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  2. Alberth

    Need pathfinding idea feedback

    You asked how to store a 3d map in a 2d plane. I just answered that question. I think the main point to take away is that what the player thinks and sees can be different from what the code is actually doing. As long as you keep the illusion complete, he/she will believe anything you say. As to why, there can be technical reasons why one form is more preferred than another form. If you have a large 1D array like my first solution, "position" becomes a single number, rather than 3 numbers, which can be an advantage in coding. You say not all tiles will be reachable. That means you're currently wasting memory space while storing the map, the 3d array does have space for the full amount of tiles even if you don't use them. Depending on how irregular your map is, such waste may become significant enough to fix.
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  4. Nypyren

    Questions about C#

    C# can be used for a wide variety of things, not just Forms. You can use it with Unity to make games. You can use it with ASP.Net Core to make web pages or web services. You can make command line tools. You can port to various other operating systems (not just Windows). There are a lot more things you can do with it than I could even list. It has the same sort of of variety you have with C++ (not exactly the same, but very flexible).
  5. Julie.chan

    Game engine for a 10 years old

    Mostly because the first post is talking about what the poster wants, not what the kid wants: And the only thing mentioned that the kid wants to do is make a board game. It looks to me like the kid just wants to make a board game (or perhaps multiple board games) and the poster is using this as an opportunity to introduce him to programming.
  6. Yes,you need to specify the name of your AnyHit shader for the AnyHitShaderImport member of the hit group desc in order to add alpha-testing. Local root signatures are associated with hit groups, so you need to share the same local RS between ClosestHit and AnyHit shaders within a hit group. When you have two shaders in your hit group, then the layout of your shader record goes like this: Shader identifier for ClosestHitShader Shader identifier for AnyHitShader All local RS parameters Yes, I believe the export names all need to be unique. But I'm not 100% sure on that By the way, if you want to see an example of alpha testing working in DXR you can check out my simple path tracer. You can find the code for setting up the state object here.
  7. Sorry for being vague. I have an object on screen and as I click on one of its faces, I need to get the exact coordinates in model space of the point laying below the mouse cursor.
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  9. _Silence_

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    It looks to have the same appearance, right. But this is weird providers refused your game to my opinion. Many games were looking like Doom. Many games were looking like Unreal (and were actually using its engine). Many games are now using the Disney lighting model. For me a look is not a game. Also there was a trend some times ago telling that most games will go Minecraft way (I'm not talking about if this is fallacious or not). So they might do it only to protect themselves.
  10. fleabay

