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  2. hook ID3D11DeviceContext::DrawIndexed get game VertexShader use g_Real_ImmContext.VSGetShader(game_pVertexShader,...); HOOK need to be created before the game VS, HOOK will not get bytecode if the game is running later, I need to get BYTECODE at any time like DX9
  3. I Need An Older Open World Engine

    I suggest Unreal Engine 3, it is lightweight and doesn't support as many threads. We have been experimenting with UE4 in our studio http://mocap.com.au.
  4. How is game_pVertexShader created? Normally you call CreateVertexShader() on the device to create a vertex shader. The first parameter to that function is the shader byte code.
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  6. Get the code HERE. This project is a nod to those 1990 pocket games that were all the rage in the day. The eTamagotchi features P2P networking showcasing how you can have a single application be both the client and the server at runtime. It features a random digimon (digital monster) that keeps track of all battles it has. The code is meant for demonstration and learning purposes only. The README lists each point that can be improved upon including gameplay mechanics.
  7. Review - Unity Hub (Beta)

    There is also no way to install patch releases from hub, you have to manually install and open a project with it. I didn't run into the android problem or not finding visual studio enterprise which I also use.
  8. DirectX9 Get shader bytecode Device.GetVertexShader(ppShader); ppShader.GetFunction(nil,_CodeLen); GetMem(_Code,_CodeLen); ppShader.GetFunction(_Code,_CodeLen); How to DX11 Get VSShader bytecode? first get ShaderObject game_pVertexShader g_Real_ImmContext.VSGetShader(game_pVertexShader,...); Please tell me how to from game_pVertexShader to bytecode? thank you
  9. Advice Game Audio For Beginners

    Hi Kylotan, Thank you very much for your response. You hit the nail with what I was trying to describe by "tweaking". As mentioned I have a collection of audio files that I would like to reuse in my own games (with attribution of course as they are CCL). The book I'm working through has a couple chapters on adaptive music using Unity's audio mixer and scripting to change the ambient music and sounds to fit various zones as you move through them. That's what sparked my curiosity. Admitedly I'm still at the crawling stage in learning game audio, but I wanted some validation that my goal was achieveable. My desire is to be able to edit a source file slightly to achieve a sound that fits the mood of my game or the location of the player character. Your response has done that and helped point me in the right direction, thank you. BTW, I also came across another audio tool called Fabric that is a Unity package. From what I have read about it, it enhances the Unity audio mixer so it has additional capabilities. I haven't tried it yet as I am still working through the book, but I will once I finish. Have you had any experience with Fabric or know of others who have? Thanks again for all your advice and assistance.
  10. DRTS Web App - Play With Other People

    Are there any plans to add mobile support now that it's a web game, or are you sticking to desktop browsers only?
  11. Choconoa Devlog #5

    On the diagram, the forked paths look very similar. Will there be an easier path and harder (but potentially more rewarding) path, or are they just there to provide some variation in visuals?
  12. Do YOU play Horror Games; if so WHAT is your favourite and WHY?

    This is interesting to me, since in my estimation The Last of Us and The Evil Within are pretty similar in terms of violence, and with most of The Evil Within's violence being against things that aren't even "real." That said, I do think violence is often used as a crutch in place of things that are scary on a deeper level. Like I mentioned above, I actually do think puzzles have an especially good relationship with horror, but are there any other mechanics that you feel are especially relevant to horror? One of my favorite horror experiences was in the original Tomb Raider. It was frightening enough when a giant tyrannosaurus appears out of nowhere and eats you in one hit in a game that didn't even involve dinosaurs up to that moment. What really scared me was that later on, the tyrannosaurus music started playing for no reason (due to what I can only imagine was a bug), but the tyrannosaurus never actually showed up, so I was just left waiting for a long time, wondering when it would appear. I think the genre may have declined a little bit over the past couple of years, but I think horror games are actually much more popular now than they were, say, ten years ago.
  13. I'm working on a space game, and I suck at art. I would love to get some help from someone who is more skilled than me. Things I need include modular space ship parts and GUI elements. Nothing too fancy, just functional so I can get a prototype put together. This could potentially become a serious project, but for now this is just a hobby project. In this video, you can see a few things I already completed :2018-02-24 20-08-13.flv2018-02-24 20-08-13.flv
  14. This is a rev share team. (payment based on a % of profits of the game/software/app) About us:We are a team of 16 developers developing multiple mid scope games. We polish all of our games. We have released one title so far, which will be linked below. We have 6 products in development currently. 4 games 1 tool set and 1 app. We are a very friendly and active team. looking for:3d/2d Artist that can hand paint textures. highly motivated game developers.^ requirement for all positions: A true love of game development and to be very self motivated.We are a very active team, you must be too. If interested or for more information add me on skype: nicholas.boucher4Atlas Sentry art style: (art complete)(code complete)https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.NE.Alien&hl=en
  15. Trying to summarize my "vision" for Lord of Dwarves in one GIF. How did I do?


