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    Written by Andrea Conover

    Allegorithmic, the company behind the texture and material creation tools Substance Suite, is doing better than ever. Substance Painter was launched more than 10 million times in 2017, and thus far in 2018 has been launched more than 1 million times per month, setting them on track for an even better year. An estimated 95% of AAA games are made using Substance. Allegorithmic will be expanding their international reach by opening new offices in Australia and India. We’re doing well,” CEO and founder Sebastian Deguy understates.
    The most recent update for Substance has introduced a new, sleeker and more user-friendly interface for Painter, which has been very positively received so far. Designer’s capture feature, which allows for photos of real life materials to be scanned into the library of textures for later texturing use, remains unmatched. However, between Designer’s technical capabilities and Painter’s user-friendly applications, the Allegorithmic team felt like there was room for something new.
    Into this atmosphere of success, Allegorithmic has announced a new project that will lead to their first new product in four years: Alchemist. Intended to be a new standalone product dedicated to augmented material production, Alchemist will combine user artistry, Painter’s procedural capabilities, Substance Designer’s capture capabilities, and artificial intelligence to further enable game developers’ artistic process. The AI element would allow artists to input pictures which the AI would extract information from, such as a color palette, which could then be applied to the object being textured, streamlining and speeding up artists’ projects.
    A limited, private beta for Substance Alchemist will be available at the end of Q2, and once the official release of Substance Alchemist is available it will be available for free to all Substance subscribers.

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