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  2. Alundra

    Quaternion to Euler very imprecise

    The problem is the imprecision is not little but very large... Puting a quaternion with 45 degrees on X, Y and Z gives this quaternion: The euler resulting from this quaternion is: Of course we are far from 45 degrees that we started but the visual result is almost the same but the Y angle is far. The "9.735610" on the Y axis should in reality be around 23 degrees. Up is the result of the Quaternion to Euler, Down is the reference 45 degrees on each axis.
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  4. fleabay

    Quaternion to Euler very imprecise

    I doubt he (Euler) cares very much.
  5. a light breeze

    Game initialization.

    The main reason for initializing things outside of main is that they are needed for other things that also exist outside of main. This sounds like a circular argument, but consider that every static variable has a lifetime that extends beyond main. If one of your functions has a static variable of type T, and T accesses the logging system in its destructor, then the logging system and its dependencies need to be available outside of main. You can, of course, avoid this whole issue by not using any static variables. However, this requires a lot of discipline, and it has costs both in code complexity and performance.
  6. If you need a music composer/sound designer, I would love to get involved. I'm not sure what style of music you would be looking for but here are links to my portfolio. I specialize mostly in orchestral writing. Video Game Music - https://soundcloud.com/shaun-bellamy/sets/video-game-music Portfolio - https://soundcloud.com/shaun-bellamy Covers- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHBtJNK3jaB_ulhd6yaLsIA
  7. Phoenix Games

    [Work In Progress] Don't Give Up

    'Don't Give up' is a game set around a child growing up through school years, each level represents a school year passed. As you play through the game, the levels get darker to reflect the stress and anxiety many students feel towards the later years, obstacles will also begin to appear in the form of school themed dangers like a pencil or books etc..., as well as this the levels will become more twisted and loose their colour for a more dark, bleak and twisted theme.
  8. a light breeze

    Quaternion to Euler very imprecise

    Don't. Just don't. "Euler" isn't some arbitrary sequence of letters, it's the last name of the mathematician Leonhard Euler (pronounced /ˈɔɪlər/), and deliberately mispronouncing somebody's name is just incredibly insulting.
  9. Hello, I am a sound designer and Foley artist who is relatively new but very knowledgable in what I do and I am looking for some experience in the game industry. I am willing to work for almost any project that is needing assistance. Feel free to shoot me a message or reply to this if interested! Thanks
  10. Sounds like you're asking a Law question. Can you say more about what it is you want to find out? What do you think the requirements might be?
  11. Pepsidog

    How to make a hard platformer

    In summary, precision, and no invisible objects. I also learned earlier that letting the player get right back into the action instead of having a long checkpoint span is good.
  12. We are developing Fatal Core as a full-featured trading card game, complete with competitive play, packs to open, and a player market to sell/buy cards. One thing Fatal Core will not have are purchases of any kind. We're hoping to offset some/all of the cost of development through Patreon eventually, with huge incentives for the whole community when certain donation tiers are reached. The game can be played in browser with no download, although it is not yet optimized for mobile. For the interested: Game link: https://fatalcoretcg.com/ Quick tutorial: https://imgur.com/bXtQskX Discord (for easy matchmaking): https://discord.gg/augzm4n Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/user?u=19475742
  13. VoxycDev

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    I'm looking at the screenshots and it's quite a beautiful and vast world you got. That's a lot of cubes and this technically quite impressive to me. To be less Minecraft-y, you could: Make the cubes flexible / bendable to add curved surfaces to make the world look more realistic (that's the route I took and taking again), but then you may have to change the name since it's no longer cubes technically. Make the cubes even smaller. Like 1/4th of the Minecraft size. It may just fool the eye. Use fewer colors in textures. If you remove the basic primary colors and reduce the overall number of colors you use (stick to maximum 2-3 different distinct colors per scene), it will look more realistic and less Minecraft. Again, your voxel worlds look nearly realistic, and that is very cool. More power to you!
  14. Lendrigan Games