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  17. Geometry clipmaps and array of texure

    Ok. But say i have a complete 2d footprints of a clipmap (12 blocks mesh, two L-shaped meshes and the cross mesh), how can i, in vertex shader, reproduce the various scaled versions (1 for each level)? The only solution i can think is produce on CPU all scaled version of 2D vertex positions, and it means that i produce (if say L the number of clipmap levels) L versions of the 2D footprints and send them on GPU.
  18. This series of videos help me greatly when learning lua <-> c++
  19. There's not a lot of information on how to implement this in practice. Maybe you have some examples of how I could do that? I did try to use switch between different vertex objects every frame but that didn't work out too well. I've been working on optimizing my game for a straight week, and I still have gotten nowhere. It can barely render 1500 textured squares at 60FPS
  20. Flip Trickster

    Collection of images from my first 3D game
  21. I have been trying to learn the process of game development for a long time. I have mostly done hobby projects so far, nothing serious. In school, I am always that guy who nearly sleeps during class, and still gets an A+ on every assignment. When I started learning how to program, it came very naturally to me, and it wasn't long before I was way ahead of my classes. This is probably because I spend so much of my free time tinkering with things such as Unity, while my classmates just do the bare minimum in order to pass. I can do shaders even, which I have taught myself how to do using tutorials I found online (Catlike Coding ftw). I think one of the main issues I have, however, is that I am not going to have a fancy enough diploma to go where I want to go. I am only going to a community college, and I will only receive an Associates in Programming. Though I feel that I am an advanced programmer who is very capable, I am worried that my degree is lackluster and might be an issue when I am finally graduated and am looking for work. Or maybe, I have only seen the tip of the iceberg so far, and I only THINK that I am good at programming. It could be that there is a lot of stuff I haven't even seen yet, because my education hasn't covered advanced topics. When I graduate at the end of this Summer, I am certain I will get a job of some sort since programmers are in high demand, but I question what sort of job. My goal is to work on video games, probably with graphics or something like that. Am I doomed to never achieving this silly dream of mine? Should I go back to school and get even more education? Or do you think I am good enough to get a job with the skills that I've got?
  22. Bitwise Operator

    I've implemented this now. I decided not to add any engine property though. Perhaps if someone has a need for it I'll add it, but for now the compiler will always give an error when attempting bitwise operations with float or double.
  23. If you want to incorporate noise into your shaders, the Turbulance Library has you covered. Using code I gathered from this library, I made a cginc file that contains all you need to easily implement noise into your unity shaders. Who knows how this stuff works, but man, does it work well! https://pastebin.com/LLCUpJut Here is an example of what you can create using these noise functions.
  24. DirectxTK and basic concept of drawing models

    What is the type of shape? Is this part of DirectXTK or is this something you wrote yourself, since i do not see to find a member method with that signature. If this method does not use the DirectXTK's PrimitiveBatch internally you may not call it between PrimitiveBatch::Begin() and PrimitiveBatch::End() like @Yxjmir pointed out. The PrimitiveBatch (and SpriteBatch) modify the pipeline. This is already the case when calling PrimitiveBatch::Begin(). So you probably override something you do not want in both cases. Start your .exe with https://github.com/baldurk/renderdoc, take a screenshot and notice the sequence of pipeline calls. Here, you will probably notice some wrong states (buffers, shaders, whatever) of your m_shape->Draw interferring with your line drawing.
  25. Data Driven Item component system?

