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    Fantasy MMORPG in Development

    In consideration of Gnollrunner here i am posting my ideas plainly so i may get some insight to what people think of the systems i am attempting to use to run my game. Of course this is ever expanding and i still have a ton of work to do on it but please enjoy and i look forward to your ideas. *As a side note nothing is concrete and everything can be changed including the placeholder names i will be using* Character Development: Character Development is based on Attributes, Classes, Race, and Social Interactions. I will explain these separately since everything ties into each other. Attributes: To unlock Attributes you use Experience and as the total of your base attributes rises *no class bonuses* they will become more expensive regardless of which attribute you upgrade. 1. Strength 2. Dexterity 3. Vitality 4. Intelligence 5. Wisdom Each of the attributes give bonuses inherent to their names as well as unlock classes once the pre-reqs are met. *say paladin requires 15 str and 12 vit once your attributes reach that level you will have the necessary attributes to unlock the class* However classes will not unlock until every requirement is passed. *for a paladin there will be a holy quest line to prove your faith and purity to uphold the paladin laws and commandments etc* Classes: At the start of the game you will choose a Race, Class and also a social status. Your class may be one of the 3 starter classes. This only changes how your beginning attribute points are allocated and the starting skills you have access to. Any of the 3 starter classes may be unlocked by using the main currency of the game *placeholder name* Experience. Experience is given when monsters are defeated as well as quests are completed. Experience may be used in a multitude of ways. It may be used to purchase attribute points, class points, in game currency *placeholder name* gold, skills, upgrade skills, and upgrade skill passives. Lets break this down a little bit, when upgrading attributes, classes, and skills you dont need to save up the entirety of the amount needed you can just slowly funnel experience towards whatever youd like to upgrade so you dont feel like the "money is burning a hole in your pocket." Class points are a bit different though and to describe them we will have to bring to your attention Classes and how they will work. This game will function fully with multi class and class successions. When your first class is unlocked via, reaching your milestone for attributes and quest line, you will be awarded your one and only free class point. You may choose to spend this class point on this class or save it for the class you are waiting for. Once you unlock a class you may choose to either multi class *for example Fire Mage and Archer* or you may choose to succeed your current class which is essentially the same class but with attribute boosts skill upgrades some nice new skills and the same focus as your previous class ie *Squire, Knight, Knight Lord*. There will always be a total of 2 Class successions for every class making it beneficial to focus your strengths. Of course to unlock more classes or to succeed your current class you will need more Class Points, and for this you will need Experience. Each class point costs experience to purchase and just like everything else you may funnel experience into purchasing a Class Point whenever and will only receive your class point once all the experience required is deposited. There is a soft cap of 3 Class Points meaning once you reach 3 Class Points the cost of purchasing a Class Point will start increasing exponentially. This is an attempt to slow down the inevitable min max strategy that will happen with this system in place. As well every single class after the 3rd class will increase the cost for every skill in every class and as well the overall level of that class. Each class with function the same You may level up a class with experience boosting the class bonuses. When the class reaches a certain level you will unlock skills. You may upgrade skills and once a skill reaches a certain level it will unlock passives attached to the skill that upgrade it in various ways. You may upgrade the skill passives to increase the power or functionality of the skill. Everything is based on the level of the class overall and skills and skill passives may not overlevel the class level. When you succeed your current class you will be rewarded with new class bonuses for your character as well as new skills and new skill passives. Sometimes the older skills may be upgraded as well or more skill passives added to increase the power and functionality of the older skills. Of course you can multiclass as well and when multiclassing there will always be multiclass skills. For example if you chose to multiclass as an archer and a fire mage you would have access to the 2 skill trees normally for fire mage and archer but as well a skill tree available only to a Fire mage/Archer. This is true for every single combination of multiclassing and even dips into classes that are combined with Class Successions. For