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  • Interview Codex Worlds’ ‘Battlecursed’


    Written by Andrea Conover


    I stopped by the Codex Worlds booth to check out their new party-based rogue action RPG Battlecursed. Players explore four Acts of ever-changing, procedurally generated dungeons” of gauntlet-like increasing difficulty to recruit new heroes, battle endlessly spawning hordes, and gain equipment, gold, and weapons. Players can switch between different heroes of multiple classes, each with two active abilities and an Ultimate ability, controlling their entire party in first-person as they advance through the dungeon. Any hero deaths are permanent, increasing the stakes and difficulty level the more players progress. To combat experience and gold farming of endless hordes in a single dungeon, lingering too long spawns an invincible minion that deals incredible damage to the party, causing the player to lose all of their progress and dungeon loot after the entire party dies.
    The developer team of 12 released the game for early access on Steam last month and intends for Xbox One, Playstation 4, and the full PC release to occur early next year. The last elements still in development include additional enemy types, functionality of persistent upgrades, and story cinematics, voiceovers, and lore content. However, the current early access allows the team to react to player feedback and shape the game according to community response.

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