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  2. My first thought is that I read the first three paragraphs and I still have no idea what it is you actually want. You're rambling a bit, trying to be conversational, but it would probably help to be concise and succinct. If you had to describe the game you want to make in a single paragraph, can you do it? Or maybe even just 1 sentence? Section 5, "a Goal-oriented Behavior-approach seems rather fitting: Give the AI system some goal and some action and it figures out how to use them on its own" - sure, if you like. If the aim here is to have autonomous characters doing interesting things (and like I said, it's not clear to me what the aim is, given that half of your preamble seemed to be about cooperative play and grinding), then some sort of planning might work. You mention using Coroutines to calculate action scores over various frames, but I doubt that would be necessary or beneficial. Probably the opposite. Section 6: "While dominating a NPC, the AI system is supposed to record what you are doing, as long as the NPC is still happy (fed and rested). When released from domination, the NPC is supposed to recreate that behavior in a similar fashion without neglecting their needs." Okay, this is now straying into masters or PhD level territory. You might get away with it if you can simplify the model in which you work, and use some off-the-shelf tools to help you. It could be a machine learning classification task where it examines the data you provide it with and classify that as one of several pre-defined behaviour types. It could be a machine learning regression task where it examines the data and learns to score the needs or utility differently. The main problem is that machine learning expects to learn based on a lot of input data, spotting the bits that are common and the bits that are 'noise', allowing it to make better predictions when it sees future data. The situation where you control an NPC is unlikely to produce anywhere enough unique samples to be able to generalise effectively, so you'd probably need something simpler. This goes back to what we were saying in the previous thread, in that it's not about choosing 'An Architecture', but about joining the tools together to do what you want. Personally I see this as a very strong candidate for utility-based AI, which by no means excludes the ability for weights to change at runtime - although deciding how to weight things, and how to change those weights, based on which criteria, is the hard part of this project. There is no AI system in existence that can know "why the player did what he did". All you can do is look for patterns. That happens in a different part of the system to the system that chooses the next action to take. First up, the author of that book is the moderator of this forum, so it's probably best to let him speak for himself if he chooses rather than ascribe opinions to him! Secondly, it's not that machine learning is something to be "loathed" - far from it - it's just that it is a tool that solves specific problems, most of which are not the problems that game AI developers have. And even when they do have a problem that potentially resolves one suited to machine learning, like yours, it's not necessarily the case that they have the right situation or data in which to use such methods. Much machine learning needs to be done "offline", outside of the game or the program in which it gets used, typically because it takes a long time to learn and requires a large data set to operate. Finally, even when machine learning is appropriate and selected, far too many people jump to "deep learning / neural networks" when there are many simpler approaches which often work. The Imitation Learning link you provide leads to quite a complex set-up, which appears to be a neural network system running in Python/Tensorflow that communicates with Unity. So there's potentially a lot for you to have to understand there. They have a video showing that after 5 minutes of training, they can have a vehicle steering much like the player's vehicle. Great - but there are 2 big caveats here. Firstly, they had to set up the inputs and outputs adequately so that the system can learn an optimal mapping from the former to the latter. In the Unity ML system you have to decide on all the observations, what type of data they return, when to gather them, and so on. Gather too many things, especially if some of them are irrelevant, and learning will be slow. Gather too few relevant things, and learning won't happen at all. Secondly, the vehicle example is gathering useful data every frame, presumably the distance from and direction to obstacles, current speed, the player's current steering, etc. After 5 minutes that could be tens of thousands of useful data points. Compare that with your situation where a character action only changes every few seconds, if that. There's not much useful information there. You might be looking at needing to play for hours, or even days, before the AI could learn enough about the pattern to take over. Personally, I wouldn't use the Unity ML system for the situation you have in mind. I don't think it's impossible to do so, but I don't think it's well-suited. But is it possible to have some sort of AI that changes based on example? Sure. You just need to think it through and plan it out on paper before deciding how to approach it. For example, your Bob/apple/hunger/tired scenario is underspecified. You say "it would probably have been smarter for Bob to collect some more apples" - but why? He met both his needs. He was sleepy. Why is it better to pick apples when you're already sleeping, even though you're not hungry? Here, you're confusing a player's belief system with the ability of the computer to mimic a player, and these are totally separate. Ignoring the former, you might be able to get away with a very simple system where, if Bob The Player picks apples when he's tired, then it increases the importance of the Hunger drive and decreases the importance of the Tired drive. So when the AI takes over, the Eat tasks score higher utility than you might otherwise expect and the character should collect more apples. TL;DR - not entirely sure what you want to make, but you probably need to simplify it a bit, ditch the planning aspect, and probably settle for self-adjusting weights on utilities.
  3. alvaro

    Remove VR split screen

    Can you ask the developer you are working with?
  4. Scouting Ninja

    How to make art like that?