exmaple you may have used 2 class points to become a Knight and 1 class point to become a Fire Mage. You would have unlocked the class skill trees for Squire, Knight, Fire Mage, and Knight/FireMage. If you have a class succession the multiclass skill tree will always choose the most powerful iteration of class succession and pair that with the multiclass for a stronger version. Now lets give another exmaple and say for instance you decided to go over your soft cap for class points and invested in a 4th class. Everything will be more expensive but you will have the options for plenty of rare and powerful skills. Lets say the classes looked like this Squire, Knight, Fire Mage, and Berserker. Now the class skill tress you have available are even more expansive even though they are more expensive they will look like this Squire, Knight, Fire Mage, Berserker, Knight/Fire Mage, Knight/Berserker, and finally Knight/Fire Mage/Berserker. As you can see as you unlock more and more classes the combinations although expensive can be very devestating. Race: Each race will have a capital that they spawn into when a person creates their character. Each race has a huge impact on World Development and Social Interactions. Social Interactions: In a fantasy world segregation is a big thing. There are obvious races and religions that do not enjoy the company of one another nd then on a more serious note will kill the other race just for seeing them. This will play a large role in social interactions like available dialogue or potential combat strategies and bonuses. World Development: In most MMO’s there is a set world and you are interacting in this world as best you can and you end up having to figure out the intricacies of this world from nothing or tutorials. I would rather have a dynamic world that is ever changing and gives the player the ability to learn as they help build the world around them so they feel more involved instead of like an outsider. The best way to describe how this will happen is simply there will be levels of civilizations. All the way down to 1 house and a family or 2 starting out a farm out in the middle of nowhere and all the way up to a huge metropolis with millions of citizens and plenty of land and food for everyone. Of course the world will not begin like this. The world will start when at *0 AD* for reference. Each race will have a capital city that is not huge but big enough to reasonably pass as the capital for that race. Of course each race will have their capital in a location best suited for their lifestyle whether that be the forest, desert, mountains, plains, or beaches. On the outlying lands from the capitals there will be farms, small towns, villages, and single family homes living off the land. The people inhabiting these places will mostly be the race that the capital belongs to except for the odd travelers that are welcome and merchants bringing goods. As a player you may interact with the NPC’s and other players for quests. These quests may be something simple but always have a progression to them. For example maybe an old lady that controls the market in a little town needs some help with her market. You end up helping her with a multitude of quests that seem trivial and only a little time consuming that end up making her market prosper. In addition you make friends with the other townsfolk and end up helping them all with some stuff here and there even the ones who wouldn’t talk to you until you had built up some reputation with the other townsfolk first. While you are increasing your amity in this town an NPC traveler passes through and sees that this little town is an ideal place to live or do business. When this NPC leaves and inevitably reaches their destination they cant help but blurt out to people about how nice of a place this little town was. This in turn creates migration and people start flocking to this little town to either live or do business. This increases the amount of available quests as the town is in the midst of development. You may then help the carpenters and stone masons and literally help build this little town up into a thriving city brick for brick. This in turn will increase the strength and influence of whatever capital this town is located near unless it’s a town in a neutral territory and since its neutral they may enact some type of government or appoint a leader and become a trade nation or join sides with a race they enjoy *possibly the race that helped them the most* expanding the territory and influence of a certain race. When a town/city/village/etc are under development in an attempt to stifle expansive growth there will be a system to reduce the speed of growth. Each settlement will have milestones based on P.O.P once this location hits that milestone there will be a list of things that may happen and a die will be tossed to see which of them happens. There will be negative sides of the die and positive sides of the die. If a negative side hits there may be something to halt progress or even destroy the lands. Picture that the lands are under construction and now 100 people are living in a little town. Then a scout returns and informs