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  2. Pepsidog

    Where to find freelancers

    Thanks guys!
  3. Years ago, before Mixamo Fuse became part of Adobe, I online-rigged and downloaded basically every morph-target and accessory for a base body individually, so I would have all the resources needed to more or less recreate the editor inside Unreal Engine 4. The naked body mesh with all its morph targets was very simple. I just procedurally compared vertex by vertex (and also bone-transforms) of each morphed mesh to the base mesh to get the deltas. The problem is making the base-body accessories (like pants, shirts, hair, glasses etc) look good on a morphed body-mesh. I had some basic ideas, but they looked rather bad for the most part. I tried giving each accessory vertex the same total delta as its originally closest body vertex. Then I tried something similar except with whole triangles. I maintained each clothing vertex' original relative position on its closest body triangle, but that didn't really do either. Pants, shirts and things like that usually look almost acceptable, because the surface of torso and limbs stays rather flat and regular. What's worst is things like glasses and shoes that end up extremely warped with just a bit of body morphing, because there isn't any kind of "stiffness" for the accessories. Mapping vertices to vertices can't be the solution. The ideal solution would be the same algorithm that is running inside the Fuse 1.3 editor. It's still available on Steam: The accessory morphing is really fast and happens continually in real time as you morph the body. I could be wrong here, but it doesn't seem as if deltas for accessories are pre-mapped or otherwise pre-computed for a given morph-target. After all you would have to do an extreme amount of work when importing custom accessory meshes then. It rather looks like it's all done dynamically. But how?...
  4. CombatWombat

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    From a practical standpoint my first reaction to your game's website was "yep, those are minecraft tree textures". On closer inspection I can see the bottom is slightly different, but the initial first impression is there. The way the leaf translucency works is also dead-nuts minecraftian. You need to do a much better job of selecting media which highlights the unique features of your game. From the text it sounds like there's some space flying or something? There was some moon looking stuff, but it didn't appear to be emphasized. LEAD with the unique stuff to nail the first impression. The tree images came up repeatedly and were the only ones bright enough to see *anything*, so that is the impression a casual observer is stuck with.
  5. Today
  6. Howdy everyone! I've just released my fourth tutorial in a series on remaking some of the mechanics inspired by Binding of Isaac! Feedback would be much appreciated if you learnt something or found it interesting https://youtu.be/0BkKY9Rj-ws
  7. Here is a Gameplay video of my school project. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. [media] [/media]
  8. Magogan

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    The funding needs to be secured. That basically means I have to have the money. Getting a loan may be permitted, but in practice I won't get a loan. Then I would have to pay €800/mo for health insurance because of my salary. I don't have that kind of money. And I have to pay taxes, too. In fact, the company has to pay my taxes, which results in it being insolvent. Not filing for bankruptcy in this case would be a crime. What is a business mentor good for if I don't have money to do anything? I already had one and the only advice I got about funding was to do freelancing. I have yet to find any freelance job that is not doing someone's homework or is in a programming language I don't know much about, which means I'm not being hired. And internationally, I can't compete with people from India.
  9. Hodgman

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    I don't read German and google translate only gets me so far (and Germany is famous for bureaucracy...), but often these kinds of subsidies are based against project budget, not "money in your bank". Some grants here allow you to value the project itself -- e.g. if a typical salary is €50k and you've worked on it for 2 years, then you can value the project as an asset worth €100k... others allow you to count a value against time that you will be spending during the grant period -- e.g. if the grant covers operating expenses for a year, and you'll be working for free during that year, you can add €50k of expenses against yourself, even though you don't actually have or are actually spending that money. Lastly, you can always pay yourself money that you don't have -- you can start a company and actually hire yourself on a €100k salary, doing all the necessary paperwork to make it so, even though you don't have the money! Seeing that the company doesn't actually have this money, on the same day that the companies pays you your monthly salary, you can do all the necessary paperwork to personally loan that same amount back to the company. The net result of this is that the company ends up owing a huge amount of money to you and to the tax office... but you're now also actually spending €100k/pa into the project and are eligible to apply for grants and rebates such as this. There's also often government assistance programmes that can assign you business mentors to assist with this kind of stuff, and also private companies/accountants who are experts in doing this kind of paperwork (some of whom will work for free and get paid out of your grant money once it comes through).
  10. Magogan

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    Yeah, I know... I'm waiting for a freelancer to create some textures for my characters, then I can make new screenshots and videos. Not sure what I can show though. The screenshots will always look like they are from a block game, thus people will think of Minecraft. I can show some villages, fireballs and raptors, especially in the videos. And of course the space ship. But apart from that I don't have any ideas. https://wowwiki.fandom.com/wiki/Zangarmarsh It's not like Minecraft was the first game to have mushrooms. And World of Warcraft is quite popular, too. I'll change the text though, maybe "glowing mushrooms" or something like that.
  11. 1024