    Hello! Yes, AbstractComponent is the base class for all component classes. Each entity can have only one instance of one particular component class, but it can of course have multiple components of different classes. There is some discussion online about whether or not an ECS should support multiple components of the same class. I decided against that in order to keep it simple, but I think that's not your question ;). As for the armor/weapon case: My system can do that perfectly, just create an entity that has a ArmorComponent and a WeaponComponent. Actually a lot more complex things can already be done with this very simple system. I'm still quite new to ECS, and it's exciting to figure out new ways of using it. For example, one very powerful approach is to compose a single game object (in a purely conceptual sense, like "one enemy spaceship") from multiple entities (yes, multiple entities, not just multiple components). Generally, this is one way to get around the "only one component of the same class per entity" limit, but you can use it in very flexible ways. For example, you can create a "worm" character as a chain of entities where each entity (except the "head") follows a defined "leader", while the "head" entity decides where to go. All segment entities share the same HealthComponent, so no matter where at which segment the worm is hit, the whole creature suffers damage, and all involved entities die when the health drops to zero. Another possible use case is a large battleship with multiple turrets that can be destroyed separately. In this case, the turrets would have a PositionComponent that is configured to be relative to the main hull's PositionComponent, and separate HealthComponents (you'd have to make sure that the turret entities are destroyed when the main hull entity is destroyed, though). The ratio of flexibility vs. complexity/effort is really amazing.
  26. If you are looking for professional sound effects for your video game, but you are limited in your budget, you can find a wide range of sounds starting at $0,99. Check it out: http://www.ogsoundfx.com After having quite some success selling albums, I also received a lot of requests from game developers with very low budgets who are looking for a few affordable, but high quality sound effects. You can now purchase single sound effects and benefit from this great deal: for a minimum of $10 purchase, get 50% off with the coupon code: alacarte50 (ex: if you purchase for $10 worth of sound effects, you only pay $5) Get 120 Mb of free sounds by subscribing to the newsletter. Hope to see you soon ! Olivier
  27. Opinion?

    That's correct. And since my business does part-time work-for-hire, it's hard to articulate an ad that: A - Doesn't entirely repulse potential clients AND B - Avoids tons of people asking for a rev-share or deferred payment compensation strategy In the past, I've tried being 'clearer', but that's when I'd yield much fewer prospects, and I found that the best clients did not respond positively to an ad that focused so much on the concept of compensation (largely because it was a 'given' to them, I hypothesized). So being a bit less direct (I did specify I'm not into rev-share, but somehow that appears to make it open bar for deferred payment it seems) is a problem too. The thing is, it is not uncommon for people to present themselves without mentioning this, so I still spend a lot of time doing back and forth before the compensation discussion happens, and I find it is typically bad practice to bring up compensation too early with actual clients because 1 - I'm actually quite negotiable, and 2 - if the relationship isn't established, it feels awkward and they're likely to 'think it over'. So even a polite no only happens after several back and forth most of the time, which I still can't reason why people would do this, but we're not just talking isolated incidents here. And I agree, I don't owe an explanation, I figured I'd reply this one time, and probably paste that into our blog so people know once stance on this (and I can send them the URL the next time anybody asks). I'm not trying to be a serial asshole here, and I understand the concept of sales comes with a lot of deals that fall-out, but that approach just feels problematic and I know I'm not the only one enduring this (it is kind of a running gag here, and I can only assume it is also elsewhere). Well here's the thing, I'm not opposed to what they're doing in principle, and ignoring people isn't what I'm trying to achieve. My actual target clients aren't that far-off from this, except they've decided to dedicate some kind of a budget to their production efforts, and I can only presume that, not too long ago, they were on the other side of that fence, before realizing that rev-share and deferred payment are very unlikely to turn up anything good let alone finished. So I'm not looking for a way to tell them all to 'fuck-off' (although that'd save me a lot of time trying to figure out whether they're just hiding their true intentions to go for rev-share only), but I'm just trying to find the origin of that problem and potential solutions. And there's no denying that after several hundreds (maybe thousands by now?) of such discussions, it takes its toll, and it gets harder and harder to ignore the implied insult, even though it may be inherently be just pure ignorance. It's probably a maturity process. I think people need to go certain phases to realize that it's hard to make games, that it makes sense to ask for money, and that though game jams can be made under 48 hours, a MMO simply cannot. When I was green myself, lurking these forums way-back-when, I can distinctly remember that people were going through these phases even then, which means this isn't new (not just an 'indie-bubble' thing). And I think it makes sense that newcomers have a lot of hopes, and that the few that survive these hopes getting crushed repeatedly end up actually making games, but even knowing this still doesn't come close to making it right. Eh, I might just be getting too old, but thanks for 'hearing me out'.
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