the town there is a goblin invasion force on their way to the town. This will trigger a player event where given 2 weeks on Saturday the invasion will take place. You may help the town during the time before the invasion with supplies etc, and you may as well participate in the actual invasion and help the town from being destroyed. This will be a mass PVE event and any race that participates garnishes favor from the settlement. This can also be a favorable event where there is a market fair put on at the town and people from all over come to the town and increase the P.O.P even more. This goes from something as simple to a goblin force all the way to Races going to war and an invasion force sent to take over/Raze the town. The event can even include non-playable races such as Dragons etc. Players may not purchase lands inside of towns or other settlements however when a player wishes to purchase real estate they may purchase a Guild House. This is simply starting from the ground up a new settlement. The same trajectory needed to build the NPC villages will be needed to build this Guild House. Guild Houses may be built up all the way to a citadel with outlying lands and declare themselves an Independent nation like all of the Races capitals are. When a Guild gets to such a level they may declare wars and send invasion forces that are mostly made up of their loyal subjects *NPC’s* under the protection of their House. Invasions and wars are lengthy matters and there will be a process similar to the 2 week warning of the invasion of goblins. We want people to be able to react to the invasion forces and wars instead of being taken by surprise. Of course there are different tactics that are not full invasion forces. These are typically used to whittle opponents down until they cant live, basically a battle of attrition. These war moves will be discussed at a later date but as of right now we do not have any system in place for them. Economy: To be discussed Social Hierarchy/Interactions: Continuing from the brief description in the Class Development section we will introduce that Social Hierarchy as well. In medieval time and even in current times there is Societal Status. This is simply where you stand in society's eyes. This is huge for character development as well as any social interaction throughout the world based on your upbringing you may or may not have access to certain requests because in your mind you wouldn’t let yourself go down to that level and participate in such a thing. Or the dialogue you have available when speaking to others will change. This is even true to how you hold yourself in combat and what strategies and skills you have available to use. As well as the classes you may learn *this may be changed if you follow the class pre req questline* However if you happen to abandon your ideals you may lose access to certain classes that require a certain discipline ie *paladins hold that they must be true and virtuous and uphold the laws of their deity* if you so happen to give up this discipline and choose to forsake your deity then you shall lose the ability to use your class. This does not affect any skills that do not require special paladin powers however. For instance if the class offered a sword skill and a turn undead skill youd have access to the sword skill without the added bonuses but you wouldn’t have access to the turn undead skill. NPC interactions and Player interactions will directly influence the world, so you must be careful what you choose to say and whom you choose to say it to. If warring races meet in a neutral territory and end up fighting *either NPC or player vs player* the side that instigates will more than likely receive infamy and distrust from the townsfolk. This leads to the defending side winning the trust of the townsfolk easier and if they Races lands get big enough maybe even swear fealty to them. This is where the world development comes into play as races capitals become larger and larger and require more lands and food. Guilds: See World Development above for current Guild status.
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    Album for Sandbox_console
  4. Can you show a little something of your project up front?
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    This is an older openGL2.0 windows project with older visual studio solutions. The peek interest was the custom window frame styling and internal machinery to act as a multiple games in the same application by scanning file paths and dynamically building game lists at startup. Individual games were compiled as .dll and loaded from the main loop. I learned a little about dynamic library boundaries and acquired a great single header math library buried in there somewhere. Project Code can be found at https://sourceforge.net/projects/sandbox-console/ Use as you will.
  7. A few weeks after Ray Tracing Gems became available for free on Kindle, the book is now free on Google Play. From the book description:
  8. A few weeks after Ray Tracing Gems became available for free on Kindle, the book is now free on Google Play. From the book description: View full story
  9. GoliathForge

