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  2. Hi everybody, Since 2004, Xilvan Design building 2D & 3D games in Blitz3D, we are now showing to you our kindly official gaming related pages. - The Xilvan Design Website - (please click on each links, download games & bookmark the pages): Lights of Dreams IV: Far Above the Clouds v12.07. Candy World II: Another Golden Bones v17.57. Candy Racing Cup: The Lillians Rallies v5.07. Candy World Adventures IV: The Mirages of Starfield v9.37. Candy to the Rescue IV: The Scepter of Thunders v11.57. Candy's Space Adventures: The Messages from the Lillians v22.75. Candy's Space Mysteries II: New Mission on the earth-likes Planets v12.75. -"Lately, I fixed the colors of the ambient lights, adjusted the starlight coming from Galaxies, now the dogs may Walk, Run, Jump, Fly together, Grab bones, Pastries, Golden Bones, Hearts, Crystals, attack with freesbies." -"Now, it will be possible to edit all the levels of the game in Candy World Adventures IV v9.37. All 28 levels and 8 more in the future." -"I Want to continue Candy Racing Cup: The Lillians Rallies. I want to add more circuits, characters & cars." -"In the near future, I'm up to create a whole new Spatial Mode in Lights of Dreams V. New Space travel possibilities will be available before 2020 in our games." Once more, here is my YouTube Channel, where we are showing Candy's & Lights of Dreams series. Each games is free to play for the moment! - My Youtube Channel - Hope you'll like our games, downloads & watching our videos! We also refreshed the screenies, now they are up to date! Friendly, Xylvan, Xilvan Design.
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  4. kristiang

    Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 2

    Entire playthrough versions of all the themes are now available on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kristiangrundstrom/hell-and-back-all-parts https://soundcloud.com/kristiangrundstrom/dawn-of-defeat-all-parts https://soundcloud.com/kristiangrundstrom/godless-all-parts https://soundcloud.com/kristiangrundstrom/where-it-ends-all-parts
  5. kristiang

    Hero Fantasy Pack Vol 1

    Entire playthrough versions of all the themes are now available on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/kristiangrundstrom/disillusional-all-parts https://soundcloud.com/kristiangrundstrom/embracing-fate-all-parts https://soundcloud.com/kristiangrundstrom/in-the-midst-of-ruins-all-parts https://soundcloud.com/kristiangrundstrom/what-to-come-all-parts
  6. Thanks for the update! Only 8 months before we don't need to worry about Windows 7 anymore 😄
  7. Preface: I'm on android using C++ with the NDK. I'm upgrading some old GL ES 1.0 code to GL ES 2.0 and have two internal array buffers already. In my code I simply want to copy from one buffer to the other. Originally I bound the buffers with `GL_READ_ONLY` and `GL_WRITE_ONLY` and used glCopyBufferSubData(GLEXT_GL_COPY_READ_BUFFER, GLEXT_GL_COPY_WRITE_BUFFER, 0, 0, sizeof(Vertex) * vertexBuffer.m_size)); To copy over. This function is not available on mobile and (correct me if I'm wrong) it seems my only options are `glBufferData` and `glBufferSubData` which take pointers to arrays on the CPU to be used for drawing. How can I copy an already existing, internal buffer array to another internal destination buffer?
  8. Robert Cav Campbell

    looking for 3D rendering middleware

    Check out bs::framework and Diligent Engine https://github.com/DiligentGraphics/DiligentEngine
  9. I've also managed to test this on Windows Server 2012 R2, and it behaved correctly. One could reasonably extrapolate that this applies to Windows 8.1 as well. I've provided the repro info/code to Microsoft, we'll what happens (read; I wouldn't hold my breath). Will update this thread with the resolution if and when such a thing occurs.
  10. also I think puzzle game is a good idea because you'll be able to separate different knowledge and give players basically a reference to look up to. A lot of times merge different knowledge into one game mechanic is just unreliable, player would rather go back reading books one more time than going through a "big" game and repeating some knowledge they possibly already understand.
  11. Yesterday
  12. dilowagner

    Looking for 1-2 partners to build a game

    Hi Eugen! I think interesting idea... I`m programmer and I have a little experience with Unity and Unreal 4 Engine (C#, C++ and Blueprints). I would like to join with other partner. We can talk about this... I tried to find you in Discord channel, but i dont find it... My Discord profile is dilowagner#8874
  13. Hello everybody, my name is Eugen, I live in Germany and have about ~6 years of experience in programming (mostly Java and C#). I want to work on a game with 1-2 partnes in our freetime. I don't have any idea currently so I'm open for everything (We can brainstorm together about some ideas). It does not matter what your skills are (programmer, artist, etc..) or how much experience you have, I'm looking for somebody who is passionate about developing something as a team and willing to finish what we decide to do (learning and growing as we work on the project). Of course we will have to keep the scope of the project realistic. I plan to use git as the VCS for the project and would prefer Unity as the engine, but am open for alternatives (like for example Godot, or using a Framework). So if you are interested let me know (Discord username: Eugen#1354)! Eugen
  14. 8Observer8

    hex grid

    My favorite resource with problems: https://codewars.com/ Try to solve your first Kata.
  15. phil67rpg

    hex grid

    well I don't want to reinvent the wheel but I did post first the code I came up myself I just wanted to know how to draw a whole screen of hexes.
  16. Tom Sloper

    bug invaders

    Wish granted.
  17. Tom Sloper

    Is references to other products allowed?

    And it's not unusual to hire a rights professional to secure necessary rights so as to forestall legal actions.
  18. fleabay

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    Yes, it is turned about 20 degrees to give a better sense of the geometry. When meshes are that low in poly, then the triangulated edges play a big part in the shape.
  19. phil67rpg

    hex grid

    sorry I get angry but I am doing best that I can , I read a lot and do simple little projects to better my programming skills
  20. Josheir

    Hill Data is Strange to me

    EDIT: Not counter clockwise, clockwise!
  21. JustinKase

    Battletech Developer Journal - 01

    🤐 Can barely wait as well !
  22. Kareem "Daigoji Gai" Harper

    Battletech Developer Journal - 01

    This was great and, without spoiling, awesome reassurance we're marching towards a summer of urban warfare.
  23. nsmadsen

    New composer, looking to connect!

    Wow - I love your stuff gh0stam! Soul of the Woods is really cool. I'd love to record some saxophone over something like that. I've been working in game audio since 2005, play piano and saxophone with some guitar on the side. Nice to connect with you! Thanks, Nate
  24. GoliathForge

    hex grid

    Hello friends...Everyone be cool. To fight among ourselves, could quite possibly have been the secret goal. (evil master mind, never know) This I know though, is my fault. I think I had selfish reasons. Being fully aware of the history here, I assumed it would be fair game to try to better myself with these tiny puzzles. Write out some psudo logic and have a fine time. There is a different agenda here clearly than trying to stay focused in the moment. Lesson learned. Apologies. Will not happen again.
  25. fleabay

    hex grid

    And when it comes to that I have the mentality of... and I'm grateful for the help.
  26. Lactose

    hex grid

    And answer questions on forums such as these.
  27. fleabay

    hex grid

    I do acknowledge that people know more than me in a certain area ( the area we are talking about and that you quoted me as such is general programming.) Those people write books and make tutorials. You learn general programming from books and tutorials (and searching) and then if you have problems that aren't easily solved and can't figure out a solution, then by all means, seek help.
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