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    This is wrong. What else would you associate with mushroom biomes if not Minecraft? The huge popularity of Minecraft makes it that people associate even the word "biome" alone with it, not to mention other terms that are less-used elsewhere but gained popularity through Minecraft. The truth is, Minecraft is so hugely popular that any block-based game is going to get the "another Minecraft clone" reaction first. If some bureaucrat out there who doesn't know any better is refusing to take your game seriously because of it, that is unfortunate, but you have to deal with that. What you could do is focus on the differences between the two games. For example, your website only has three screenshots, and all those screenshots look like they are made in Minecraft. If the guy from the payment processor looked at those screenshots, it's understandable that they thought it's just another Minecraft clone. Even though you know it isn't, that's not enough, it needs to be obvious to everyone else too.
  12. My portfolio: https://diftow.artstation.com/ Programmer position & project: I am looking for a programmer to help with cutting the workload in half, since I am still learning and the project isn't tiny. The game is a multiplayer Pirate themed FPS. A directional melee system, with projectile ranged weapons. The engine I am using is Unreal 4, and there is an existing project with art assets and code already, so it isn't from scratch. The minimum task, is to get to a prototype necessary for Kickstarter, so that funds can be raised to complete the entire game. You will be compensated with the Kickstarter funds for both prior work & future work & share in revenue from sales as well. I can also barter early on, by providing you with my 3D artist services for other projects in exchange for your help with coding on this project. This is some of the coding done so far. You can choose to recycle this code or redo. You are also free to use either Blueprints or C++, it doesn't matter for a prototype. About me: Hello, my name is Christopher. I'm a 3D artist & an intermediate coder based in Florida. I started 3D modelling 13 years ago as a modder/mapper, and then professionally in 2013. I have 5+ years of professional work experience, and still working with 2 companies since 2014. I have worked on several shipped games (including PC Building Simulator & Sailaway: Sailing Sim) Over a dozen 3D apps & motion graphics projects with the same company for 5 years, for large clients, like General Electric. Skills Overiew: • 3D modelling, animation, & unwrapping in Max, Maya, & Zbrush. • Texturing & Baking with Substance Painter + Designer, XNormal & Photoshop. • Proficient with Unreal, Unity, & Source engine. (Intermediate with CryEngine & GoDot) • Intermediate programming with C# & C++. Proficient in Blueprints. • Traditional/offline rendering – Vray, MentalRay. Contact Info: Skype: DIFTOW Phone/WhatsApp: 954 470 6628 Discord: DIFTOW#2367
  13. This isn't the way I would do it. Again, I would represent ownership with smart pointers. For instance if Keyframes are allowed in more than one Keytrack, then for example each Keytrack could have a list shared_pinters to Keyframes. Or perhaps a Keyframe can only go in one Keytrack at a time. In that case I might make a doubley linked list as part of the Keyframe object itself (I often use multiple inheritance for this, if my object already inherits from something else), and then you could make the keyframe able to remove itself from the Keytrack. I use a system like this. I call it a "group". An object can only be in a single group at a time and when you insert it into that group it increases the reference count. You can also have other normal smart pointers to that object. If you remove it from the group and it still has other pointers to it, it sticks around. Otherwise it's reference goes to zero and it's collected. I have a few kinds of objects that work like this. Anyway there are a lot of ways of doing these kinds of things. Some people like weak pointers for instance. It's often a matter of preference.
  14. Gnollrunner

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    It's not me you have to convince. I'm not dissing your game. I think it looks fine. I'm just tying to help with a solution. Never take the attitude it's the customer's issue. That's a sure way to fail. If you have a problem, you have to change something. You could make the colors brighter, maybe put stripes on things. Make it look like an amusement park. Alternatively give it a SciFi feel instead of a fantasy feel. Sorry if this isn't helpful. If you have better ideas, go with them.
  15. McDev

    Need pathfinding idea feedback

    For a big map it can be beneficial to divide the grid in chunks. Because it can limit the amount of pathfinding iterations. The suggestion of Wyrframe seems fine, including placing additional portals to divide the map, but it sounds less flexible. Depends on the number of open areas and maps you are about to make. If you just divide the map in a regular grid and pre-calculate the connection between each chunk then you end up with a small network which serves as the first pass of your pathfinding, this one will be super fast. For example this is like navigating over which countries you travel on a world trip. You could even enhance this and consider the shortest distance (From A to C over B) in the pre-calculation process. Here is why that could be interesting: Next you can calculate the exact path by only using the tiles which belong to these chunks. Here is an example of something similar in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RMBQn_sg7DA
  16. If unsure, let the compiler figure it out for you 👀. Here's two "generic" methods using limits.h: constexpr auto ucharMax = std::numeric_limits<unsigned char>::max(); float value = pixel / float(ucharMax); float value2 = pixel / float(UCHAR_MAX); Or you could roll your own for any byte size (which in a general case is overwhelmingly likely but not actually guaranteed to be 8 bits)... using byte_t = unsigned char; const byte_t ucharMax = byte_t(0xffffffff); // support any size of uchar up to 64 bits Or if you know the size of your byte... Use mad hax!
  17. Magogan

