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  • Interview Meeting with 8th Wall

    8th Wall is a company out of Palo Alto working on an Augmented Reality (AR) platform designed to make it easy for developers to build AR apps, especially for mobile. We spoke with CEO Erik Murphy-Chutorian about the platform.
    Why should developers use 8th Wall?
    Anyone looking at augmented reality should consider the 8th Wall platform. They are working on backend cloud services for developers, frequently release updates of the software, and provide a Unity integration.
    What differentiates your company?
    8th Wall is incredibly developer focused. They are always thinking about how to make the development process easier, and they are focused on shortening the AR development cycle. Developer feedback is prioritized, and 8th Wall is involved in a lot of Meetups to help with developer engagement.
    What devices does your technology work on? Is it only for mobile?
    8th Wall is only for mobile, but they do provide developers with XR Remote, which is a simulator for development so you don't have to compile the game to test.
    Is there an SDK available?
    There is an SDK available, and it works seamlessly with both ARKit and ARCore seamlessly.
    Where do you see 8th Wall going in the future?
    8th Wall wants developers to think of them when they want to develop for AR.  There are a lot of people using their software and they've had hundreds of developers signup since January. 
    Customers include mobile AR company Beyond One, which is building a massively multiplayer AR game, Project Apogee, and they have a major partnership being announced next week.
    s_C78E7F1738F87F10F8002177522AFA2825F99DHow does a developer get started?
    Create an account, download Unity, and start creating. Developers can only use Unity right now, but 8th Wall is looking at other integrations. They've also just integrated glTF 2.0 link sharing for faster 3D and AR app development, AR sharing, and more.
    8th Wall also has several open job positions, which you can view on their website.

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