    Thanks for the response. I was really hoping to you had a solution for vector importing. The problem with this method is that it's accuracy depends on how much a gradient is aligned with vertices and how many vertices the mesh has. I am also using a shader similar to the shader you linked here. However I only have an GLSL version. It was also custom made by me so the performance is really bad. Yes, for now it looks to be the best option. Normally I provide a texture set; for developers who can't use my shader; or don't want to. With mobiles the difference between raster and vector is clearly visible; so I hope to find a universal solution.
  5. the incredible smoker

    Convert coordinate to zero Z ( 2D )

    Ok i will find some examples and maybe post them here if i find something. Mostly when searching something specific is impossible with google, only dollar signs.
  6. Scouting Ninja

    On the fence with game engines

    Yes, mostly it's bad design. However it also has a huge list of bugs and problems. Resorting to legacy, more stable, tools often creates a snowball effect; where you have to make workaround for your workarounds. Yes. If you had a team of good team of veteran developers that could code around the problems. Even a solo developer willing to spend a year or so focusing on learning only the engine, then starting there game should be able to make one. At the moment there is very little CryEngine has that Unreal doesn't. So it is a huge struggle for very little gain. I really wanted to try and explain it but can't, you will have to try it to see what I mean. It is big to download but if you are testing it you can skip the 3rd party tools.
  7. Today
  8. GRASBOCK WindyOrange

    #1 Grass and Animated Sprites introduced

    I am glad to hear that somebody is interested. The last month my university gave me a lot of work and pressure and i can't really keep up. However tomorrow i will have to deliver what I have done and thus i will start to get free time to think again. But there was another issue: I wanted to introduce a different (much simpler) world system (which i can't really show with pictures) but will immensely improve performance for bigger world with more entities. Since I am working a lot with pointers i got problems with Segfault and couldn't seem to find any reason as to why for a whole week. I am sorry to say, that it might still take some time (i hope for a maximum of a week) until i can get that new world system running and show something new that is actually game related. Thanks for motivating me though!
  9. Passionate Unity/C# Game Programmer with 3+ years XP in the game industry, background in IT and Mathematics, Unity Certified Developer, 10+ completed projects.

    Now open to opportunities! Ready to join the next gamedev project to make it great for the players.

    E-mail: wmadwand@gmail.com
    Discord: wmadwand#4071
    Skype: wmadwand
    Telegram: wmadwand
    Web: http://wmadwand.com

  10. Thanks, Dexter! :)) I spend some time in the editor to get a better angle of the image ;D
  11. Gnollrunner

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    I thought Star Wars 7 and 8 sucked so bad I didn't bother seeing Solo. This is from someone that stood in long lines to see the original Star Wars 4 times way back when it was first released.
  12. SillyCow

    The Han Solo Movie and the Star Wars Franchise's Direction

    I really didn't like Episode 7 and Episode 8. I thought they have very poorly made characters, and poorly written scripts. After I came out of episode 7 disappointed, I saw "the Last Jedi" halfheartedly to see if it was a one time fluke. Since that movie's production seemed very lazy to me. Mainly: Lack of continuity in the script. I lost faith in the franchise. In the past when a new Star Wars movie came out I would think to myself: Oh cool! This is going to be a high quality sci-fi opera. But after the last 2 movies my brain says: Hmmm.. Another Star Wars movie... This is going to be another low quality money-grab. ( Sort of like the reason I didn't see the last Hobbit movie despite my previous respect for Peter Jackson's brand ) To me, the Star Wars prequels were about continuity. It was amazing to see how they took a light hearted space opera ("a new hope"), and carefully crafted a backstory around it. (I really liked the prequels). The recent movies lost me when they threw all that out the window. For example: What value was there in killing Snoke so quickly. Do you think it had a great plot/character reason? I just get the feeling that the writers didn't know what to do with the character, and said "meh... let's kill him for shock value". It wasn't artistic like Ned Stark because they never let us develop feelings (positive or negative) towards Snoke. I really like the way they started building Kylo-Ren as a Darth Vader wannabe teenager. Then in the 8th movie, it wasn't convenient. So he just changed without explanation. They didn't show the character grow (like with Anakin Skywalker). He just changed because it was convenient for the script. And the examples go on and on. It just seems like the writers of the lore got lazy. It's genuinely hard to take such an established universe and keep building it. It's the writing equivalent of playing "Jenga". But that was the appeal of Star Wars for me. So when Solo came out my expectations were like: Here's another cheap money-grab ins the spirit of "Transformers 12" movie or "Fast & Furious 25". I might see it some time as an in flight movie. But I'm not really curious about it (same way I wouldn't eat a Big Mac unless it's already there [free food tastes better 🙂 ] ).
  13. lawnjelly