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    So, I should make a CubeWorld clone?
  18. Here the code explaining: Keyframe::Keyframe() : m_Owner(nullptr) {} Keyframe::~Keyframe() { if (m_Owner) m_Owner->RemoveKeyframe(this); } void Keyframe::SetOwner(Keytrack* keytrack) { m_Owner = keytrack; } void Keytrack::AddKeyframe(Keyframe* keyframe) { keyframe->SetOwner(this); m_KeyframeArray.Add(keyframe); }
  19. Gnollrunner

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    I guess if I was in your position, I would just make the textures vastly different. I'm not really sure how.....maybe use pastel colors or something like that. Do something crazy. Make it so when your average Joe has a glance at it, they don't immediately think of Minecraft. Edit: Actually your thread was useful for me though 😀. It now strikes me that I can make a second game out of my engine. A Minecraft style prism voxel planet as I alluded to earlier.
  20. Magogan

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    The thing is, I can't change much. I worked on this for 5 years and already managed to include a lot of features that you will never have in Minecraft. I just can't do more than this as a single person with almost no money (relatively speaking). And it clearly says that it is still in development, that means that more is coming. What else can I do? I honestly don't know. I need to make money soon, so there is not much time left.
  21. Gnollrunner

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    Keep in mind that whether you personally think it looks like Minecraft or not, or the exact textures you are using, isn't really that relevant. If players and others think it's a Minecraft clone, then for all practical purposes it is. I mean you really can't dictate a customer's or service provider's opinion on a matter like this. It will look to them, how it looks to them. If you want it to look different to them, you will have to listen to their input and try to see what you can change.
  22. Just putting this here as I'm sure everyone has seen my blog posts but this is my entry, hopefully it runs okay. I shamelessly missed the target with the no weapons thing, I did intend to convert it to be playable without weapons but ran out of time. You can actually play without pressing fire, but it will be quite difficult lol! Posting this early because I will be away in France from sunday for 2 weeks or so, probably without internet, so if I can't reply that is why. Good luck to everyone else on the challenge!
  23. Collby

    Collby Graphics

    We are a full-service 3D animation and art studio with over 10 years of experience in animation,explainers, app previews, videos for startups, game development, training simulators and other related industries. Visit us at https://collby.graphics and get in touch with hello@collby.graphics if you have any questions. Take a look at our showreel:
  24. Magogan

    Did I really remake Minecraft?

    How would I be able to receive money if not through a payment processing provider? There are hundreds of Minecraft texturepacks. The textures I use do not look like the default Minecraft textures. Comparing it to community-created content does not make much sense. There are no crystal or tentacle biomes because I cannot create them currently due to a lack of time and a lack of skill to make the textures. And mushroom biomes are very rare in Minecraft (thus not typically associated with Minecraft) and look completely different.
  25. No, you are totally right. I was wondering about that too. Only thing I could imagine is that the vector elements are a custom type with operator=(bool) overload. Otherwise, the compiler should reject it for the reasons you mentioned. Thatswhy I told him to check what happens in this line. Greetings
  26. Vilem Otte

    Status of DXR

    So it's been some time and I haven't touched DXR that much yet due to one main reason - its support. The official GitHub states: NV 397.31+ drivers do not properly support compute Fallback Layer on Nvidia Volta. Samples have artifacts and/or scenes miss altogether. Use the recommended DXR / driver based raytracing mode of samples on this configuration instead. AMD: current/v1.5 revision of the Fallback Layer is not supported on AMD cards and will fail to run. Temporarily, you can use previous v1.2 source code snapshot with v1.1 SDK overlay binary snapshot which work on AMD: Which is as of now quite disappointing, and I remember this note being present for quite some time. This literally requires one to use v1.2 with v1.1 overlay binary - otherwise I'm cutting off support from quite large amount of devices (additionally when you're running on AMDs this is a problem). Shouldn't the Fallback layer be actually part of the driver?
  27. Green_Baron

    For loop error in Display Function

    Looking at it more closely I am astounded that this compiles. If cube.coordinates is an array of vectors (.x and .y components hint to that) the vector must have an overload for oporator==( bool ) or there must be an explicit conversion between bool and vector or cube.coordinates isn't an array of vectors with two components x and y. Or am i wrong ?
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