    hex grid

    me too. Pretty decent community, huh! Tough love is not always a greener pasture. @CrazyCdn you know the insane part, over this last three plus weeks of observing/interacting with this, I've found a ton of buried personal potential in the things I do, a slight more focused clarity and perhaps an appreciation for finer things. so thank you for that @phil67rpg good luck with your new project.
  10. Hi everyone, I make custom music for your projects. $25,00 ONLY please reply here or at email: martanmusic@hotmail.com for more details. reference track:
  11. Greetings, Colony Managers our latest release is ready for you. Tons of bake-fresh features sweeten the colony day. To wrap it up, making the other AI corporations your rivals is more dangerous than ever, now they attack with offensive items. Researching is now less casual and more time based. Some items are produced by districts in addition to being crafted. You can also hack the stock market in a new share panel attached to the tool ring on city centers of other colonies. We polished the new build menu and you can monitor upcoming threads much better in the reworked bookmarks panel. We hope you’ll enjoy the latest features! Please leave your feedback in our forum. We would be so happy if you’re interested in supporting our project as a beta tester. Which basically means you get the new update earlier than the rest. In case send us a mail. Additionally a 25% sale is coming to Steam on April 22. Mark our words! Cheers, Jens & Martin. French language translation We can’t party hard enough on the commitment of Victor „Lartima“ who out of nothing send us a mail with the completed french translation of Imagine Earth! Thanks so many times to you and to Bouy, who got the translation started! Fresh gameplay trailer This one is simply showing it all, all features, all threats, all items and all that we worked on over the last two and a half year – as the old trailer was kind of that old. On top it has something special, a final release date. Yes, we are hopeful to finish version 1.0 within 2019… Please share, post and tweet it as much as you can. Actually this is a good opportunity to thank all the 30.000 supporters that helped to keep the Imagine Earth project alive and well progressing with their early access purchases. If you wanna join the crew, this might be an opportunity… Shares panel & stock market hack You can buy the shares of other corporations directly from the tool ring on their city center. There you overview who’s owning the corporations shares and you can directly hack the stock market from here in case you made or bought a stock market hack which is a brand new offensive strategic item in the game. Count down warnings in UI The bookmarks and events panel in the top right of the screen now warns you with a countdown before Pirates, Xrathul or Asteroids and other threats kick in. We needed to give players more time to prepare and you can even increase the warning time for an area by building research districts. At the same time we reduced alerts about stuff going on in the middle of nowhere. The panel now gives a better visualization of all the threads and catastrophes next to your cities and around the globe. Time based research From now on it takes a certain amount of time to research upgrades to make the decision of what to research first more strategic. You have a research queue that can by prioritized any time and you should pay attention to the efficiency factor which is raised by every research district you build. The city center also contributes to the factor as it has a built in research lab as well. Item production in districts We almost accidentally came up with the idea of letting the various types of districts produce items over time. That gives every district a more individual and special functionality. The new build menu nicely visualizes the items that are in production and it also shows the ones that can be crafted. AI sabotages with offensive items Based on diplomatic relation and mood of AI factions they start using offensive items against you. Their tension to move against you is raised by an aggressive agenda. They will not hesitate to use pirates, assimilators, asteroids, sabotage and sometimes also explosive device and ideon bomb. Improved UI of build panel The build panel is an UI element we reintegrated lately after having it replaced by the practical build ring several years ago. It allows you to permanently see your stock of items and gaia forces, also those who are actually still loading up and in production. This precious piece of user interface needed a cleanup and that’s what we did recently. Also hovering buildings in the build ring or panel will show related resource icons on planet. Mission improvements Tuto: Show research icon more early Joma: Birons epidemic quest working again Lorian: Changed timing of asteroids and improved trigger for slick bay quest Rounos: Joe starts some destructive actions after losing Rounos: Gave Joe access to a temple with tornadoes Improvements and fixes Balanced generation and regeneration of pollution Districts freely convertible Victory point per 5,000 mined rare resources Fields can now be bookmarked with CTRL+number key Personalized messages by NPCs Smoother build radius Improved forestry explanation dialogs Fixed auto save naming problem (will reduce the number of created savegames) Use saw icon for rare plants like corals Fixed interaction with icons in navigation mode (space key) Sound pitch fine tuning Changed color of price text to neutral Fixed overlap of alliance confirm buttons in message panel Fixed AI selling and back-buying items all the time Improved rare resource description texts Fertile only from 90% and desert only from 10% Editor: Clustering of fossil and rare resources Editor: Distribute temples evenly and add ocean citadel Editor: Ensure that rare resources are available everywhere
  12. DescriptionWe are looking for a 3D Character Artist to join our team in creating the high quality, awesome characters & creatures for our current Sci-Fi FPS ProjectJob Responsibilities Sculpt and model compelling, 3D characters, according to the game style and art direction; Create additional character assets such as hair, accessories, armour, weapons, etc.; Texture the characters and character assets; Create convincing materials, reflecting the art direction of the project; Work in a collaborative spirit both within the team and with other departments, such as Concept Art, Animation, Game Design, etc. Rig the characters created. If interested email us at Data7games@gmail.com
  13. I agree with your things but the thing is about what kind of questions you ask? This guy comes up and asks me the whole solution for a part. How am I supposed to answer? I did my own research work and did changes to that code before asking it. Also, there were no replies on that post which means I didn't get help here but I was still able to solve the answers. An offline test means you can use the net but this doesn't mean to come up with the whole damn question. I did my work before. The guy who reported the issue made a new account and tried to pull my ass off when I wasn't able to help him? That's called time death. Should have used to do more research. Thanks anyways
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    hex grid