    Game engine for a 10 years old

    I've read the thread and I can't figure out why you said this.
  11. I might have understood you badly but to my opinion this does not make sense to pick the model in local coordinates. Do you want to pick a face or a mesh of an already selected / known model / object ?
  12. Hello, I need to pick the model (local coordinates) when I click on an object on screen. I'm using the following code to get the world coordinates: glLoadIdentity(); // Resets The Matrix glGetDoublev(GL_MODELVIEW_MATRIX, mv); glGetDoublev(GL_PROJECTION_MATRIX, proj); glGetIntegerv(GL_VIEWPORT, vp); glReadPixels(xPos, viewport[3] - yPos, 1, 1, GL_DEPTH_COMPONENT, GL_FLOAT, &wz); gluUnProject(xPos, viewport[3] - yPos, wz, mv, proj, vp, &cx, &cy, &cz); Point P(cx, cy, cz); P does hold the correct world coordinates values. Now at this point, in order to get the model local coordinates, I thought I could simply multiply the point P by the inverse of the modelview matrix (mv), but the calculations that come out are all wrong. Is this the correct approach or am I mistaken about this last point (world to local transformation)? I am attaching also the routine used to calculate the matrix inverse... Thanks for any hint! bool GLWorld::gluInvertMatrix(const double m[16], double invOut[16]) { double inv[16], det; int i; inv[0] = m[5] * m[10] * m[15] - m[5] * m[11] * m[14] - m[9] * m[6] * m[15] + m[9] * m[7] * m[14] + m[13] * m[6] * m[11] - m[13] * m[7] * m[10]; inv[4] = -m[4] * m[10] * m[15] + m[4] * m[11] * m[14] + m[8] * m[6] * m[15] - m[8] * m[7] * m[14] - m[12] * m[6] * m[11] + m[12] * m[7] * m[10]; inv[8] = m[4] * m[9] * m[15] - m[4] * m[11] * m[13] - m[8] * m[5] * m[15] + m[8] * m[7] * m[13] + m[12] * m[5] * m[11] - m[12] * m[7] * m[9]; inv[12] = -m[4] * m[9] * m[14] + m[4] * m[10] * m[13] + m[8] * m[5] * m[14] - m[8] * m[6] * m[13] - m[12] * m[5] * m[10] + m[12] * m[6] * m[9]; inv[1] = -m[1] * m[10] * m[15] + m[1] * m[11] * m[14] + m[9] * m[2] * m[15] - m[9] * m[3] * m[14] - m[13] * m[2] * m[11] + m[13] * m[3] * m[10]; inv[5] = m[0] * m[10] * m[15] - m[0] * m[11] * m[14] - m[8] * m[2] * m[15] + m[8] * m[3] * m[14] + m[12] * m[2] * m[11] - m[12] * m[3] * m[10]; inv[9] = -m[0] * m[9] * m[15] + m[0] * m[11] * m[13] + m[8] * m[1] * m[15] - m[8] * m[3] * m[13] - m[12] * m[1] * m[11] + m[12] * m[3] * m[9]; inv[13] = m[0] * m[9] * m[14] - m[0] * m[10] * m[13] - m[8] * m[1] * m[14] + m[8] * m[2] * m[13] + m[12] * m[1] * m[10] - m[12] * m[2] * m[9]; inv[2] = m[1] * m[6] * m[15] - m[1] * m[7] * m[14] - m[5] * m[2] * m[15] + m[5] * m[3] * m[14] + m[13] * m[2] * m[7] - m[13] * m[3] * m[6]; inv[6] = -m[0] * m[6] * m[15] + m[0] * m[7] * m[14] + m[4] * m[2] * m[15] - m[4] * m[3] * m[14] - m[12] * m[2] * m[7] + m[12] * m[3] * m[6]; inv[10] = m[0] * m[5] * m[15] - m[0] * m[7] * m[13] - m[4] * m[1] * m[15] + m[4] * m[3] * m[13] + m[12] * m[1] * m[7] - m[12] * m[3] * m[5]; inv[14] = -m[0] * m[5] * m[14] + m[0] * m[6] * m[13] + m[4] * m[1] * m[14] - m[4] * m[2] * m[13] - m[12] * m[1] * m[6] + m[12] * m[2] * m[5]; inv[3] = -m[1] * m[6] * m[11] + m[1] * m[7] * m[10] + m[5] * m[2] * m[11] - m[5] * m[3] * m[10] - m[9] * m[2] * m[7] + m[9] * m[3] * m[6]; inv[7] = m[0] * m[6] * m[11] - m[0] * m[7] * m[10] - m[4] * m[2] * m[11] + m[4] * m[3] * m[10] + m[8] * m[2] * m[7] - m[8] * m[3] * m[6]; inv[11] = -m[0] * m[5] * m[11] + m[0] * m[7] * m[9] + m[4] * m[1] * m[11] - m[4] * m[3] * m[9] - m[8] * m[1] * m[7] + m[8] * m[3] * m[5]; inv[15] = m[0] * m[5] * m[10] - m[0] * m[6] * m[9] - m[4] * m[1] * m[10] + m[4] * m[2] * m[9] + m[8] * m[1] * m[6] - m[8] * m[2] * m[5]; det = m[0] * inv[0] + m[1] * inv[4] + m[2] * inv[8] + m[3] * inv[12]; if (det == 0) return false; det = 1.0 / det; for (i = 0; i < 16; i++) invOut[i] = inv[i] * det; return true; }
  13. pathfinding

