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  2. I'm not an expert in DirectX but it looks like depth/stencil is not setup correctly. You need to do all steps from here- https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/desktop/direct3d11/d3d10-graphics-programming-guide-depth-stencil Depth/stencil can be the root cause because if you don't use it then some triangles look transparent(overwritten by other triangles).
  3. I wonder if a character in "The Big Bang Theory" wore a Mario outfit in an episode (say for Halloween), would it be held to the same legal standards. They seem very different but also very much the same.
  4. fleabay

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    That's not correct. The top right diagonal and bottom left diagonal would need to be flipped for that result.
  5. RoKabium Games


    Images & screenshots from "Something Ate My Alien" game by RoKabium Games.
  6. Is it possible to implement bitwise OR blending between colors using a custom BlendState? This, of course, implies that writing to a render target that is then sampled to perform the calculations in the pixel shader is out of the question. In my case each RGB component is a bit field and I only need to set one bit at a time. Alpha can be whatever. So for example, if I want to set bit 3 (2^3) of red component in back buffer I would return this in the pixel shader: return float4(8, 0, 0, 1); The expected behaviour is that if bit 3 in red component is already 1 then nothing will change, but if it is 0 then it will be set to 1.
  7. Today
  8. WhiteBoxGaming


    This is a cross platform game. Your data is stored in our cloud so you can switch between devices and never loose progress. We support: PC, Mac, Linux and Droid. The desktop versions are still in development, finishing up the IAP for paypal but Android version is live in the Google Play Store. We hope to make enough from cosmetic sales to purchase a IOS license and port to IOS as well. Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.WhiteBoxGaming.Bugology Video: https://youtu.be/QEzrI9lQyjs Welcome any feedback
  9. Yes, my main point was mostly that what you see as "often" may not be so often from a computer point of view, running at a few GHz. Before considering more complicated schemes like pre-construction or object pooling, I'd first try the simplest approach. If that works, you're done. If it doesn't work, measure where your performance problem is, and fix it. In about 9999 of the 10000 times, our guess of where a problem is, is just dead wrong. Avoid wasting time on solving problems that don't even exist.
  10. nemanjab17

    Motion builder global rotations

    Thank you @Fulcrum.013! It's as i was thinking. Thank you for the clarification, it makes perfect sence.
  11. Hello everybody, thanks for all your answers and sorry for the late reply, i've been very busy lately. I was able to clean the code and simplify the pixel shader, the problem is still there (new screenshot) and i still can't find a solution. I'll keep you updated with any progress, i attached a zip file with the source just in case thanks again! D3D11_MD5_MODEL_LOADER.zip
  12. WrenchCrowbar

    'Neuronica' Space shooter: asking for your feedback.

    Heya Lorenzo, First of all, thank you for continued testing of our new builds and helping us with your feedback. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. I made a little stream about build 22 with some comments: As to your comments that the ship is slow and unresponsive: Please take into consideration there will be more powerful engines (and weapons) available as upgrades within the game so you will not start with the best option for now. Kind regards, Wrench
  13. AlphaDogWare

    Flip It Games

    Free flip cup game expanded with more objects to flip and an engaging epic story mode and augmented reality.
  14. I'd say (Dislaimer: I am not a lawyer. This is not legal advice.), the pixel art you are linking to is mostly 'legally distinct' from the original. But it's probably better to change the letter on the hat and the color. Especially colors are a tricky thing. Choose something similar but never the original color. But you should ask a lawyer about that. There are probably different laws in nearly every country.
  15. No, any reference without licensing is not allowed. Even when it's remotely recognizable like the pipes and art in flappy bird were too much mario inspired. Nintendo jumped on it as soon as it picked up by a larger amount of people and caught enough attention.
  16. Say that I am making a game where you can wear hats, is it allowed to have hats and masks etc in the game that refers to other products? Such as a mario and luigi hat (red hat with a m on it etc) and a helmet from bubba fett from star wars etc? I have noticed that Dino Run have these for example: https://dinorun.fandom.com/wiki/Hats I am unsure what the legal procedure is around this though if any? I doubt that Dino Run developers have sought rights from nintendo and lucas arts?
  17. I'd like to share my HTN planner written in C#, and based around the builder pattern. For now it's code-only, but I plan on building a toolset for it with serialization. https://github.com/ptrefall/fluid-hierarchical-task-network It's based primarily on Troy Humphrey's work, but I also used HTN planning professionally when working on Rust's tactical combative AI in the past. Fluid HTN is a newly written library based on everything I learned using HTN in practice. My implementation supports partial plans and domain splicing, and is very easy to extend with new decomposition rules, like Random Select or Utility Select. Hopefully someone can find it useful. Any criticism or input for improvement is appreciated. - Pål
  18. I know that framebuffer objects can attach multiple render targets for rendering at once, but when do we need multiple fbos?
  19. Thanks @SyncViews for your input. Very good points. I think you nailed it with "Probably practically two games code wise." Like two systems: A dynamic one (Combat and other Live-Interactions) that needs updates/a connection in realtime and a more "static" one that isn't (time-)critical to other players perception of the gameworld.
  20. 8Observer8

    bug invaders

    Maybe my flowchart will be useful here. https://drakonhub.com/ide/doc/8observer8/14
  21. AticAtac

    Godot or not?

    "Issue #1" was also for me the reason to go away from Unity to Godot. I like the simplicity of Godot (just 1 file and no internet connection or other overheads needed). Until now (i am porting my game from MadeWithMarmalade) everything goes fine in Godot and I hadn't any showstopper.
  22. GoliathForge

    bug invaders

    What I think is good here, to keep using the words to the best of our ability. When we hear the right thing over and over, maybe we start to think these on our own. One day.
  23. intenscia

    Unity Mod Browser & Manager Video Tutorial

    We've added a video showing how easy it is to get mods installing in a Unity game using mod.io. Watch it on Youtube: Available on the Unity Asset Store. Test API Key: 2f5a33fc9c1786d231ff60e2227fad03 Test Game ID: 171 Any questions join us on Discord.
  24. wurstbrot

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    As long as you don't do some sort of height interpolation/smoothing, no.
  25. Gnollrunner

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    Yeah I was kind of thinking that too, but then I thought maybe there are other vertexes that are supposed to be higher also.
  26. wurstbrot

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    What exactly looks strange to you? Assuming that the thick point in the center is the only point with elevation, the result looks perfectly correct and according to the diagram to me.
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