    Writing for a Village

    A quick way to set up an NPC is to answer the question, "What does this NPC want?" From there, you can eye-ball dialogue responses in relation to whether or not the dialogue aligns with the goal.
  15. Lendrigan Games

    How to make a hard platformer

    The most common form of challenge in platforming is low margin for error (hence the popularity of the phrase "precision platforming"). If the controls reliably allow for precision, the more skill-ceiling-focused players will appreciate it.
  16. Lendrigan Games

    What are the requirements for creating a original game

    As long as it's not using someone else's copyrighted materials without their permission, you're legally free to sell it.
  17. I've been taking a few classes in game design and think I want to make a career out of it, but I don't know the requirements on creating a game that I can legally sell can someone tell me?
  18. Hi everybody, Since 2004, Xilvan Design is building 2D & 3D games in Blitz3D, we are now showing to you our kindly official gaming related pages. - The Xilvan Design Website - (please click on each links, download games & bookmark the pages): Lights of Dreams IV: Far Above the Clouds v12.75. Candy World II: Another Golden Bones v19.17. Candy Racing Cup: The Lillians Rallies v6.07. Candy World Adventures IV: The Mirages of Starfield v10.07. Candy to the Rescue IV: The Scepter of Thunders v12.75. Candy's Space Adventures: The Messages from the Lillians v24.17. Candy's Space Mysteries II: New Mission on the earth-likes Planets v13.75. -"Lately, I fixed the colors of the ambient lights, adjusted the starlight coming from Galaxies, now the dogs may Walk, Run, Jump, Fly together, Grab bones, Pastries, Golden Bones, Hearts, Crystals, attack with freesbies." -"Now, I've found a new grass textures for my 3D games including Candy World II, Candy to the Rescue IV, Candy Racing Cup, Candy's Space Adventures, Candy's Space Mysteries II & Lights of Dreams IV." -"Recently, it will be possible to edit all the levels of the game in Candy World Adventures IV v10.07. All 28 levels and 8 more in the future. Now, Noopy will do more animation than in v9.47" -"I Want to continue Candy Racing Cup: The Lillians Rallies, then I've just changed the camera type. I want to add more circuits, characters & cars. Now, there's no more accident in the demo caused by collisions." -"In the near future, I'm up to create a whole new Spatial Mode in Lights of Dreams V. New Space travel possibilities will be available before 2020 in our games." Once more, here is my YouTube Channel, where we are showing Candy's & Lights of Dreams series. Each games is free to play for the moment! - My Youtube Channel - Hope you'll like our games, bookmark, downloads & watching our videos! Friendly, Xylvan, Xilvan Design.
  19. Yesterday
  20. Huzzah! Not much to really show since everything happens in Debug.Logs and code, but markets are done. So what can retail agents do? Right now they can choose between restaurants or super markets...both of them have a different lists of goods. The restaurants will have the more complex good types that cost more, and supermarkets will have cheaper goods. Eventually I will have retail agents responding to market conditions and possibly switch Licenses. That's for another time. When a market has a positive inventory, they will put themselves available to the market. A list will be updated every day in the game that gets the total market share of all the companies, and creates a random list of markets based on that market share. This only happens once per day, and before agents start choosing markets to eat at. If you have 40% market share, you will have a 40% chance of being picked. An agent will come and pick a market, and then either decide on picking the most popular good available at the market, or the cheapest. Once decided, the market will feed the consumer and exchange cash. The consumer's hunger goes up based on the good and how well the employees are at their job. If a market successfully feeds a customer, their market share goes up, so being good can snowball. Since this is percentage based on the market share, your market share will go up quickly, but as time goes on, since the change is always a fixed amount, that fixed amount will increase percentage wise less and less. Everyone starts with an integer of 1-10, and it will go up 1 each success. So increase of 10 to 11 is a 10% increase, but a 100 to 101 is a 1% increase. Anyways, I've unit tested it and each part works, and I'm happy with it for now. The player will have the option of just going wherever they want. For now though, we move on to the last type of company. Service Companies. Service Companies will probably be the meat of the game when all the systems are in place. They aren't going to interact with Goods. They are going to provide services to companies and to the player. Most markets are usually service based. To get them online and working with my company, I really just want utilities up and running. As companies hire more employees, they will need more utilities or productivity will be hindered. We will need an ISP utilities which I'm bundling with electricity. They will need IT services to keep everything running. Janitorial services. Mechanics. There will be builders that create more real estate for companies to open more businesses. I will have goods that aren't for eating, but required for construction. Legal services for when I implement a justice system. Accounting services for companies to get their financials straight. Customer service to make sure we don't lose customers. Marketing companies to increase market penetration and market share. Sales forces to get contracts cheaply. Service companies require experts, and that's basically it. I will eventually put supplies in the game like pens and pencils, but keep it abstract with just a "supplies" account on the ledger, and periodically decrement it. Productivity will suffer if the supplies account isn't kept up. I have the code architecture in place for service companies, so it should be a simple manner of creating the Licenses and the Job Types for them, and then getting Service Contracts up for their services. Penalize companies if they have a certain number of employees and they don't have required services. Hopefully have that before the weekend is done. But the goods and contracts are all interacting and moving. Once I have Service companies up I will work on how the player is going to interact with all of this, and start polishing the UI and art to get it ready for Alpha!
  21. alvaro

