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    Images & screenshots from "Something Ate My Alien" game by RoKabium Games.
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  4. And it was five months ago. That chance has probably long faded.
  5. @DerTroll @Ankit Singh I agree with you guys. This code belongs to SUMO digital and this guy is posting it here publicly.
  6. You already opened a thread regarding the same topic: From what I read there you are trying to cheat a possible employee by letting others solve the test given to you. So same test still not capable of solving it?
  7. Bro I wrote many changes in this code. Take help from it, I doubt you can still solve it. Lol
  8. @_WeirdCat_ This code belongs to SUMO digital which given to candidates as a test. @sidbhati32 pasting around it like he owns it. He's cheating. He's not able to solve this simple issues. I hate it that this guy is from my country. While others are putting efforts in learning, this guy is trying to steal away the position from other talented people in a company. @sidbhati32 Shame on you.
  9. stalker#3829

    AngelScript 2.33.1: Bugs && Features

    Additional info/question. My pet project is an AI for Zero-K RTS game. Does anyone have successful experience with AS 2.33.1 + JIT (BlindMind's / bluecataudio's) + AATC (Angelscript addon Template Containers), any hints about how to setup/use collection of those tools (linux64+gcc preferably) and possible pitfalls? (by hints i think of "avoid noob-trap asMETHOD, use asMETHODPR", etc.)
  10. ashlelia

    Word Game Level Design

    Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, that helps.
  11. As every for every tool: Use, whatever suits your needs. However, for shared_ptr in combination with weak_ptr, I would recommend to avoid them and only use them if there is no better solution. My concern is not the overhead of the reference counting but the problem that shared ownership can get ugly very fast if you are not careful. They tend to be a little bit like cigarettes. Once you get used to them, you use them way too often. Read here to learn more about the things that you should keep in mind: http://seanmiddleditch.com/dangers-of-stdshared_ptr/ https://softwareengineering.stackexchange.com/questions/133302/stdshared-ptr-as-a-last-resort Never the less, you also shouldn't get a "avoid as hell" mentality. Use them if they are the best solution for your problem. But reevaluate if this is really the case. As somebody else already described, I also prefer central ownership models were every resource is owned by a related management class (Texture Manager, Object Manager, Scene manager, etc.). This way it is much easier to manage object lifetime and avoid invalid references. Additionally, you have more control over memory usage. For example, if you want objects that are destroyed if no longer needed you could do it as follows: Each stored object has an associated reference counter and is stored in a suitable container. If you want to create a new object, you call a constructor function which creates the object and returns a special reference class. The reference class is quite simple. It just holds a reference (no pointer) to the data. The constructor increases the reference counter of the referenced object and the destructor decreases it. If the counter decreases to zero, the object is removed. This mechanism is quite similar to the shared_ptr-weak_ptr combination except that the ownership can never leave the management class (if it is used as intended - you can always get a pointer and call delete on it ). In fact, you can create such a class by using shared_ptr as internal storage and return only weak pointers. The problem here is, that weak_ptr can or need to be converted to a shared_ptr if you want to use your object and then you have shared ownership issues again. With unique_ptr there are no such issues and you can use them as you like. However, you need to get used to the fact, that they can't be copied and some other usage limitations. For the whole allocator discussion: I use STL containers and unique_ptr with custom allocators/deleters together with custom memory systems in my engine. Works totally fine and since the integration of allocator_traits (C++14 ?) writing an allocator is pretty simple. The only drawback to my knowledge is that memory defragmentation is hard to realize. But as Gnollrunner already said, fragmentation is not as relevant if you use your memory wisely (pool allocators, stack allocators, etc.). One final note: If you are planning on using custom allocators later, do yourself a favor and use typedefs for containers and smart_ptr template <typename _type> using UniquePtr = std::unique_ptr<_type>; This will spare you the pain of searching for every place you used them and to add the allocator you want to use. Additionally, you can easily switch back to the std::allocator if you think that your allocators contain bugs or are too slow. However, if you use multiple allocators, you have to use multiple typedefs. Greetings
  12. Hello everyone. My team and I are working on a game called Class D, an asymmetrical multiplayer horror game. It's about 4 students being in the school and trying to escape from an evil teacher who became evil due to evil powers. The students have to search in boxes in order to find keys for doors to open them and turn on switches that can be found in each closed room while avoiding the merciless teacher and not getting attacked. We're looking for 3d, Concept and UI Artists who are willing to help without getting any money for it. This is my first project ever, and I'm planning it to be a project that's done in our free time just to have fun, get experiences and create something awesome together. We also need a programmer who's good in using Blueprints. I have the role of level and game designer and programmer, but I'm not the best in programming (yet) so I would like to get someone who helps me and my team out. If you're interested in helping us, please message me on Discord, my name is GreenMage#8709.
  13. cebugdev

    What is Unity Animation Curve formula

    yes the Unity manual do have some clue but i found the answers i need in the .anim file of each unity project. Anyways, Ive' got it working! just posting here incase somebody needs to do what i am doing. i followed the answer by SuperPingu at this link: https://answers.unity.com/questions/464782/t-is-the-math-behind-animationcurveevaluate.html with the values for time, value and tangents coming from Unity editor and for their .anim text file, the information I need can be found in the 'm_EditorCurves' section of the file. Since like what I said, i am porting a Unity project to OpenGL C++, this is just what i need! Thanks for those who replied, upvote for all
  14. FlareArrow

    FlareArrow.inc / 3D Modeling and Texturing

    Hello,everybody! My name is Lee,l am the BD from FlareArrow.inc We are a Chinese outsourcing company located in the lnland city Chengdu,dedicates to game development since 2013. Our team is mainly focusing on 3D modeling,animation and environmental art,have various experiences in different projects. “Local price global quality ”is our company motto. We have over 40 members in our team,all ready to provide high quality service for your bussiness needs with comfortable price. To stay competitive in the game industry.We believe that our team will be your best choice. Looking forward to work with you in the near future! For further information, please contact though the following E-mail Mail: flarearrowbiz@gmail.com HP: http://www.cdgsj.com.cn/ (Chinese only) Thank you very much! Have a nice day.
  15. Gnollrunner

    Game Engine API, smart pointers or not?