    First Wave of Shapes TD

    Excellent I like the explosions like the old video games! :)
  14. Gian-Reto

    The Battlefield V "Historical Accuracy" Controversy

    Sure, I am not trying to speak for everyone. Also, I do recognize the success of the newer Bond iteration. What I MIGHT not agree on is the reason why they have been moderately to very successfull. Lets get this straight: the last few Bond movies before the Daniel Craig ones were godaweful. They were crap. They were the old Bond movies going down a very bad direction where there was no more return from. So as said, a Reboot was needed. And THAT probably was the biggest reason why the Daniel Craig Bonds have been received so positively, maybe even by some fans who liked the old, pre-90's Bonds better. Now, you can certainly say that was a "mission successfull". Sure, yeah, it did what the reboot set out to do, prevent Bond movies from slipping even more into Comic territory. I still do think a return to the old formula before "need moar gadgets" became the mantras in the 90's would have been the better idea. But sure, that is my opinion, I am not denying that. Just never, ever go from "It has been successfull" to "it has been successfull because of X" without pouring a whole mountain of salt on the whole thing (Probably should make sure I follow this rule myself ) Because else you could go with the "SJW's ruined star wars" and "it was a fan boycott" interpretation of why "Solo" failed so hard... when, as far as I understand it, the biggest contributing factors probably was "5 months after the last SW movie", "Rumours about a troubled production leaking", and the fact that movie apparently wasn't that well received even by movie critiques who often are very forgiving towards big hollywood productions. And, of course, extensive re-shoots after swapping out the director mid production... which, according to some sources, almost doubled the production cost. Probably everything contributed to the loss... Just like in case of the Bond movies, probably everything contributed to the success, probably the movies DID strike some modern tastes... but at the same time also didn't had to live up to the same standarts because of a decade of substandart Bond movies lowering expectations. Trying to emphasize one over the other is then just personal opinion. As to BF V... well, lets wait and see. Something the hardcore nerds and people to invested in this whole nerd culture infight often forget is that most buyers of a normie-series like BF (which is, like many of the console shooters, not that niche) probably don't watch youtube trailers, don't care about E3, or have any idea of the internet outrage going on at the moment. So it is going to be interesting to see how the general gaming population reacts. I also don't think the sales are going to be impacted much by the female protagonist, or whatever it is (could be an NPC for all we know). Or by multiplayer skins. Or by cringy moral grandstanding on Twitter or cringy E3 trailers. As long as the quality of the end product is good, and the game is fun even with whatever has been shoved in there, its going to sell. Especially when the target is the general non-niche audience that will not give a damn about historical accuray and just want to blow up stuff with cool graphics, probably skipping all the cutscenes anyway.
  15. A developer I am working with has sent me a project that when packaged is in VR mode, however its not supposed to be. So when I package the project to windows in unreal engine 4, the screen is split in 2 as if its VR. Would anyone know how to get the project out of VR mode so that its just a 3D game? I have disabled VR plugins and chekced through the project settinsg to untick any VR setting, but still not managed to get it out of VR mode.
  16. MikhailGorobets

