Expect bugs, this game is still being built, but you are welcome to give it a try, join our Discord channel and yell at me when everything breaks!
  15. a light breeze

    Should End Game content scale with player level?

    Scaling content with player level defeats the point of having player levels in the first place. Ask yourself: does this game need player levels? Do they have an actual reason for being in the game, other than that that's what other games do? What do they add to the game? What are the drawbacks of player levels? Are the advantages of having player levels enough to offset the disadvantages? Then decide to either include player levels in the game or not. But don't take the half-assed approach of including player levels but also scaling the power of the enemies. That just turns player levels into a pointless treadmill. (If you absolutely need player levels in the first part of the game and you absolutely need the player to be able to do things in any order in the second part of the game, you can set the level limit such that the player will reach it at the beginning of the second part of the game. That's a half-assed solution that you should avoid, but it's a lot better than scaling enemy power.)
  16. Testing Maker4D on retro computer (Cyrix 6x86MX PR200). It works, maybe i will optimize a bit to get more playable frame rates.
  17. If the content does scale with the player, it doesn't have to scale 1:1 with them. For example, it your combat features a combo system, it wouldn't be fun if the player becomes so powerful that they one-shot everyone and can't use combos anymore. In that case it would make sense to buff the enemies a little: make them tough enough that the combos are still needed, but weak enough to still allow the player to wipe the floor with them. Similarly in a traditional JRPG: if the player grinds up levels so high that the first attack of the first turn wipes all the enemies, that's just not fun, even for fans of power-leveling. But if the new enemies can last a couple turns against the party, but still go down quickly, that allows the power-leveled player to unleash all the moves that they grinded for, which causes more satisfaction.
  18. OK, how about a high-profile game: List Of Pop Culture References in Sunset Overdrive. The list is huge, and it's not even complete. Since we're talking about a seriously large game by a serious large studio, it's hard to imagine that they just hoped no one would notice. It's also hard to imagine that they went and acquired all the IP licences, that sound like it would be too expensive given the sheer number of different high-profile IPs. Or is there maybe a "licence to use [the IP] as an easter egg" that is cheaper and more easily obtainable than the "regular IP licence"?
  19. Anthony Constantinou - CEO - CWM FX

    Software for designing a 2D world map?

    Personally, I build the map by using a specified tile-editor i.e. TileEd as it has simple user interface, responsive and creative.
  20. I'm a composer who loves making really textured soundscapes to bring whatever's happening visually to life as best I can. It sounds like a fun project- let's make the spellsword come to life with immersive sounds and soundtracks! Send me a reference track or general details regarding a desired music track and/or SFX and I can send you a rough sample. I'm thinking a gothic theme? Looking forward to hearing from you!
  21. I'm looking to get my feet wet in composing for indie games. How can I come in contact with indie game developers that need composers?
  22. LorenzoGatti

    'Neuronica' Space shooter: asking for your feedback.

    I don't think combining average enemies with bad weapons and a bad ship is a good choice for a demo, which should have a particularly good game balance in order to make a good impression and show typical (or particularly fun) gameplay situations.. You might limit use of the bad ship with its weak weapons to the harmless asteroids, and give the player something better for the subsequent demo levels (representative of how the player would be equipped at a similar point in the actual game).
  23. Where to start? Of course, we need an idea: I've always been a huge fan of World of Warcraft, and always thought it could make a great top down RPG. So the basic idea is to transmute WoW combat into a Divinity: Original Sin clone. Fair enough. Now let's imagine how a game in our combat system should be played. Describe it: First, player TURNS are ordered for each ROUND. When his TURN STARTS, a character can play any ABILITY in his ability bar. In the most basic version, these abilities can DEAL DAMAGE, ADD a CONDITION to a player (good or bad) or both. So, when an ABILITY is EXECUTED, we create an instance of one or more HITs, wich describe hit properties, and then apply them to one or more characters. CONDITIONs can be triggered by various COMBAT EVENTs, and when fired can create their own HITs. Each ability costs a resource, let's call it ABILITY POINTS. They also have other restrictions, like RANGE, TARGET TYPE, CHARACTER STATE or other resources. Now we need a character. We have a warrior with low level stats and few basic abilities. What kind of interactions these abilities should produce? A few ideas: - We sure need to move. So we should have a basic movement ability (walk). It shouldn't be for free, so its ABILITY-POINTS cost will increase with target distance. - We have a sword in our hands. Let's swing it. A basic melee hit, with a single target, dealing damage. - We are tanks, so a basic surviving ability could be handy. Recharge shields. - If we are tanks, we need tools to manage aggro somehow. A taunt ability. - Some kind of self buff would be nice. Maybe a counter hit ability for the next round. Finally, the character stats. We keep it very simple, later on we can complicate it. - Hit Points. Of course. - Shield. Another type of hit points. - Action Points. Amount of 'things' a character can do in a turn. - Power. Source of damage. - Armor. Damage mitigator. This was my starting point. Instead of jumping into action in Unity, I decided I should be able to play this basic version of combat on a simulator. Later it helped immensely with debugging and depedency managment. In little time, I was able to play a warrior vs warrior scenario: A gorgeous log based combat This was a great achievment. This kind of combat engine should make room for animations and user input. As there is so much stuff to cover, I'm skipping the details of the implementation, as it is a complex subject with so many different approaches. After making a lot of systems like this through the years, I always felt like a big step foward having them working. Great, I could finally launch Unity. I spent some time choosing graphic style until I came with something I liked enough. It was simple and clean, with a toon shader doing all the work for me. I don't have much experience in this field, so I felt that keeping it really basic was going to be a really good idea. Then I needed a place to test the battle system. No better place than an arena. So here is one. Colours, colours everywhere! After creating the most basic UI and abusing Unity NavigationAgent for movement capabilities, I finally replaced the combat engine interfaces with their Unity counterparts and... It worked! It's alive... alive! But it was ugly and lifeless. Barely a tiny step ahead of the log based combat system. It was missing just one thing to look like a game instead of a form: ANIMATIONS.
  24. wurstbrot

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    What do you mean? The 3D image shows exactly what one expects from the 2D drawing. @Josheir With the geometry on the new diagram, you'll get a pyramid with a square base. In the end, it depends on what you want, of course. But in any case, your code appears to work correctly. If it does not do what you want, then you're not telling it what you want ;).
  25. SoldierOfLight

    When do we need multiple FBOs?

    Your terminology is definitely not D3D here. Attachments and FBOs aren't D3D concepts. I don't think I can really help accurately if I'm not sure what you're talking about. Sounds like an FBO is a wrapper around all the render targets that are bound for a given draw call? I.e. an object representing MRT rendering? In which case _Silence_'s answer is correct. In your example of ping-pong rendering, you don't want to write to both render targets at the same time, you want to write to one, then read from it and write to other.
  26. GoliathForge

    bug invaders

    So, did you want to close this thread as well?
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