    I was actually referring to the fact that he can use STL smart pointers with a custom allocator. However yes, I have my own pointer system too for various reasons. I often don't even use containers per se. I have something I call hangers that attach links to objects using multiple inheritance. There are lots of ways to skin a cat...
  16. This is what I do so I have no use for the STL anyways, instead crafted all my containers by hand and make some book-keeping inside the memory manager using a smart_ptr that dosen't directly free the memory but calls into the memory manager on destructor. My memory manager then does anything else based on the hidden ref-counter in the head of the memory block of that object. I care on threading because anything in my engine is task based and I utilize a fiber system, it is even context based
  17. Shaarigan

    Word Game Level Design

    A level designer is just as good as his/her tools so your coder needs to write a unity extension for you that enables creating the levels including any possible constraints and save that as a datasheet. Then a loader needs to be coded that willl take the description and generates all the contents from it on runtime. You describe less level design requirements as gameplay requirements in your post
  18. Hi all, I did a bit of searching around the forum before posting and I couldn't find anything that quite fit my question. A boyfriend and I are working on creating a word game for mobile that would include a grid of multi-color letters, a goal, and boosters to help you achieve the goal. We plan to build in Unity. He's doing the coding, I'm responsible for pretty much everything else (the concept is mine from the jump so lol) and right now my focus is on level design. I am pretty lost on where I would begin with creating the kind of levels I want; each level should have a goal of something like "create five blue words" or "create five blue words of only three letters." Down the line, some may be timed or have turn limits. Would this be something that I would have to manually design, or is there a way to generate the goals more dynamically based on particular constraints
  19. Gnollrunner

    Fantasy MMORPG in Development

    I'm working on my own MMORPG. However I'm mainly working on the engine at the moment. My goal is to have the world be a very large single shard seamless planet. It will even orbit a sun, have real day/night cycles and have a moon or two with some pseudo astrophysics. To be honest I wouldn't worry too much about people steeling your ideas. There are so many MMOs out there and so many people working on them, that nobody really cares that much about "ideas". Everyone has ideas and most of them are not new. My theory is a good game is going to use the right combination of existing ideas with perhaps a few small new ones. The bottom line is going to be making the damned thing work and that's a huge task. You will need to have some serious development skills yourself (either that or a lot of money) and also most likely you will need to get some serious help. Strangely enough I was thinking of starting this kind of thread soon for my game, just to get a head start on the game play aspects while I'm working on the engine, however I don't really feel the need for secrecy.
  20. GoliathForge

    When code just isn't enough...

    @Awoken That is the architect from The Matrix:Revolutions. Straight up fantasy. @Embassy of Time Please excuse the interruption. (Respect the blog<-- good deed right )
  21. lurkers.io is a multiplayer browser game with similarities to Garrys Mod. Everyone can host their own server and script their own gamemodes, so there isn't necessarily 1 particular aim to the game. You can play the game here right now without any registration: http://s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/lurkers.io/index.html I've just added some motion blur to particles and projectiles, let me know what you think!
  22. Good evening ladies and gentlemen, I am currently developing a fantasy mmorpg as a hobbyist. The game is still in the conceptual stage and i am in need of assistance in the form of debate. I am currently fervently working on the Character Development, World Development, Economy, and Social Hierarchy/Interactions. I have much to say and would love to hash out some stuff with anybody interested; However, i'd rather not post everything on a public forum and would much rather speak in private chatroom's in an attempt to ensure my work is not stolen etc. This may or may not be a huge issue but one can never be too safe. If interested please contact me through the forum and we can move from there.
  23. Awoken

    Ethical problem with animals

    Are you posting this question in your blog? This is actually a very good question. Is there a forum space for developers to discuss their ethical concerns regarding their projects? I'm not sure which sub-form that would fall under. Personally I think you should figure out what you want to convey, is it that corporations are "sinister" or that killing animals is "sinister"? For instance if it's the corporations that are sinister than maybe don't show the gruesome death but rather just let it be known some other way that this choice is a negative one. If it's that killing animals is sinister than I'd focus more on the emotional connection folks will have with these animals ( which certainly doesn't need to be gruesome either. )
  24. Petrovich

    Ethical problem with animals

    I'm working on a prototype for a strategy game where the player manages a theme park with hybrid animals. I love the idea, but there is one question that bothers me. The player is working for a "sinister" corporation. And as one of the gameplay features, I plan to add the possibility to sell the meat of animals. That means the death of animals. Also, there are possibilities of death in other situations, like when animal run away. Is it ok to show death in a grotesque way? Will it be counterbalanced/justified by the opportunity for animals to destroy the park and kill all the stuff? Or is it just a question of age rating for a game? P.S.: Sorry for my English!
  25. Awoken

    Challenge 1 - 3D Chess - Part 1

    Looking forward to hearing what you come up with. That's a good question. As I was thinking about it I thought I might want to try something different. I've never played around with AI, I'm kinda curious. I really like the idea of making my own chess pieces. Maybe I'll start there.
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