    Geometry shader error

    error X3502: 'main': input parameter 'input' missing semantics #include "Common.hlsli" struct PSInput { float4 Position; float2 Texcoord; }; PSInput OffsetNProjected(PSInput data, float2 offset, float2 texcoord) { data.Position.xy += offset; data.Position = mul(data.Position, Project); data.Texcoord = texcoord; return data; } [maxvertexcount(4)] void main(point PSInput input[1], inout TriangleStream<PSInput> stream) { PSInput output = input[0]; const float size = 0.1f; stream.Append(OffsetNProjected(output, float2(-1, -1) * size, float2(0, 0))); stream.Append(OffsetNProjected(output, float2(-1, -1) * size, float2(0, 1))); stream.Append(OffsetNProjected(output, float2(1, -1) * size, float2(1, 0))); stream.Append(OffsetNProjected(output, float2(1, 1) * size, float2(1, 1))); stream.RestartStrip(); }
  17. Hello dear AI folks, now that I finished my Research Project, it is time to tackle the Bachelor thesis. Again I would like some feedback, as it worked out pretty damn well the last time. So here is what I want to do: 1. Repetetive Tasks in Sandbox Games I don't know how much time exactly I spent in Minecraft, shoveling through dirt and punching trees. I do know, however, that I spent over a year (online time > 400 days) in World of Warcraft mindlessly grinding for better gear. Hell, even now that Season 14 in Diablo3 began, I spend more time flinging colorful pixels over the screen to see some counters go up (gold, xp). But I am oh-so-lazy. Can't the game do that for me please? Also, I miss my friends. I guess, I just hit that time of my life, when everybody is busy doing something new with their life in far away places. Alas, the Internet! We can game online, building something together in Terraria, Factorio, Space Engineers or 7 Days to Die. But not long after the server is set up and I am pretty much alone again. There is that one friend, that (as soon as he finds a shovel) sticks his head in the ground, only to be seen hours later with precious minerals. Another one is building a base camp on his own. Yet another friend is off screen fighting monsters. I am typically the one fiddleing around with redstone. I know, I know. It is a cooperation-thing. Everyone assumes a role and wants to shine in that role. But in DnD we do those things together, in the same place. We have direct impact on each other, rather than doing the same thing on our own for hours and hours to complete some greater goal. Maybe this is just the wrong kind of game for us. If we want action, why not just stick to action games? Well, after a great quest we want to return to something that is ours, that we made ourselves, home. If there is an action game with that sandbox element, like player created towns as in Ultima Online, we would probably play that. To be honest though, UO does not satisfy my friends visual needs anymore. 2. Bringing the band back together The dream of my Sandbox experience is to, at some point, reap the spoils of the mindless tasks all of us did before. This harvest of action packed Ender Dragon slaying is often days in the future, if happening at all (no, i haven't even seen the Minecraft endboss yet). I would wish for some automated process, that I can set up in a way to my liking, as in Factorio, and let it do its thing, while I take out my friends having fun storming the castle. In my case, I prefer NPCs over conveyer tubes. I want "Hey, there is the blond guy with that yellow shirt. I shall name him Bob, and I will build him a house now!" But differently from Dwarf Fortress, I also do want direct control over what Bob is doing. I couldn't stand seeing him eaten by a Wear-Mammoth, while he is crying in the woods over his dead cat. Also, I would like to be able to show him, that he can actually carry more than one log of wood. So when he is out there lumbering away, he can bring some for his NPC-friends. He does not have to do it in the perfect way, but in my way. And while Bob is getting firewood, and some Charlie (NPC) is baking bread, Darla (NPC) is forging armor, I can take Anna (NPC) out to a trip to the dungeon, together with a friend of mine, who took a liking to Fenya(NPC). The repetetive tasks is left to the common town folk, while my friends and I are out there having fun. 3. Games, that do the job not quite as I want them to I already mentioned Minecraft, the origin of the problem. Everyone is doing something somewhere else. Then there is Factorio, which tries to fix that problem with conveyer belts and automated workshops. Still, you spend the most time building more of the same. A direct cooperative effort can lead to chaos in the clockwork. In Dwarf Fortress you can see NPCs with unique character, goals and needs. There are short-, mid- and long-term goals keeping you, as the player, busy until the inevitable Dwarfocalypse. But those Dorfs can be pretty frustrating at times. The creature from Black and White was, at times, equally frustrating. But given enough blood, sweat and tears you were able to teach it to help you out quite a bit. And while it was doing its thing, I had fun throwing rocks the size of a beluga whale at my enemy. In Dungeon Keeper you were able to dominate a creature, enabling direct control, turning the strategy game into an action game for a while. 4. Occam's Razor - The holy grail is carved out of wood This is just a Bachelors degree. I actually have to remind myself of the fact multiple times. I will simply not be able to create the one Game of games. On my own I will probably not even be able to do more than a prototype. I looked at the Maslow Pyramid and thought "I want all of that!". I looked at the Dwarf Fortress wiki about the production chain and though "I want all of that!" Well, no. Just no. For the purpose of a prototype, there will be an apple-tree, a wooden hut, an axe and three or four characters that want to sleep and eat. That makes them happy, which in turn makes them pick apples, chop trees and build houses faster. The prototype should be able to add more content later on, though. Ideally, this would happen with a wizard in the editor. 5. Technical stuff - The road so far With the requirements seen above, a Goal-oriented Behavior-approach seems rather fitting: Give the AI system some goal and some action and it figures out how to use them on its own. One could even argue that I probably read the book Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI first, and only then decided to build a game for that. Well, okay, you got me. For me it was like seeing some cool Magic - The Gathering-card and deciding to build a deck around it. I know that, at this point, a simpler AI structure would suffice, but I am stubborn in applying what I learned in the book. So, as Ian Millington suggests in Artificial Intelligence for Games (p403), actions are "generated by objects in the world" using a Command pattern. As I am most comfortable with Unity3D, Coroutines are already built in the system, so I can spread out the computation of action scores over several frames. I have sensor to determine the distance to objects. I will have sensors to determine the satisfaction of needs and for how much satisfaction an action provides. My utility functions are eagerly waiting to have more than a Linear Interpolation. All actions are already in the game: you can eat, sleep, pick up and drop. There is already a pig running about, eating the closest apple it can find (including the ones in your inventory) 6. My Problem - Suggestions welcome The working title for the game is Dominus. You do not have a player avatar, that can directly interact with the environment. Instead, you have something like a mindcontrolling Blob, that can sit on someones head and dominate a NPC, giving you direct control over the NPC and thus allowing you direct interaction. What is supposed to happen is this: While dominating a NPC, the AI system is supposed to record what you are doing, as long as the NPC is still happy (fed and rested). When released from domination, the NPC is supposed to recreate that behavior in a similar fashion without neglecting their needs. Example: The base AI set up by the developer is not perfect, not even close. So, Bob is hungry and moves for 20 seconds to get an apple from a tree. He eats the apple. Bob is now sleepy. He walks 15 seconds to a hut, then goes sleeping. He is now hungry again. What the player knows, is that it would probably have been smarter for Bob to collect some more apples, to later consume them from the inventory. So the player dominates Bob, walks to the tree, collects apples until Bob's inventory is full, walks back to the house and goes sleeping, then releases Bob. When Bob wakes up, he will of course eat apples from his inventory. But the next time he goes apple picking, he fills the inventory to a degree, similar to what the player has shown him to do. My Concerns: I see no way of implementing this with Utility-based AI. It would probably need some system that automatically changes weights or functions on runtime. But how should it know, why the player did what he did? I heard that the author of Behavioral Mathematics for Game AI pretty much loathes Machine Learning, so I am interested in alternatives to the following: Imitiation Learning seems to be capable of doing what I want. My idea would be to create the Utility-based AI first, then let the Imitation Learning algorithm imitate that behavior to not being able to distinguish one from the other. Then the Imitation Learning algorithm takes into account what the player does. My professor is absolutly hyped about Machine Learning and wants me to do it that way. But I am sceptical. In my Research Project I even wrote (shamelessly citing myself now ...) I don't want to make the mistake, which I warn beginners about. So what do you guys think? Imitation Learning? "Enhanced" Utility-based AI? Something else? To me this sounds a bit like a discussion around the AI Wish List. Maybe there are some other resources for me to look into? I am interested in your oppinion! Cheers, Rockroot P.S. If you are interested, here is the git repository. I have to update/commit soonest. Warning: bug infestation! Some pictures are attached.
  18. lawnjelly