    Need pathfinding idea feedback

    Doesn't this seem more complicated than just using three separate array indexes? int[z][x][y] = new int[3][6000][6000]; seems way more straightforward and would end up being the same amount of tiles anyway. Why not just use this instead?
  14. Hello, So I have been programming with C++ for 2.5 years now. I have been interested in checking out C# for fun. My question is pretty simple. Does C# use a form typically for their games? The simple game examples I have watched on YouTube reminds me A LOT of Visual Basic. Was this just an easy way to show you C#? Or using the form is a big part of C#? Or is it nothing more than using something like MFC and completely irrelevant to making games? Thanks
  15. UNITY PROGRAMMERWe are looking for Unity Programmers. You will be working with our programming team Lead to implement mechanics & features using C#Your Responsibilities will include:1. Attending team meetings.2. completion of implementation of assets.3. Direct contact with Project Lead and other project Leads4. Utilization of GitLabREQUIREMENTSAlso, The following requirements apply:1. Clear communication2. Ability to Successfully complete tasks3. Comfortable with working with people remotely and via GitLab & Discord4. At *least* 10 hours of availability each week.5. Experience using the Unity Game Engine.6. Experience implementing assets into the Unity Game Engine. 7. Be friendly and chillIf interested email us at data7games@gmail.com
  16. Julie.chan

    Game engine for a 10 years old

    Godot Engine is usually what I suggest for serious developers. It sounds to me like your kid isn't too terribly serious about this, so I'd recommend something simple like GDevelop. One more possibility I just thought of: Game Editor. Not the best engine in the world by a longshot, but I've used it before and it's pretty decent for a beginner.
  17. Hi, everyone is telling me that my game looks like Minecraft. It got to the point where it has real consequences, like a payment processing provider rejected me because the game looks to similar to other games (they probably meant Minecraft). I'm not kidding, that's the reason they gave me when I asked. Am I doing anything wrong? I already tried to focus my marketing efforts on the stuff that is not like Minecraft, like... well... basically everything except for the cubes. And even they are smaller. My website, if you want to have a look (not finished, most images are placeholders): https://cubeuniverse.net What else can I do? Also, can someone recommend a good payment processing provider? I'd like to have PayPal, SEPA Direct Debit, Credit Cards, Sofort (bank transfer) and Paysafecard. Cheers, Christopher
  18. Acharis

    Game engine for a 10 years old

    I see no one endorsed Godot. Is it because it's too diffucult for a 10 years old or some other reasons? LOL :) BTW, have you used it? Also, does it have some graphical capabilities (draw line, draw image, etc) as old Basics had?
  19. Ahrakeen

    Can anyone draw concept art for me?

    I got a concept artist working for me. i know she wants more work so if interested i can maybe get you in touch. she works in venezuela so she takes paid in crypto
  20. Bacrylic

    GameDev - Critique/ Book of Alex

    Thank you. I’ll keep that in mind. I’m currently working on some level design issues but wholeheartedly intend to retouch the animations
  21. PocketRoguesLead

    [Steam][PC]Gold Express

    Good afternoon, we want to introduce you to our new game. This is a multiplayer game in which you and your comrades will need to escape from the restricted area with various abilities. Engine: Unreal Engine Platform: PC (Steam) Genre: Action (Multiplayer) Release Date: coming soon Developer: DAWN STUDIO About the game: In the future, when the innovative technique of humanity and ethics contradict each other, a new confrontation between the machines, called "Gold Express", appears. Artificial intelligence, mechanization, people with a difficult fate - all this you will meet on your way. A further development of events depends on you! Main characteristics: -Various game multiplayer modes -Excellent graphic component -Element of randomness of events -Impressive battles Screenshots Steam
  22. Lopiv

    Space Shooter Customizable

    No sorry. I currently dont have any repo just because im working alone. Anyway if some day i have a team, i Will create a repo. By the moment, i have all my ideas and issues written in a document....
  23. SkylerZedd


    This cute game tests your ability to solve puzzles using lasers and crystals. Explore the mysterious world of Diffraction as you're "guided" through the game by Sybil. https://gamejolt.com/games/Diffraction/415267
  24. tamlam

    Change Animation in OpenGL

    Thanks so much again for sharing the great source. I will try to implement my code then can show here. I think that I need to improve the C++ knowledge in OpenGL, especially in 3D computer graphic.
  25. RoKabium Games


    Images & screenshots from "Something Ate My Alien" game by RoKabium Games.
  26. GoliathForge

    GC : Explosive Balls (game play)

    Ah level three, the digging problem. You know, the no weapons thing Nice one...I hadn't noticed that one yet. Although, I've ripped the transform matrix stuff and went back to straight array blit yesterday.. It wasn't so much this issue (the transform not being the driver) but I wasn't happy with movement. Now I'm reworking the character controller to be a little more influenced by [ this GDC16 talk ]. Being set up in this fashion, I'm now moving to experiment with the equations.
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