    I am surprised you guys have not banned from this board for asking dumb questions. this would make me work on my projects without help.
  15. Hi guys, I am currently looking for game developers to work for a really big studio in Redmond, WA that can start ASAP!!!!!! Right now, I am working on the following roles: Gameplay Engineer AI Engineer Graphics/Tool Engineer Game Editor Developer Biome Environment Artist Please see job description for the Gameplay Engineer: Job Title: Gameplay Engineer Employment: Contract – 18 months Rate: $45-55/hr W2 Location: Redmond, WA (Open to people willing to relocate) Client: Confidential Please send your resume and portfolio to Joseph.Cena@Artech.com Job Description A really big studio is looking for a Gameplay Engineer to join their team to help drive the next generation of gameplay systems and tools for our content creators. Example systems you will be improving are: Low level run-time physics-based systems like vehicle simulation, character control, constraint systems. Gameplay networking. Responsibilities Develop vehicle systems and behaviors in cooperation with artists and designers. Create well architected systems that encourage rapid iteration. Debug and optimize key areas of code (not just your own). Aid in the architecture and implementation of gameplay networking. Qualifications & Skills Experience shipping games as a gameplay or networking engineer. You must have experience shipping AAA current or last generation console games. 2+ years of professional C++ experience. Strong maths and physics. Strong debugging and optimization skills. Strong knowledge of gameplay as well as game networking algorithms. Strong cross-team communication skills. You must work well with creatives (e.g. artists and game designers). Pluses Extensive development in a multi-player environment. Experience developing gameplay behaviors for action games. Experience working with vehicle or physics simulations.
  16. phil67rpg

    hex grid

    well I am giving up on my hex grid I am getting too many downvotes, I am going to work on a web site for a friend.
  17. CrazyCdn

    hex grid

    For over a decade people on these forums have been helping you. They've made suggestions to help you ask better questions. You flat out ignore anything and everything they say. You never stick with a project to completion. You just jump from one thing to the next, posting code (incomplete at that) with little to no context and often without questions. Leaving us to guess you need help with something. Then when you're given answers/help/suggestions you again ignore it and start a new project. After a decade it seems you've not learned anything and it's likely because you are either trolling us or you jump from project to project before you actually solve and learn anything. Copying and pasting code is NOT how you learn to program. Running into problems, researching them, asking for help and actually trying out their solutions is though (rinse and repeat until the original problem/issue is solved btw).
  18. Gabz

    Special Effects For Games

    Unity Shader Graph - Laser Beams In this Shader Graph tutorial we are going to see how to create a simple, but awesome, Laser Beam shader in Unity! Patreon Support Enjoy!
  19. Hello GameDevs- We’re an indie studio that previously released our first game months ago. We’re currently prototyping and designing a new JRPG (3D) and we’re looking for an artist, modeler & animator for it. We have a GDD that we’re using as an active blueprint (updated throughout the project’s lifecycle) that will contain everything you need in an organized way to view and create. We need someone who’s interested in taking the initiative and works well with other people. A little about us. Our programmer and I met at GDC, and I’m also a member of the IGDA. Our audio designer is a talented and experienced composer who studied music at Temple University. If interested, please email Sam.azzarano@emmersionstudios.com with your interest, portfolio or resume, or any other materials you want to show off your skills. Thanks for reading.
  20. RoKabium Games


    Images & screenshots from "Something Ate My Alien" game by RoKabium Games.
  21. Learn to program. EDIT: This is not a troll post but an honest answer to a person who is applying for a job that requires programming skills and does't seem to have them. Changed "code" to program.
  22. And it was five months ago. That chance has probably long faded. edit: I'm with @Lactose and @Wyrframe on this one. Probably not checking/setting nullptr or #badc0de address variant.
  23. @DerTroll @Ankit Singh I agree with you guys. This code belongs to SUMO digital and this guy is posting it here publicly.
  24. You already opened a thread regarding the same topic: From what I read there you are trying to cheat a possible employee by letting others solve the test given to you. So same test still not capable of solving it?
  25. Bro I wrote many changes in this code. Take help from it, I doubt you can still solve it. Lol
  26. @_WeirdCat_ This code belongs to SUMO digital which given to candidates as a test. @sidbhati32 pasting around it like he owns it. He's cheating. He's not able to solve this simple issues. I hate it that this guy is from my country. While others are putting efforts in learning, this guy is trying to steal away the position from other talented people in a company. @sidbhati32 Shame on you.
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