    Tower Defence - Post Mortem

    Thanks guys. Am excited to see how you guys games are coming on and looking forward to the next challenge! Definitely. Time management / scheduling a project is something I definitely want to do a post on (not that I'm usually any good at it!).
  19. deathwingA

    DirecX9 Clipping Planes

    Thanks,mate. After a bit of snooping around I manage to do it.
  20. Hmm, not so sure it works. none of the ID match in enum callback, I plugged in a xbox360 controller struct GUIDName { GUID Guid; string GuidString; }; GUIDName guidNames [] = { { GUID_XAxis, "GUID_XAxis" } ,{ GUID_YAxis, "GUID_YAxis" } ,{ GUID_ZAxis, "GUID_ZAxis" } ,{ GUID_RxAxis, "GUID_RxAxis" } ,{ GUID_RyAxis, "GUID_RyAxis" } ,{ GUID_RzAxis, "GUID_RzAxis" } ,{ GUID_Slider, "GUID_Slider" } ,{ GUID_Button, "GUID_Button" } ,{ GUID_Key, "GUID_Key" } ,{ GUID_POV, "GUID_POV" } ,{ GUID_SysMouse, "GUID_SysMouse" } ,{ GUID_SysKeyboard, "GUID_SysKeyboard" } ,{ GUID_Joystick, "GUID_Joystick" } ,{ GUID_SysMouseEm, "GUID_SysMouseEm" } ,{ GUID_SysMouseEm2, "GUID_SysMouseEm2" } ,{ GUID_SysKeyboardEm, "GUID_SysKeyboardEm" } ,{ GUID_SysKeyboardEm2, "GUID_SysKeyboardEm2" } }; for (int i = 0; i < sizeof (guidNames)/sizeof (guidNames [0]); ++i) { if (guidNames [i].Guid == MAKEDIPROP (&propRange.diph.dwObj)) cout << "---------------------------------------" << guidNames [i].GuidString << endl; }
  21. jbadams