    Quaternion to Euler very imprecise

    It might help to use doubles instead of floats. But even better, you could stop using Euler angles, since they are rarely what you need. Why do you think you need to convert from quaternion to Euler angles?
  22. Johanna Sdr

    Can anyone draw concept art for me?

    That's nice of you but no thanks, I was interest in this project more for the Harvest Moon art style Good luck on your project!
  23. phil67rpg

    game idea

    I have an idea for a RISK like game. I am going to use the united states as a world map. I break it into six regions I also use the playing cards that are one for each state only the 48 states will be used. the symbols on the cards will be ship plane and tank. I broke the regions into northwest, southwest, northmidwest, southmidwest, northeast and southeast. I am using the same combat principles and armies, also if a player gets a region they will get bonus armies and if the player gets three of a kind in playing cards they get bonus armies. I was thinking about using c++ and directx but I am unsure of how to proceed, what language and graphical library. I do have experience in c# and c++ and opengl and directx.let me know of what you think of my idea.
  24. I have old code you can use if it something that simple. It sorta like a demo. Anyways it could be what you need for your game. Don't expect anything glowing. It just organized and built enough to get the job done. I recommend you use an engine or something popular right after you put together you extremely small game.
  25. Randy Gaul

    Game initialization.

    There's no good reason to not initialize things from main directly. Typically people try to build complicated systems that rely on running code from constructors inside of global or static objects. After trying a few out and writing some myself I personally decided they are unnecessary and not worth the trouble. In my own code I just call functions from main in a deterministic and simple way.
  26. I've reading about game/engine initialization both in Game Engine Architecture and Game Coding Complete. I have understood there is a problem with C++ and initialization, because initialization of global variables is non-deterministic, and the order your initialize modules of engine is critic since some modules depends other modules. They explains some approaches to avoid the undefined behavior, but I wonder something. Why must I initialize modules like global variables? Why don't initialize like members of Application object? Maybe last would lead to annoying scope issues, but, why don't initialize in main() scope? Would they have "global" scope in main() and deterministic initialization? Thank you and sorry for my English.
  27. YouTube Video Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=et6BAdlxECw&t=7s using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using UnityEngine; public class BillboardFX : MonoBehaviour { public Transform camTransform; Quaternion originalRotation; void Start() { originalRotation = transform.rotation; } void Update() { transform.rotation = camTransform.rotation * originalRotation; } } Script Link: https://github.com/ThisIsFix/Unity-Billboard
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