    How to make art like that?

    Realistically, that's exactly how most people buying assets from an asset store are going to use them - they'll save as png or whatever raster format in the size they need, and then import that in to their chosen engine. Using vectors directly just isn't that well supported in most popular engines or libraries. Many commercially available assets also provide png formats in a couple of popular sizes for that reason.
  22. I think i already tried to adjust my point towards including the ratio given by the word 'most' in the next post. You always pick something i say out of context so it turns arguable, but you refuse to comment my arguments. I comment your points, you quote me just to introduce new points, becoming more and more unrelated. It seems the only reason you quote me at all is just to continue argumentation, instead just saying: maybe i was wrong about that tiny detail that was wrong. To me it is not, it is an open research topic. However, if you, somebody who is more involved in physics than myself i guess, says it is simple, i realize my own statement 'physics is harder than graphics' is either too subjective ore just stupid. I take it back, oops i was wrong and sorry. But again, a statement like 'Physics can even be considered a graphics element most of the time, only there to make things look more realistic or dynamic.' IMHO is misplaced in a thread starting with a video about rigid body dynamics and downplays the application of this field. Your words would not fail if you would be able to accept they might have been wrong later on. My fault is i'm too provocative so i make it hard for you. Sorry for that - i'll try to improve myself. I can't take the challenge, because i did not work on a game the last decade. But looking towards the copy anyways - for fun, not to judge you. I think you can do a lot. You know a lot about everything, enough to make games. I don't think i underestimate your skills. But sometimes your thoughts appear shortsighted to me. This is because we have very different perspective / starting point: Your goal is to achieve state of the art with your work on games. State of the art is all there is and there is nothing after it. My goal is to improve state of the art with my work on technology. State of the art is just the start. Finding out what comes next is my work. So i see and think about many things you do not. Physics simulation in games is a sleeping princess with huge potential. It opens up more possibilities and is more important for realism than photorealistic rendering. You once said you spend some time to learn 'most' about any field, but learning all the remaining details would take too much time. Better to progress in learning the next field, so you are capable of everything well enough to produce results in the end. This makes sense and is good practice, but it also implies: likely you're not a expert in most things. Sounds provoking but that's not what i intend. I can just hope you see what i mean. I've made a small physics engine in the past, including constrained multibody stuff, and you remember my work about walking ragdolls. This is why i think i know more about physics than you do, and why i allow myself trying to correct you. So, looking towards the next debate where we manage to upset each other and hopefully have some fun, ;D but be sure i respect you as a person, your skills and the help you provide.
  23. Kryzon

    How to make art like that?

    So this is trying some vertex colouring in Blender, just the built-in tools... - Current release of Blender doesn't have vertex alpha, so no transparency (that shadow is an illusion, it fades to the background grey. Edit: and it has a wrong direction too lol...). - It's a pain having to rip faces to be able to paint colour changes at the same corner. So manually creating the graphics in 3D, eh... I wouldn't do it. I'd much prefer to find some way to convert the vector curves that you imported from a genuine vector app (Illustrator, Gravit, Inkscape etc.) into meshes by means of a tool or automated process, instead of by hand.
  24. DexterZ101

    Best Modelling Software for Character Rendering & Items

    Aside from Blender if you want a light and easy to use modeling, mapping and rigging 3D tools.. I'll recommend fragMotion and MilkShape3d
  25. Yog Joshi

    Best Modelling Software for Character Rendering & Items

    I am not too experienced in 3D modeling but I would also go with Blender!
  26. Rutin

    First Wave of Shapes TD

    Very cool! I like how you used the faces to show health. Looking forward to your next update.
  27. DexterZ101

    First Wave of Shapes TD

    Cool dude! all of you guyz are almost done T ___ T.... need to catch up!
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